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Df logo 2012 1083x218.png
HeadquartersNew York City, United States
Key peopleSeung Bak, founder & co-CEO
Suk Park, founder & co-CEO
IndustryVideo on demand
Slogan(s)"What the World is Watching"
RegistrationFree & Subscription
Users15,000 subscribers (2012)[1]
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Df logo 2012 1083x218.png
HeadquartersNew York City, United States
Key peopleSeung Bak, founder & co-CEO
Suk Park, founder & co-CEO
IndustryVideo on demand
Slogan(s)"What the World is Watching"
RegistrationFree & Subscription
Users15,000 subscribers (2012)[1]

DramaFever is video streaming website that offers on-demand streaming video of documentaries, movies, and TV shows with subtitles. DramaFever's content offering is both ad-supported for regular users and available in high definition for premium subscribers.

DramaFever is available on a variety of devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Roku.[2] The company's library of international programming is one of the largest licensed U.S. collections available online, in both English and Spanish, and comprises over 13,000 episodes from 60 content partners across 12 countries.[citation needed]


Built upon the feedback of drama fans, many of whom previously frequented pirated sites for Korean drama, the original site was in beta before going live on August 6, 2009.[3]


DramaFever reports that over 80% of its estimated 3.5 million monthly viewers are non-Asian. The company reports that the majority of users are young, urban and educated.[4]

Additional, new Spanish and Latin American content is expected to increase viewership among Hispanic users.[citation needed]


In 2012, DramaFever sponsored The Supply Cup 2012, a charity soccer tournament hosted by YouTube personalities to benefit the non-profit organization The Supply, which helps build secondary schools in African slums to better provide greater possibilities for the next generation.

In 2011, Dramafever partnered with San Diego Asian Film Festival to present the first virtual on-demand Asian American film festival titled "DigiFest."[5]

In March 2010, DramaFever unveiled a partnership with Hulu.[6]

DramaFever also makes curated selections from its collection available on Netflix and iTunes. After their first week in the iTunes store, two popular Korean romantic comedies, "Boys Over Flowers" and "Heartstrings", broke the iTunes Top 200.[7]


DramaFever has licensing deals with all three major Korean TV networks: Seoul Broadcasting System, Korean Broadcasting System, and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation.[8] It is the first website to work with all three South Korean content providers legally and its partners represent over 60 of the top TV networks and production companies from China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Argentina and Spain.[9]

Other licensing partners include Artear, CCTV, Imagina, rtve, Sanlih E-Television, Shanghai Media Group and Telefe among others.[10]

Subscription Offering[edit]

Consumers can choose between a free or premium subscription. Registered subscribers can watch limited videos for free with commercials while premium subscribers watch without interruptions and in high definition. Users can register on the site or with their Facebook login.

Premium subscription pricing starts at $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.[11] Content from Asia is available to the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Content from Latin America and Spain are only available to US and Canada users due to international licensing agreements.[12]


On December 13, 2010 DramaFever was awarded the Korean Business of the Year Award by the Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), Korean Cultural Center and Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for its work showcasing Korean content in the U.S.[13]

DramaFever Awards[edit]

Starting in February 2013, DramaFever initiated the first annual DramaFever Awards to let fans vote for their favorite dramas, actors and actresses of 2012. In under a month of voting, DramaFever's fans generated over 500,000 votes.[14]

CategoryDramaFever Awards 2012 NomineesWinner
Drama of the YearFaith
Moon Embracing the Sun
Rooftop Prince
Bridal Mask
Answer Me 1997
I Miss You
Moon Embracing the Sun
Best ActorLee Min Ho (Faith)
Joo Won (Bridal Mask)
Lee Seung Gi (King 2 Hearts)
Song Joong Ki (Nice Guy)
Park Yoo-chun (Rooftop Prince)
Roy Chiu (Miss Rose)
Lee Min-ho
Best ActressHan Ji Min (Padam Padam)
Yoon Eun Hye (I Miss You)
Moon Chae Won (Nice Guy)
Jung Ryeo Won (History of a Salaryman)
Ha Ji Won (King 2 Hearts)
Kim Sun Ah (I Do, I Do)
Yoon Eun Hye
Breakthrough PerformanceJo Jung Suk (King 2 Hearts)
Jung Eun-ji (Answer Me 1997)
Lee Jong Suk (High Kick 3)
Seo In Guk (Answer Me 1997)
Sung Joon (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)
Yeo Jin Goo (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)
Yeo Jin Goo
Best KissAnswer Me 1997 (Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji)
Full House Take 2 (No Min Woo and Park Ki Woong)
A Gentleman's Dignity (Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul)
King 2 Hearts (Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won)
The Great Seer (Ji Sung and Kim So Yeon)
Rooftop Prince (Micky Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min)
Answer Me 1997 (Seo In Guk and Jung Eun-ji)
Best VillainKwon Hyun Sang (Vampire Prosecutor 2)
Park Ki Woong (Bridal Mask)
Yoon Je Moon(King 2 Hearts)
Kang Moon Young (Arang and the Magistrate)
Yoo Oh Sung (Faith)
Kim Joon Sung (Padam Padam)
Kwon Hyun Sang
Best EnsembleShut Up Flower Boy Band
A Gentleman's Dignity
Answer Me 1997
Rooftop Prince
Bachelor's Vegetable Store
Dream High 2
Rooftop Prince
Best CoupleSeo In Guk and Jung Eun-ji (Answer Me 1997)
Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won (King 2 Hearts)
Lee Joon Ki and Shin Min Ah (Arang and the Magistrate)
Sung Joon and Jung So Min (Can We Get Married?)
Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun (Faith)
Jung Woo Sung and Han Ji Min (Padam Padam)
Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun (Faith)
Best Couple Not Meant to BeAnswer Me 1997 (Seo In Guk and Hoya)
Ohlala Couple (Kim Jung Eun and Han Jae Suk)
I Need Romance 2012 (Jung Yoo Mi and Kim Ji Suk)
Bridal Mask (Park Ki Woong and Han Chae Ah)
Operation Proposal (Lee Hyun Jin and Park Eun Bin)
Running Man (Monday Couple - Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary)
Answer Me 1997 (Seo In Guk and Hoya)
Best MusicShut Up Flower Boy Band
What's Up
Dream High 2
Answer Me 1997
I Need Romance 2012
Full House Take 2
Dream High 2
Best BromanceLee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin (School 2013)
Sung Joon and Lee Min Ki (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)
Joo Won and Park Ki Woong (Bridal Mask)
Jang Dong Gun, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong
and Lee Jong Hyuk (A Gentleman's Dignity)
Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum (Padam Padam)
Sulli and Lee Hyun Woo (To The Beautiful You)
Joo Won and Park Ki Woong (Bridal Mask)
Most Underrated DramaHaeundae Lovers
I Do, I Do
Feast of the Gods
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Killer Women
A Gentleman's Dignity
A Gentleman's Dignity

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