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Dream Walker[1] is a Singapore comic by Yeo Hui Xuan.

Dream Walker Comics[edit]

Total of 6 volumes under the title "Dream Walker" :

All volumes have their own individual story told.

Dream Walker Character Series (Comixmag)[2][edit]

The sidestory of individual character.


Main Characters[3][edit]


Nickname Yuu, heroine of the story, a teenage girl who can control dreamscape powers, kindhearted, strong-willed but highly irritable, Yume possesses extraordinary spiritual power. Her weapon of choice is a pair of rods


Yume's superior, a talking cat, he is a member of the dreamscape warlords known as Night Lynx, one of the five pillars. Muca assumes human form only in the dreamscape.


Yume's classmate, a fellow dream walker, a genius who surpasses Yume in dreamscape power, academic performance and sports, enjoys teasing Yume and Belle, uses a chain as his weapon.


Yume's enemy in her first mission, currently under probation and fights alongside Yume, a fellow dreamwalker, she creates weapons freely with her imagination. Fond of Yume and Muca, but dislikes Ken.


Monsters roaming the dreamscape, creators of nightmares and devourers of souls, each possesses unique appearances and voices, their strength varies according to colours, ranging from white, the weakest, to black, green, blue, and finally red, the strongest

Enemy Characters[edit]


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