Eagle Island State Park (Washington)

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Eagle Island State Park in Pierce County, Washington is one of the Washington State Parks.[1] It is a 10 acres (4.0 ha) marine park on Eagle Island in Balch Passage between McNeil and Anderson Islands in South Puget Sound. Available activities include beachcombing, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing.[2] The park is administered as a satellite park of Jarrell Cove State Park.[3]

This minuscule island was named not for the bird but for Harry Eagle, one of the party members of the Wilkes Expedition of 1841. History does not tell whether Harry was as small in stature as his namesake island. Inland, the island has a primitive trail through thick brush and madronal short spurs lead to the beach. Be wary of poison oak. The narrow beach is mostly gravel, with the exception of a point of sand on the south end of the island near Anderson Island—a nice spot for sunbathing or clamming.[4]

Summer brings highs in the 70s to Eagle Island State Park; during summer nights temperatures are in the 50s. Daytime highs during the wintertime are in the 40s, and after the sun is down during the wintertime temperatures at Eagle Island State Park plunge into the 30s.[5]


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