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Don Pablo’s is a chain of Tex-Mex restaurants founded in Lubbock, Texas, in 1985. The chain had 45 restaurants in 15 states.[1] The menu features Tex-Mex items, made-from-scratch salsa, tortillas and sauces and a range of other Mexican specialties. Don Pablo's is currently owned by Rita Restaurant Corporation of Madison, Georgia, a fully owned subsidiary of DDJ Capital Management of Waltham, Massachusetts.

This chain of Tex-Mex restaurants was started by Texas based DF&R Restaurants Inc.[2] After a period of rapid growth throughout the state of Texas, Don Pablo's began to build new locations in the Midwest.[3] By 1995, DF&R had 51 Don Pablo's locations. This successful growth was noticed by Avado Brands, then known as Apple South, which bought DF&R in 1995.[4]

Don Pablo’s was a subsidiary of Avado Brands of Madison, Georgia. The company filed for bankruptcy in September 2007[5] and subsequently closed or sold about half of its 90 locations.[6] The company had previously filed for bankruptcy in October 2004.[7] In February 2008, 41 Don Pablo's locations were acquired by Rita Restaurant Corporation [8]

Don Pablo's has re-opened its doors in a few select places in Florida during 2012.[citation needed]


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