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Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins logo.png
Created byChris Nee
Voices ofKiara Muhammad
Lara Jill Miller
Robbie Rist
Jess Harnell
Loretta Devine
Jaden Betts
Kimberly Brooks
Gary Anthony Williams
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes43 (aired)
Running timeapprox. 25 minutes
Production company(s)Brown Bag Films
Original channelDisney Junior
Disney Channel
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original runMarch 23, 2012 (2012-03-23) – present
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Doc McStuffins
Doc McStuffins logo.png
Created byChris Nee
Voices ofKiara Muhammad
Lara Jill Miller
Robbie Rist
Jess Harnell
Loretta Devine
Jaden Betts
Kimberly Brooks
Gary Anthony Williams
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes43 (aired)
Running timeapprox. 25 minutes
Production company(s)Brown Bag Films
Original channelDisney Junior
Disney Channel
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original runMarch 23, 2012 (2012-03-23) – present
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Doc McStuffins is an animated children's television series produced by Brown Bag Films. It was created and executive produced by Humanitas Prize and Emmy Award-winner Chris Nee and premiered on March 23, 2012 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.[1][2] The series is about a six-year-old girl who can "fix" toys, with a little help from her stuffed animal friends.

The series received positive reviews due to the show's concept and the main character, on its portrayal about African-Americans in a Disney series. Chris Nee describes the series as "Cheers for Preschoolers".[3]


The series chronicles a six-year-old girl named Dottie "Doc" McStuffins who, one day, decides she wants to become a doctor like her mother. She pretends to be a doctor by fixing toys and dolls. When she puts on her stethoscope, toys, dolls, and stuffed animals magically come to life and she can communicate with them. With a little help from her stuffed animal friends - Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly - Doc helps toys "feel better" by giving them check-ups and diagnosing their illnesses with "The Big Book of Boo Boos". Each 11-minute episode includes original songs, such as "Time for Your Check-Up", "I Feel Better" and introducing in season 2, "Tell Me What's Wrong". There is also an additional song about things you must do during a doctor's check-up. During ending credits in Season 1, Doc gives advice to viewers about staying healthy.



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SeasonEpisodesSeason premiereSeason finale
126March 17, 2012May 3, 2013
226September 6, 2013TBA 2014
326TBA 2014TBA 2015

Season 1 (2011-2012)[edit]

Doc, Lambie and Stuffy were present for all episodes.

Hallie was absent for 2 episodes.

Chilly was absent for 4 episodes.

No.TitleOriginal airdate
1"Knight Time/A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns"March 23, 2012/March 17, 2012 (sneak preview)

Before playing "Save Princess Lambie" , Doc discovers that Donny's toy knight, Sir Kirby, is dirty, so he has to take a bath.
Song: Ba-Ba Bubbles!

Doc diagnoses Boppy when he suddenly gets popped after landing in a rose bush.
Song: Bop, Bop, Bop (Don't Wanna Pop) 
2"Out of the Box/Run Down Race Car"March 23, 2012

Little Jack, a jack in the box, can't pop, but he's scared of getting a check-up, so his dad, Big Jack, goes first.
Song: Pop Up

Ricardo Racecar loses his energy during a race. Then, Doc and the gang need to recharge it.
Song: Get Your Sleep On 
3"Tea Party Tantrum/Blast Off!"March 26, 2012

Doc wonders why Susie Sunshine is acting very cranky.
Song: Close Your Eyes

Doc helps Carlos' toy space alien, Star Blazer Zero after his arms and legs falls off after a crash in his toy rocket.
Song: Be Safe!

Sickness: Broken parts(Falls-A-Part-Atude) 
4"Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine!/The Right Stuff"March 27, 2012

Donny thinks that his toy fire engine Lenny, aka Engine 9, is broken ( but it actually ran out of water in his holding tanks), so Doc fixes him by refilling him.

Song: Water, Water

Sickness: Dry-out-a-tosis (Dehydration)

During an adventure game, Stuffy's tail gets ripped, but he won't ask for help and soon it gets worse as he loses more stuffing from his tail.
Song:Everyone Gets Hurt Sometimes

Sickness: Flat-tailitis 
5"Gulpy, Gulpy Gators!/One Note Wonder"March 28, 2012

Doc fixes Gustave, the green gator on Donny's Gulpy Gulpy Gators game after he eats too many marbles.

Song: Be Good To Your Tummy

Alma's xylophone toy, Xyla, loses a key by accident while being repaired.

Song: Rocking The Right Note 
6"Arcade Escapade/Starry, Starry Night"March 29, 2012

Doc helps a stuffed toy Giraffe called Gaby after her leg was torn in a accident in the claw crane machine at the arcade. Song: Nobody Wants A Broken Toy

Doc helps Henry's Telescope Aurora when she suffers from blurry vision.

Song: Stars, Stars (Planets, Stars And Galaxies) 
7"Ben/Anna Split/That's Just Claw-ful"March 30, 2012

Ben and Anna, Alma's "Hugging Monkeys" need to be separated after one of them suffered a torn Velcro "hug" patch and needed to recover overnight at the clinic.
Song: We're Ben-Anna
Sickness: Torn Velcro patch

Doc helps Hermie, her toy crab, after his arm was torn out by Emmie and Alma's new puppy Rudi.
Song: You Can Do It!

Sickness: Torn arm 
8"A Good Case of the Hiccups/Stuck Up"April 2, 2012

Doc tries to fix Millie the Microphone when she can't stop repeating words.
Song: If You Got The Hiccups & Sing It Reprise
Sickness: Repeatitis

When Doc gets sand in her eye, she finds out what's wrong with Will's toy digger, Riggo, when his scoop gets stuck.
Song: Dig, Dig, Dig

Sickness: Stuck Scooper 
9"Rescue Ronda, Ready for Take-off!/All Washed Up"April 3, 2012

Doc has to fix Luca's helicopter, Rescue Ronda, when she can't fly, due to getting a little twig from a bush in her propeller.
Song: When You Need A Friend

Donny's toy robot, Robot Ray, learns the importance of following doctor's orders when he gets wet playing a game.

Song: Do What The Doctor Says 
10"The New Girl/Wrap It Up"April 4, 2012

Doc gets a doll from Japan from her Grandmother called Kiko, and she wonders why her legs are so weak.
Sickness: Weak Muscle-itis
Song: Ready For Action

Niles, Donny's toy crane, refused to have his old bandages removed until it started unraveling.
Song: In A Flash

Sickness: Y.O.B. Osis (Yucky Old Bandage Osis) 
11"Rest Your Rotors, Ronda!/Keep on Truckin"April 5, 2012

Rescue Ronda learns how good it is to rest when her propeller is broken and needs time to heal..

Song: Rest Your Rotors, Ronda!

Donny's truck, Tremaine, learns how to keep still to get repainted.

Song: Keep Still 
12"Blame It on the Rain/Busted Boomer"April 6, 2012

Alma accidentally leaves her stuffed cow Moo Moo outside during a downpour and Doc fixes her, but she refuses to go home when she believes her owner doesn't like her.
Song: Nobody's Perfect (Forgive And Forget)

Boomer, Emmie's deflated Soccer ball refuses to be reinflated due to having a fear of needles.

Song: Here For You 
13"Dark Knight/Hallie Gets an Earful"April 9, 2012

During a sleepover party, Doc discovers that Sir Kirby is afraid of the dark and cures him of his fear of the dark.

Song: We Can Light The Night

Doc helps Hallie hear better after she has trouble hearing.

Song: Have You Heard? 
14"Break Dancer/Bubble Monkey"April 11, 2012

Bella, Doc's Ballerina doll, breaks her leg, and finds a lot to do while she waits for it to heal.

Song: Blast In A Cast

Doc examines Emmie and Alma's bubble monkey after she stops blowing bubbles.

Song: Eat Good Food 
15"Out in the Wild/A Whale of a Time"April 13, 2012

Doc helps Robot Ray after he injures his arm during a camping trip.

Song: Camping's Great

Doc helps Lula, the sponge Beluga Whale grow.

Song: You're Gonna Grow 
16"The Rip Heard Round the World/Walkie Talkie Time"April 20, 2012

Lambie accidentally gets ripped while dancing with Doc.

Song: A Lambie Like You

Doc reunites a walkie talkie couple by finding a missing antenna.

Song: My Better Half 
17"Un-Bur-Able/Righty-On-Lefty"May 3, 2012

While playing Astronautball, Stuffy falls into a bush and get burrs all over his body.

Song: The Things You Love

Doc helps Awesome Guy after she discovers that he couldn't walk correctly.

Song: Tell The Doc 
18"Hallie's Happy Birthday/Shark Style Toothache"May 18, 2013

It's Hallie's birthday and Doc and the gang throw a surprise party in her honor.
Song: It's Your Day (Happy Birthday Hallie)
NOTE: On the North American cable systems, there is no apostrophe punctuation or "s" alphabet after "Hallie". This error has to be fixed.

Mr. Chomp, Donny's toy shark, has a broken tooth that needs to repaired, but everyone (except for Doc and Hallie) are afraid of him.

Song: My Shark's Tale 
19"Awesome Possums/The Bunny Blues"June 1, 2012

A baby toy possum is lost and Doc frantically searches for the baby toy possum and reunites it with its mother.
Song: Stick With Me

Doc discovers Alma's stuffed bunny Pickles in a box at a yard sale, but she doesn't have a nose so Doc tries to find a perfect nose for her.

Song: Because You're You 
20"Get Set to Get Wet/Loud Louie"June 22, 2012

Doc finds a mermaid doll in the pool and teaches her how to swim.
Song: Everybody In The Pool

A toy cellphone has a slight problem with its volume switch, causing him to talk real loud.
Song: Loud, Loud Louie

ERROR NOTE: The US cable systems also calls it "Loud Louis"; the "s" alphabet is in place of the "e". 
21"Caught Blue-Handed/To Squeak, or Not to Squeak"July 20, 2012

After Donny and Glo-Bo finish finger-painting, a mysterious blue rash infects all the toys in the clinic and Doc needs to figure out about what is making them sick.
Song: Wash Your Hands
Sickness: Mystery Pox

Marvin the Duck lost his squeaker at the water park and it's up to Doc, Lambie and Stuffy to find it.
Song: Clap, Clap, A-OK

Sickness: Can't-squeak-osis (Laryngitis) 
22"Doctoring the Doc/Hot Pursuit"August 17, 2012

It is sick day for Doc and the crew from the Clinic helps Doc get plenty of rest.
Song: Let Us Take Care Of You
Sickness: Leakysniffleitis (Flu)

A toy police car, Officer Pete, overheats while pursuing the Wicked King.
Song: Made In The Shade

Sickness:OverHeatitsis (Over Heating/Heat Exaustion) 
23"Boo-Hoo to You!/It's Glow Time"October 5, 2012

Doc helps a toy ghost, Sebastian, learn not to be scared on Halloween.
Song: On Halloween

Glo-Bo is very tired, weak and unable to glow.

Song: Let's Play Outside 
24"Chilly Gets Chilly/Through the Reading Glasses"December 7, 2012

Doc is excited to play outside in the snow. Then, Chilly decides to hang out with the snowman that the gang built but nearly freezes in the cold.
Song: Chillin' In The Snow

Doc receives a stuffed toy owl from her older cousin, but she can't read properly because of her poor eyesight.

Song: Look Great In Glasses 
25"My Huggy Valentine/Dusty Bear"February 1, 2013

Lambie becomes jealous and brokenhearted when Val, a new toy steals the spotlight from her during the Valentine's Day party at the clinic.
Song: Shine
Sickness: Split Heartitis

A teddy bear named Teddy B. discovers why Donny doesn't want to play with him.
Song: Blue Skies

Sickness: Dusty Musties 
26"Bronto Boo-Boos/Brontosaurus Breath"May 3, 2013

When Bronty arrives to the McStuffins household a mysterious outbreak of the Bronto-boo boos breaks out and infected the toys.

Song: Dinosaur Stomp

Doc and the gang wonder why Bronty has a bad case of bad breath so they can brush his teeth to make it smell nice.

Song: Brush 'Em! 

Season 2 (2013-2014)[edit]

A second season has been green lit by Disney. It was set to be released September 6, 2013.[4]

No.TitleOriginal airdate
1"Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile/Chip Off the Ol' Box"September 6, 2013

After discovering that she couldn't fix Matty's toy mouse Norton in the park. Doc's dad builds a mobile clinic for her to fix toys when she's away from her clinic.

Song: "The Doc Mobile"

While practicing their Juggling Jacks Act for Buddy's birthday party, Big Jack hurts his crank (after Donnie crashes into him while practicing some defensive soccer save moves) leaving him unable to perform.

Song: "No Matter What" 
2"Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm/Lamb in a Jam"September 13, 2013

Awesome Guy injures his arm while showing off his awesome strength and Doc orders him to rest up.
Song: "I'm So Strong"

Lambie got covered with jam (thanks to a slightly defective sandwich bag) while being placed into Doc's backpack, before going with her to school on "Take Your Toy To School Day" and felt sad and bitter about not going to school with Doc and prevented Stuffy to go as her replacement by covering him in jam as well.
Song: "Let The Good Times In" 
3"Diagnosis Not Even Close-Is/Bronty's Twisted Tail"September 20, 2013

Doc takes the afternoon off from the clinic to help train Emmie's dog Rudi with a new agility training center that Emmie's family bought. So, Stuffy and Hallie fill in as doctors while trying to find out why Robot Ray is going out of control. The toys call Doc for help and she succeeds to find the real problem.
Song: "Ask For Help"

Doc creates a musical group but Bronty accidentally injures his tail after Stuffy crashes into him.
Song: "Twisted Tail Blues"
NOTE: On Cablevision, there is no empty space between "Twisted" and "Tail". 
4"Frida Fairy Flies Again/A Tale of Two Dragons"September 27, 2013

Frida Fairy (who think she's a real fairy) rips her wing after crashing into a tree branch and Doc tries to repair her.
Song: "Wing Deep"

Dragon-Bot has a problem with his wings popping out and Doc checks what is causing the problem but Stuffy becomes jealous over Dragon-Bot being more hi-tech than him.
Song: "Stuffy The Great" 
5"Think Pink/You Foose, You Lose"October 3, 2013

Chilly turns pink from Doc's red scarf after being accidentally washed in the washing machine by Doc's dad.
Song: "Be You"

The other players in the Foosball court are ready to play but Johnny Foosball isn't ready because he has a problem sticking and he didn't want to tell his teammates about it.
Song: "Take Care of Yourself" 
6"Leilani's Luau/Karate Kangaroo"October 17, 2013

Doc receives a solar powered hula girl from her grandmother, but she feels a little homesick for her home at Hawaii so Doc throws a Luau for her.
Song: "A Little Sun"

Doc helps Angus a Karate Kangaroo who doesn't want to fight Sidney his partner because of his fear of fighting.
Song:What Friends Do" 
7"Doc to the Rescue/Don't Knock the Noggin"October 24, 2013

Doc discovers a fashion doll name Dress-Up Daisy stuck in a tree and tries to calm her from panicking while rescuing her.
Song: "Be Calm"

Doc helps an action stunt doll named Super Stuntman Steve after he starts malfunctioning after losing his helmet.
Song "My Helmet" 
8"The Glider Brothers/Disco Dress Up Daisy"November 8, 2013

The Glider Brothers flies recklessly around the McStuffins household resulting in Wilbur breaking the rubber band that powers his propeller.
Song: "Room to Zoom"

Dress-Up Daisy injures her arm while showboating on roller skates and gets a fashionable pink cast for her arm.
Song: "Keep On Dancing" 
9"Kirby and the King/Bubble Monkey, Blow Your Nose!"November 15, 2013

Sir Kirby and The Wicked King are stuck together after battling with Donny's cardboard monster. So they try to get unstuck in the process.
Song: "Why Does It Has To be You?"

Doc brings Bubble Monkey to visit Donny to cheer him up after he catches a cold. But Bubble Monkey has a sneezing fit spreading soap bubble liquid all over the place.
Song: "Blow Your Nose" 
10"Professor Pancake/You Crack Me Up"November 22, 2013

Doc rescues Professor Hootsburgh after being accidentally trapped behind Doc's toy box and was accidentally flattened.
Song: "So Keep It Shaking and Moving"

Gloria the Gorilla has a rash on her belly and Doc checks what's causing it. Song: "The Itchy Blues" 
11"A Very McStuffins Christmas"December 1, 2013

Part 1: An elf needs help after breaking Donnie's new toy, so Doc and her friends go to the North Pole to get a new part.
Song: What's Better Than Toys

Part 2: With Doc's dismay, Stuffy, Chilly, and Lambie get piled in the toyroom.
Song: "A Very McStuffins Christmas"

Note: This is the first time the "Time For Your Checkup" and "I Feel Better" songs are played together. 
12"The Doctor Will See You Now/L'il Egghead Feels the Heat"December 12, 2013

Dolly, Morton, Carl Chug a Chug, and Fabio (The Waiting Room Toys) get a check up by Doc after wondering why the children in the clinic doesn't want to play them.
Song: Shake-A My Hair

Professor Hootsburgh challenges Eggie to a face-off to see who's the smartest toy in the McStuffins Household, but Eggie overheats and starts malfunctioning.
Song: Beat the Heat 
13"The Big Sleepover/No Sweetah Cheetah"January 10, 2014

Doc becomes homesick during a sleepover at Emmie and Alma's house and Lambie, Stuffy and Pickles try to cheer Doc up..
Song: Picture You

Note This was the first time that Doc mom's first name was revealed as Maisha.

Chilly and the other toys think that Rita,Donny's toy cheetah is sick because of her spots, but Doc later discovers that she doesn't have a illness, but her spots are a part of her physical features.
Song: Spot On 
14"Big Head Hallie/Peaches Pie, Take a Bath!"January 31, 2014

Hallie discovers that she was based on a popular cartoon character and lets it go into her head.
Song: Hallie Hippo Happy Hour Theme Song

Peaches Pie refuses to take a bath but doesn't realize that her peachy smell is gone thanks to Rudy playing with her in the rain.
Song: Peachy Clean 
15"Celestial Celeste/Run, Doc, Run!"February 14, 2014

Celeste, Doc's space projector toy from school is having trouble working by making a strange whirring noise after nearly getting knock off the shelf by Stuffy. So it's up to Doc and the gang to fix it.
Song: The Rest is Up to You

Doc sprains her ankle during a practice run for a Fun Run while trying to avoid a toy unicorn that was laying in the sidewalk and Doc has to rest, so the toys have to cure Doc and Doc has to cure Dart the Unicorn's broken leg before she does.
Song: Be a Patient

Note: This was the first time Hallie referred to Doc by her actual name. 
16"A Fairy Big Knot/Rosie the Rescuer"April 4, 2014

Frida the Fairy Flier's strings gets knotted up during a very windy day and crashes and it's up to Doc to detangle her strings.
Song: The No-Tangle Tango

Rosie the Rescuer, Emmie and Alma's toy EMT ambulance, panics while trying to save Sir Kirby and Doc helps Rosie to calm down and not to panic.
Song: Stay Cool in an Emergency 
17"Crikey! It's Wildlife Will!/Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal"April 8, 2014

Wildlife Will's legs are missing after a run in with a Chihuahua and it's up to Doc and company to build a special wheelchair for him.
Song: A New Way To Be Wild.

Southwest Sal has a broken spring which controls her lasso throwing arm, and it's up to Doc to fix her.
Song: More To Adore. 
18"Take Your Doc To Work Day/Blazer's Bike"April 24, 2014

On "Take Your Child To Work Day" Doc helps out at her mom's clinic by giving physicals to The Waiting Room Toys and helps a doll named Curly-Q fix her hair by giving her a new hair style.
Song: My Hairdo

Star Blazer Zero has a problem riding his bike by crashing into everything and discovered that he had a helmet for a football player instead of his space helmet.
Song: A Helmet That Fits 
19"The Big Storm/Spritzy Mitzi"May 16, 2014

A severe thunderstorm hits the neighborhood and Doc helps create a evacuation plan for the toys in the clinic including a "buddy system" but Chilly and Hallie accidentally gets left behind.

Note: This was the first time that no injuries or "Boo Boos" were reported and preparedness for a natural disaster was the subject.

Spritzy Mitzi ruptures a sprinkler tentacle after getting a pebble stuck in one of her sprinkling holes after ignoring Stuffy's advice on having Doc checking it out first.
Song: Better Fix It NOW 

Season 3 (2014-2015)[edit]

Season 3 will be released after 7 more shows of Season 2.

The Doc Files short series (2013-2014)[edit]

#EpisodeAir DatePatientAllusion(s)
1Bella the BallerinaJuly 22, 2013BellaBreak Dancer; Knight Time
2Boppy's Boo BooJuly 23, 2013BoppyA Bad Case of Pricklethorns; Rescue Rhonda Ready For Take Off!
3Chilly WilliesJuly 24, 2013ChillyDark Knight
4Hippo's RipJuly 25, 2013HallieThe Rip Heard Round the World,The Right Stuff
5Gustov GatorJuly 26, 2013GustovGulpy, Gulpy Gator; Bubble Monkey
6The Lamb's ExamSeptember 6, 2013LambieDusty Bear; Professor Pancake
7Sticky SlippiesSeptember 13, 2013StuffyUn-Bur-Able; Wrap It Up; Bubble Monkey, Blow Your Nose!
8Mr. Chomp's ChompersSeptember 20, 2013Mr. ChompShark Style Toothache; Brontosaurus Breath
9Run Down RotorsSeptember 27, 2013Rescue RondaRest Your Rotors, Ronda!; Out In The Wild,Doc To The Rescue!
10Blurry NightApril 15, 2014AuroraStarry Starry Night; Through The Reading Glasses,Celestial Celeste

Broadcast history[edit]

In the United States, Doc McStuffins first premiered on March 23, 2012 on Disney-ABC networks Disney Channel and Disney Junior. Starting March 26, the series had begun airing weekdays at 10:00AM ET on Disney Channel and 4:00PM ET on Disney Junior while on the weekends, it airs at 7:30AM ET on Disney Channel and 10:00AM ET on Disney Junior. On June 5, 2012, Disney Junior renewed the series for a second season, which is set to air in Autumn 2013.[5]

In Canada, the show started airing on the Canadian Disney Junior channel on April 8, 2012 at 10:00AM ET with an encore at 5:30PM ET.[6]

The series also airs in the following countries:

CountryChannelTitleAir Date
United Kingdom United KingdomDisney Junior (UK & Ireland)Doc McStuffinsOctober 2012
France FranceDisney Junior (France)Docteur La PelucheTBA
Italy ItalyDisney Junior (Italy)Dottoressa PelucheTBA
Germany GermanyDisney Junior (Germany)Doktor McStuffinsSeptember 17, 2012
Portugal PortugalDisney Junior (Portugal)Doutora BrinquedosMay 19, 2012
Spain SpainDisney Junior (Spain)Doc McStuffinsMay 19, 2012
Australia AustraliaDisney Junior (Australia and New Zealand)Doc McStuffinsJune 8, 2012
 MexicoDisney Junior (Latin America)Doctora Juguetes (Doctor Toys)June, 2012
 MalaysiaDisney Channel MalaysiaJune 22, 2012
 Hong Kong
 Sri Lanka
Disney Junior (Asia)June 22, 2012 (Sneak Peek) on Disney Channel Asia
July 9, 2012 (Premiere)
Japan JapanDisney Junior JapanドックはおもちゃドクターJuly 7, 2012
Poland PolandDisney Junior PolandKlinika dla pluszakówAugust 11, 2012
Russia RussiaDisney Junior RussiaДоктор ПлюшеваSeptember 8, 2012
Iceland IcelandSjónvarpið, Disney Junior IcelandRiðver MenióóSeptember 5, 2012
Brazil BrazilDisney Junior BrazilDoutora BrinquedosMay 2012


Guest stars and additional voices[edit]


The series received positive reviews and criticisms after its release. Kia Morgan Smith of said that "It truly warmed my heart and almost brought tears to my eyes when my 8-year-old, Mikaela, saw ‘Doc McStuffins’ for the first time and said, 'Wow, mommy — she’s brown,'"[7] Myiesha Taylor of said that "This program featuring a little African-American girl and her family is crucial to changing the future of this nation." Taylor also applauded the concept of its portrayal of a young black girl who wishes to follow in the footsteps of her mother as a doctor as the lead character, that inspired her to collect pictures of 131 doctors — all women of color — and publish a collage online under the heading, 'We Are Doc McStuffins.'"[8]

The program is also a ratings hit on Disney Junior. The series premiere attracted 1.08 million children ages 2 to 5, and the show has attracted an average of 918,000 viewers in the same demographic, leading AdWeek magazine to dub the show an "improbable ratings juggernaut".[9] It has also attracted large amounts of positive attention for older males as well. The series is also a huge cultural impact, generating loud applause on parent blogs, Facebook and even in academia for its positive vocational message for African-American girls.

DVD releases[edit]

CollectionIncluded episodesRelease date
Friendship is the Best Medicine"Engine Nine, Feeling' Fine!" & "The Right Stuff", "Caught Blue-Handed" & "To Squeak, or Not to Squeak", "Ben/Anna Split!" & "That's Just Claw-Ful", "The Rip Heard Round the World" & "Walkie-Talkie Time", "The Dark Knight" & "Hallie Gets an Earful"August 21, 2012
Time for Your Check Up"Gulpy, Gulpy Gators!" & "One Note Wonder", "Tea Party Tantrum" & "Blast Off!", "Arcade Escapade" & "Starry, Starry Night", "Bronto Boo-Boos" & "Brontosaurus Breath", "Doctoring The Doc" & "Hot Pursuit"May 7, 2013
Mobile Clinic"Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile" & "Chip Off the Ol' Box", "Doc to the Rescue" & "Don't Knock the Noggin", "Out of the Box" & "Run Down Race Car", "Rescue Ronda, Ready for Takeoff" & "All Washed Up", "Rest Your Rotors, Ronda!" & "Keep on Truckin'"March 18, 2014

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