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Dino Dan is a Canadian/American television series for children, which is airing on TVO Kids [1] in Ontario, and Nick Jr. in Australia and the USA. The series was created and directed by J.J. Johnson and produced in Toronto, Canada, by Sinking Ship Entertainment.


Dino Dan follows the adventures of the paleontologist-in-training Dan Henderson and his friends, who uncover clues about the past and secrets of the dinosaurs. The show combines live action with CGI dinosaurs.

10 year old Dan Henderson learns about dinosaurs as he conducts experiments on dinosaurs he sees in his environment. It is unknown if they are real or the result of his active imagination, some animals have also seen them, such as his dog, and in the episode Dino Trackers, Dan's younger brother can also see the dinosaur tracks.

Dino Dan: Trek's Adventures[edit]

A follow-up series starring Dan's younger brother Trek began airing in 2013. Trek, now age 10, is also able to see dinosaurs and spends his time learning about them like his brother.


Series CastCharacter
Jason SpevackDaniel "Dan" Henderson
Ricardo HoyosRicardo Sanchez
Isaac DurnfordCory Schluter
Jaclyn ForbesKami Douglas
Allana HarkinJessica Henderson
Keana BastidasJordan Miralles
Sydney KuhneAngie Elia
Alana BridgewaterMrs. Nicholls
Sarah CarverMrs. Carver
Trek BuccinoTrek Henderson
Tristan SamuelTristan
Andrea MartinMrs. Hahn
Jayne EastwoodDan's grandmother
Mark McKinneyMr. Drumheller
Pat ThorntonCory's Dad
Kevin McDonaldMr. Curry
David Ogden StiersWandering Oaken

Episode list[edit]

Episode #TitleAmerican Premiere (Nick Jr.)Canadian Premiere (TVO Kids)
1The Chicken or the Dino/Bones in the Backyard5/11/20095/25/09
2Masked Confusion/Trouble Clef5/12/20091/8/09
3There's a Compsognathus Under My Bed/Art for Pterosaurs' Sake10/27/20101/25/10
4Tooth or Consequences/Dinosicles1/16/20112/1/10
5The Case of the Mystery Dino/Gas-o-saurus1/15/102/8/10
6He Shoots, He Roars/A Winter Tail10/25/20102/15/10
7A Pterosaur in the House/A Model Dino10/18/20104/11/10
8Copy Dino/Lunch Bag Bandit10/28/20104/18/10
9Dino Dent/Active Imagination1/8/115/15/10
10Dino Trap/Big Bad Spinosaurus10/26/20106/12/10
11Name-a-saurus/Where's Dino?5/8/116/19/10
12Moody Dino/Stop-Motion Dino1/15/20119/25/10
13'Twas a Dinosaur/To Flee or Not to Flee12/20/20108/27/10
14Fishing for Dinosaurs/Dino Doug7/31/118/26/10
15Dino Trackers/T-Rex Bedtime10/19/20109/13/10
16To Catch a Dino/Cops & Dinos1/29/201110/4/10
17Dino Party/Training Wings1/23/20119/20/10
18Prehistoric Zoo/Ready? Set? Dino!1/30/201110/16/10
19The Dino Did It/Air Dino7/29/201310/11/10
20Dino Watering Hole/Dino Dance7/30/1311/6/10
21Captain Cory/Dino Race7/31/1311/13/10
22Hard Hat, Long Neck/A Roaring Good Time7/31/111/16/11
23Mini Dino/The Three Little Paleontologists8/1/131/23/11
24Dino Strike!/Nothing But the Tooth8/2/131/30/11
25Down on the Farm/The Time Traveler's Dino10/16/20112/8/11
26Where the Dinosaurs Are/Winter Vacation6/29/20132/15/11


Dino Dan was nominated for a 2009 Gemini Award for Best Preschool-to-4th Grade Program or Series.

Dino Dan won the 2009 Shaw Rocket Prize for best independently produced Canadian children's, youth, or family program.[2]

The cast won a 2010 Young Artist Award for Most Outstanding Young Ensemble In A TV Series.[3]


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