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"Don Sturdy" is also a pseudonym used by Howard Hesseman.

Don Sturdy is a fictional character in the Don Sturdy series of 15 American children's adventure novels published between 1925 and 1935. All but one book were written by John W. Duffield.[1] The remaining book, Don Sturdy In The Land Of Giants, or, Captives Of the Savage Patagonians (1930), was written by Howard Roger Garis. All 15 were published as by Victor Appleton, a house name used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

This series appears to be the 2nd Stratemeyer Syndicate series' to be re-printed outside the United States, where it was originally published; the first series book being the first book in the Ted Scott series. An exact date of first printing is unknown, as the earlier copy of Big Snake Hunters doesn't have a printing or copyright date inside. Only two Don Sturdy titles were printed in Britain (the other being The Desert of Mystery). Two British forms of The Big Snake Hunters are known to exist, both printed by The Children's Press. One is from the 1930s and another with different cover art from 1953.

The 15 books in the Don Sturdy series were originally published in the following order:


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