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Baked DiGiorno pepperoni pizza

DiGiorno is a brand of frozen pizzas sold in the United States, owned by Nestlé. In Canada, Nestlé markets a largely identical line of pizzas under the Delissio brand.

Formulated and created by Kraft, DiGiorno pizzas has been available nationally in the U.S. since 1996. DiGiorno originated with pastas and sauces in 1991. Delissio frozen pizzas were launched in Canada in 1999,[1] although Kraft had previously used the Delissio brand for other pizza products in the late 1980s.[2] The brand's slogan is "It's not delivery. It's DiGiorno/Delissio.", to inform viewers about how their pizza bakes up fresh and tastes fresh like pizzeria pizza. In the U.S., sports personality Dick Vitale is the primary pitchman, and has appeared in TV commercials for the pizza.

Some DiGiorno pizzas, primarily the 12" rising variety, use mechanically separated chicken as a meat ingredient in their pepperoni and sausage toppings, while others use more traditional ingredients.[3][4][5]

In 2010, Kraft sold the DiGiorno and Delissio brands, along with the rest of its frozen pizza business, to Swiss-based food manufacturer Nestlé.[6] The move helped to finance Kraft's bid for Cadbury, while also effectively ensuring that Nestlé would not submit a competing bid for the confectionery company.[7] Since Nestlé acquired Kraft's frozen pizza business in 2010, the DiGiorno brand has expanded to include bonus appetizers in a box, including breadsticks, boneless chicken pieces (meant to serve as boneless wings, but spelled "Wyngz" due to United States Department of Agriculture requirements[8][9]), and Toll House cookies.

In Canada, available flavors are:


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