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Diane Shalet (February 23, 1935 - February 23, 2006 Palm Springs, California) was an American Broadway and television character actress. She was perhaps best known for her recurring role as Ms. Hawkins in the drama Matlock. Also, she made a guest appearance on The Monkees in the season two episode, "The Fairy Tale," as The Fairy of The Locket (January 8, 1968). Ms. Shalet made over 200 guest appeaqrances on episodic television shows.They include Bonanza, Born Free (TV series), and Cagney & Lacey.

A life member of The Actors Studio,[1] She was the founder of Manhattan's Actors and Writers Lab.

She was the author of the 1994 fiction novel Grief in a Sunny Climate (ISBN 0-312-11054-5).

Shalet was married to fellow actor Michael Strong, with whom she appeared in an episode of the television detective series Harry O.

Shalet died on February 23, 2006 — her 71st birthday.


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