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This article is about the song by Ace Of Base, Donnie is also a diminutive form of the name Donald.

"Donnie" was the second single released in Japan from the album Flowers by Swedish pop band Ace of Base. Stations began to play the song in Autumn 1998.

Promo CD (BMG Japan PDTD-1198)
  1. Donnie 3:47
  2. Whenever You're Near Me 3:32

Despite the existence of a more radio-friendly edit of the song found on Australian versions of the Flowers record (3:33 in length), Ace of Base's Japanese label opted with the 3:47 album version to promote the song. The promotional CD also contains the American version of the song "Life Is a Flower" titled "Whenever You're Near Me", which had previously been unavailable to Japanese audiences.

No video was filmed, no commercial single was ever released, and the chart trajectory for Donnie is unknown.

All Available Versions:

  1. Euro Album Version 4:40
  2. US Album Version (Ole Evenrude Mix) 3:47
  3. Australian Album Version (Ole Evenrude Edit) 3:33
  4. Demo Version 5:47