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This is a list of merit badges formerly offered by the Boy Scouts of America. In some cases, the entire subject has been dropped from the merit badge roster. In others, the merit badge's name has been changed, with or without significant revision to the badge's requirements.

In 2010, in celebration of Scouting's 100th anniversary, four historical merit badges were reintroduced for one year only—Carpentry, Pathfinding, Signaling and Tracking (formerly Stalking). Bugling merit badge was briefly discontinued in 2010 but reinstated after complaints from volunteers.

Merit badgeCreatedDiscontinuedNotesRelated subjectsReferences
Aerodynamics19411952Created in 1941 with Aeronautics to replace Aviation; replaced, along with Aeronautics, by Aviation in 1952Aerodynamics[1]
Aeronautics19411952Created in 1941 with Aerodynamics, to replace Aviation; replaced, along with Aerodynamics, by Aviation in 1952Aeronautics[1]
Agribusiness19871995Replaced Farm and Ranch Management, Discontinued in 1995Agribusiness[1]
Agriculture19111975Replaced by Animal Science and Plant Science in 1975Agriculture[1]
Airplane Design19421952Replaced, along with Airplane Structure, by Aviation in 1952Fixed-wing aircraft[1]
Airplane Structure19421952Replaced, along with Airplane Design, by Aviation in 1952Fixed-wing aircraft[1]
Ambulance19101911Replaced by First Aid in 1911First aid[1]
Angling19111951Renamed Fishing 1951Angling, Fishing[1]
Animal Industry19281975Replaced by Animal Science in 1975Animal science[1]
Atomic energy19632005Replaced by Nuclear Science in 2005Nuclear energy[1]
Auto Mechanics19922009Renamed Automotive Maintenance in 2009Auto mechanic[1]
Automobiling19111963Replaced by Automotive Safety in 1963Automobile safety[1]
Automotive Safety19621975Replaced by Traffic Safety in 1975Automobile safety[1]
Aviation19111941Replaced by Aerodynamics and Aeronautics in 1941; reintroduced in 1952 to replace Aerodynamics, Aeronautics, Airplane Design, and Airplane StructureTransportation[1]
Bee Keeping19151995Renamed Beekeeping in 1955, then discontinued in 1995Beekeeping[1]
Beef Production19281975Replaced by Animal Science in 1975Beef cattle[1]
Beefarming19111914Renamed Bee Keeping in 1915Beekeeping[1]
Blacksmithing19111952Discontinued in 1952, Metalwork now covers this topicBlacksmith, Forging[1]
Bookbinding19271987Merged into Graphic Arts, 1987Bookbinding[1]
Botany19211995Discontinued in 1995Botany[1]
Business19111966Replaced Clerk, replaced by American Business in 1966 and Entrepreneurship in 1998Business[1]
Carpentry19111952Discontinued in 1952, reintroduced for 2010 onlyCarpentry[1]
Cement Work19271952Discontinued in 1952Cement[1]
Cinematography19902013Renamed MoviemakingCinematography[1]
Citizenship19471951Replaced Civics, replaced by Citizenship in the Community, Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the World and Citizenship in the Home and World Brotherhood in 1951Citizenship[1]
Citizenship in the Home19521972Replaced Citizenship, discontinued in 1972, replaced by Family Life in 1992Family[1]
Citrus Fruit Culture19311952Replaced by Fruit and Nut Growing in 1952Citrus[1]
Civics19111946Replaced by Citizenship in 1946Citizenship[1]
Clerk19101911Replaced by Business in 1911Business[1]
Computers19672014Replaced by Digital Technology in 2014Computer
Conservation19111952Replaced by Wildlife Management in 1952 and Conservation of Natural Resources in 1966Conservation movement, Habitat conservation[1]
Conservation of Natural Resources19661974Replaced Conservation, replaced by Environmental Science in 1974Conservation movement, Habitat conservation[1]
Consumer Buying19751995Discontinued in 1995Consumerism[1]
Corn Farming19281975Replaced by Plant Science in 1975Maize[1]
Cotton Farming19311975Replaced by Plant Science in 1975Cotton[1]
Craftsmanship19111927Replaced by Basketry, Bookbinding, Cement Work, Leathercraft, Metalwork, Pottery, Wood Carving, and Woodwork in 1927Artisan[1]
Cyclist19101911Replaced by Cycling in 1911Cycling[1]
Dairying19111975Replaced by Animal Science in 1975Dairy farming[1]
Dramatics19321966Replaced by Theatre in 1966Acting[1]
Electrician19101911Replaced by Electricity in 1911Electrician[1]
Farm and Ranch Management19791987Replaced by Agribusiness in 1987Agribusiness[1]
Farm Arrangement19601973Replaced Farm Home and Its Planning, replaced by Farm Arrangements in 1973Agriculture, Agricultural science[1]
Farm Arrangements19741979replaced by Farm and Ranch Management in 1979Agriculture, Agricultural science[1]
Farm Home and Its Planning19281961Replaced by Farm Arrangement in 1961Agriculture, Agricultural science[1][2]
Farm Layout and Building Arrangement19281961Replaced by Farm Arrangement in 1961Agriculture, Agricultural science[1][2]
Farm Record and Bookkeeping19281958Replaced by Farm Records in 1958Agriculture, Agricultural science[1]
Farm Records19591979Replaced Farm Records and Bookkeeping, replaced by Farm and Ranch Management in 1979Agriculture, Agricultural science[1]
Fireman19101911Replaced by Firemanship in 1911Firefighter, Fire safety[1]
Firemanship19111995Replaced Fireman, replaced by Fire Safety in 1995Firefighter, Fire safety[1]
First Aid to Animals19111995Replaced by Veterinary Science in 1972, which was renamed Veterinary Medicine in 1995Veterinary medicine[1]
Food Systems19781987Merged into Plant Science in 1987Food systems, Botany[1]
Forage Crops19591975Replaced Grasses, Legumes and Forage Crops, replaced by Plant Science in 1975Forage[1]
Foundry Practice19231952Discontinued in 1952, Metalwork now covers this topicFoundry[1]
Fruit and Nut Growing19531975Replaced Citrus Fruit Culture, Fruit Culture, and Nut Culture, replaced by Plant Science in 1975Fruit, Nut[1]
Fruit Culture19281952Replaced by Fruit and Nut Growing in 1952Fruit[1]
Gardener19101911Replaced by Gardening in 1911Gardening[1]
General Science19721995Replaced Zoology, discontinued in 1995Science[1]
Grasses, Legumes and Forage Crops19381958Replaced by Forage Crops in 1958Grass, Legume, Forage[1]
Handicap Awareness19851993Replaced Handicapped Awareness, replaced by Disabilities Awareness in 1993Disability, Disability studies[1]
Handicapped Awareness19801984Replaced by Handicap Awareness in 1984Disability, Disability studies[1]
Handicraft19111942Replaced by Home Repairs in 1942Home repair[1]
Hog and Pork Production19281958Replaced by Hog Production in 1958Pork[1]
Hog Production19591975Replaced Hog and Pork Production, replaced by Animal Science in 1975Pork[1]
Horseman19101911Replaced by Horsemanship in 1911Equestrianism[1]
Insect Life19231984Replaced by Insect Study in 1984Entomology[1]
Interpreting19111952Merged into World Brotherhood in 1952Interpreting[1]
Invention19111915Discontinued in 1915, earned by only 10 Scouts, no known surviving specimens. On 17 Jun 10 BSA introduced the Inventing Merit Badge.[3]Invention[1]
Landscape Gardening19301958Replaced by Landscaping in 1958Landscaping[1]
Landscaping19591966Replaced Landscape Gardening, replaced by Landscape Architecture in 1966Landscaping[1]
Leathercraft19271952Replaced Leatherworking and Craftsmanship, replaced by Leatherwork in 1952Leather crafting[1]
Leatherworking19111927Replaced by Leathercraft in 1927Leather crafting[1]
Machinery19111995Discontinued in 1995Machine[1]
Mammals19721984Replaced Zoology, replaced by Mammal Study in 1985Mammal
Marksman19101911Replaced by Marksmanship in 1911Shooting[1]
Marksmanship19111966Replaced by Rifle and Shotgun Shooting in 1966Shooting[1]
Masonry19111995Discontinued in 1995Masonry[1]
Master-At-Arms19101911Discontinued in 1911Martial arts[1]
Mechanical Drawing19331964Replaced by Drafting in 1964Technical drawing[1]
Metallurgy19651971Replaced by Metals Engineering in 1971Metallurgy[1]
Metals Engineering19721995Replaced Metallurgy Discontinued in 1995, now MetalworkMetallurgy[1]
Mining19111937Replaced by Rocks and Minerals in 1937Mining[1]
Musician19101911Replaced by Music in 1911Music[1]
Nut Culture19281954Replaced by Fruit and Nut Growing in 1954Nut[1]
Ornithology19111915Replaced by Bird Study in 1915Ornithology[1]
Pathfinding19111952Discontinued in 1952, reintroduced for 2010 onlyBlazing, Orienteering[1]
Personal Finances19621971Replaced by Personal Management in 1971Personal finance[1]
Personal Health19111952Replaced by Personal Fitness in 1952Physical fitness[1]
Physical Development19141952Replaced by Personal Fitness in 1952Physical fitness[1]
Pigeon Raising19331980Merged into Bird Study in 1980Pigeon keeping[1]
Pioneer19101911Replaced by Pioneering in 1911Pioneering[1]
Poultry Farming19111913Replaced by Poultry Keeping in 1913Poultry[1]
Poultry Keeping19141974Replaced Poultry Farming, replaced by Animal Science in 1974Poultry[1]
Printing19111981Replaced Printing/Communication in 1981Printing[1]
Printing/Communication19821989Merged into Graphic ArtsPrinting[1]
Rabbit Raising19431993Discontinued in 1993Rabbit[1]
Reptile Study19271993Replaced Reptiles, replaced by Reptile and Amphibian Study in 1993Herpetology[1]
Reptiles19231927Replaced by Reptile Study in 1927Herpetology[1]
Rifle and Shotgun Shooting19671987Replaced Marksmanship, replaced by Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting in 1987Shooting[1]
Rocks and Minerals19371953Replaced Mining, replaced by Geology in 1953Geology[1]
Safety First19161926Replaced by Safety in 1926Safety[1]
Seaman19101911Replaced by Seamanship in 1911Seamanship[1]
Seamanship19111964Split into Motorboating and Small-Boat SailingSeamanship[1]
Sheep Farming19281975Replaced by Animal Science in 1975Domestic sheep[1]
Signaller19101911Replaced by Signalling in 1911Flag semaphore[1]
Signaling19111992Discontinued in 1992, reintroduced for 2010 onlyFlag semaphore, Morse code[1]
Skiing19381999Replaced by Snow Sports in 1999Skiing[1]
Small Grains19591975Replaced Small Grains and Cereal Foods, replaced by Plant Science in 1975Cereal[1]
Small Grains and Cereal Foods19411958Replaced by Small Grains in 1958Cereal[1]
Soil Management19281952Replaced by Soil and Water Conservation in 1952Erosion, Soil science[1]
Stalker19101915Replaced by Stalking in 1915Tracking[1]
Stalking19151952Replaced Stalker, discontinued in 1952, reintroduced as Tracking for 2010 onlyTracking[1]
Taxidermy19111952Discontinued in 1952Taxidermy[1]
Textiles19271972Replaced by Textile in 1972Textile[1]
Veterinary Science19731995Replaced First Aid to Animals, replaced by Veterinary Medicine in 1995Veterinary Medicine[1]
Waterskiing19692007Replaced by Water Sports in 2007Waterskiing[1]
Wildlife Management19521972Replaced Conservation, replaced by Fish and Wildlife Management in 1972Wildlife management[1]
Wireless19191923Replaced by Radio in 1923Radio[1]
Wood Turning19301952Discontinued in 1952Woodturning[1]
World Brotherhood19521972Replaced part of Citizenship, replaced by Citizenship in the World in 1972

The original badge design was a globe, then in 1968 it was changed to be the Scout sign on a blue background

Zoology19301972Replaced by General Science and Mammals in 1972Zoology[1]

Original 57 merit badges[edit]

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