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Djeno is a village after Pointe-Noire along the road called 'Ligne Neuf' . It is a small village located near the Total E&P Congo in the Kouilou Region of Congo-Brazzaville.The population is about 1,500 inhabitants, who are called Vily. Djeno is around 30 kilometers from the city of Pointe Noire.


The climate is the same as all Congo Brazzaville, which is hot and humid.


The population, called Vily, believe in their ancestors and use their traditional customs, called Binkoko. With modernization a few of the population believe now in Jesus.


The population of Djeno village produce cassava and vegetables. They also have rivers like Loeme, Nanga where they go fishing.


From Pointe Noire to Djeno people go by bus and pay 500 cfa the outward journey, then 300 cfa to return.