Diving at the Summer Olympics

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Diving at the Summer Olympics
Diving pictogram.svg
Governing bodyFINA
Events8 (men: 4; women: 4)
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Diving at the Summer Olympics
Diving pictogram.svg
Governing bodyFINA
Events8 (men: 4; women: 4)

Diving was first introduced in the official programme of the Summer Olympic Games at the 1904 Games of St. Louis and has been an Olympic sport since. It was known as "fancy diving"[1] for the acrobatic stunts performed by divers during the dive (such as somersaults and twists). This discipline of Aquatics, along with swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo, is regulated and supervised by the International Swimming Federation (FINA), the international federation (IF) for aquatic sports.


The first Olympic diving events were contested by men and consisted of a platform diving event ("fancy high diving") and also a plunge for distance event, which heralded victorious the diver who could reach the farthest underwater, while remaining motionless after a ground-level standing dive. At the 1908 Summer Olympics, men's springboard diving was added to the programme replacing the plunge for distance, regarded as uninteresting.[2] Women's diving debut happened at the 1912 Summer Olympics in the platform event and was expanded to springboard diving at the 1920 Summer Olympics. A parallel platform diving event for men, called "plain high diving", was presented at the Games of the V Olympiad. No acrobatic moves were allowed, only a simple straight dive off the platform.[3] It was last contested at the 1924 Summer Olympics after which it was merged with "fancy high diving" into one competition renamed "highboard diving" (or just "high diving").[4]

By the time of the 1996 Summer Olympics, the diving events were exactly the same as in 1928. However, four years later in Sydney, the inclusion of a synchronized diving variant for the springboard and platform events elevated the list up to eight events.

Another important change to the sport occurred in the 1984 Summer Olympics, when China was first allowed to compete, ending the ban imposed upon them by FINA because of their nation's government. China has won many medals since then.[citation needed]

Medal table[edit]

1 United States (USA)494244135
2 China (CHN)3317959
3 Sweden (SWE)68721
4 Russia (RUS)48618
5 Soviet Union (URS)44614
6 Italy (ITA)3429
7 Australia (AUS)33612
8 Unified Team of Germany (EUA)3104
9 Germany (GER)281020
10 East Germany (GDR)2237
11 Mexico (MEX)16613
12 Canada (CAN)14612
13 Czechoslovakia (TCH)1102
14 Denmark (DEN)1012
15 Greece (GRE)1001
16 Great Britain (GBR)0257
17 Unified Team (EUN)0213
18 Egypt (EGY)0112
19 France (FRA)0101
20 Ukraine (UKR)0022
21 Malaysia (MAS)0011


All events are named according to the International Olympic Committee labeling.[5]

Men's 10 m platform  24
Men's 3 m springboard  25
Men's synchronized 10 m platform  4
Men's synchronized 3 m springboard  4
Plain high diving  3
Plunge for distance  1
Women's 10 m platform  23
Women's 3 m springboard  21
Women's synchronized 10 m platform  4
Women's synchronized 3 m springboard  4
Events  2245544444444444444448824


The numbers in each cell indicate the number of divers that nation sent to that Games.

 Argentina (ARG)  11214
 Armenia (ARM)  212
 Australasia (ANZ)  11
 Australia (AUS)  11XXXXXX22344457767919
 Austria (AUT)  13XXXXXXX41432122232321
 Azerbaijan (AZE)  112
 Bahamas (BAH)  11
 Barbados (BAR)  11
 Belarus (BLR)  52344
 Belgium (BEL)  1321116
 Bermuda (BER)  XX13
 Bolivia (BOL)  11
 Brazil (BRA)  1XXXX1111123413
 Bulgaria (BUL)  2113
 Canada (CAN)  121XXXXXX34897686761020
 Chile (CHI)  XX2
 China (CHN)  8887810107
 Chinese Taipei (TPE)  242
 Colombia (COL)  X1322137
 Costa Rica (CRC)  11
 Cuba (CUB)  X226656
 Czech Republic (CZE)  11
 Czechoslovakia (TCH)  2XXX11128
 Denmark (DEN)  54XXXXXXX2111
 Dominican Republic (DOM)  1233
 East Germany (GDR)  577946
 Ecuador (ECU)  112
 Egypt (EGY)  XXXXX147
 Finland (FIN)  2636XXXXXX1221122118
 France (FRA)  112XXXXXXX321122161219
 Georgia (GEO)  212
 Germany (GER)  354XXX678101411
 Great Britain (GBR)  163511XXXXXX658466545871022
 Greece (GRE)  115815
 Guatemala (GUA)  11
 Hong Kong (HKG)  22114
 Hungary (HUN)  XXXXX2233243213
 India (IND)  21
 Indonesia (INA)  132
 Iran (IRI)  11
 Israel (ISR)  XX2
 Italy (ITA)  1111XXXX34241243256820
 Jamaica (JAM)  11
 Japan (JPN)  1XXXXXX9433343312217
 Kazakhstan (KAZ)  552
 Kuwait (KUW)  212125
 Malaysia (MAS)  3343
 Mexico (MEX)  XXXXXXX36456638575719
 Netherlands (NED)  4XXXXX2212211
 New Zealand (NZL)  1313
 North Korea (PRK)  435335
 Norway (NOR)  34XX112119
 Peru (PER)  X12
 Philippines (PHI)  222
 Poland (POL)  X532116
 Portugal (POR)  11
 Puerto Rico (PUR)  1212116
 Rhodesia (RHO)  X32
 Romania (ROU)  33433127
 Russia (RUS)  1779105
 South Africa (RSA)  X1114
 South Korea (KOR)  X32124418
 Soviet Union (URS)  XXX12109111289
 Spain (ESP)  3233223554211
 Sri Lanka (SRI)  X12
 Sweden (SWE)  10341211XXXXXXX21232221311223
 Switzerland (SUI)  11XXXXX11213113
 Syria (SYR)  X12
 Tajikistan (TJK)  21
 Thailand (THA)  1223
 Turkey (TUR)  11
 Ukraine (UKR)  69894
 Unified Team (EUN)  71
 United States (USA)  7221410XXXXXXX121181177787101223
 Unified Team of Germany (EUA)  X92
 Uruguay (URU)  11
 Venezuela (VEN)  X11113118
 West Germany (FRG)  X894466
 Yugoslavia (YUG)  123
 Zimbabwe (ZIM)  3212116
Nations  29101414189212121162421232522212931304042302980
Divers  1039575371612869627259748283908267808195121157125136 

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