Durrat Al-Arus

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Durrat Al-Arus is an integrated tourist village built in 1996 around 40 kilometers north of Jeddah center (Saudi Arabia) in the very old village "Dahaban", which is now a part of the Jeddah city. It includes schools, commercial centers, coffee shops, Shisha cafes, hotels, resorts, a golf club, an equestrian club, an aqua park, theme parks, recreation parks and a yacht marina. The tourist village overlooks to the sea, with American construction styles for villas, apartments and the resorts, plus the high privacy of each residential unit. It is equipped with independent electric power and water plants, telephone and mobile networks, satellite TV channels, security systems (non-police), and a small hospital. Durrat Al-Arus is considered a very liberal and open-minded village that is far away from Saudi Arabian traditions.

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