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IndustryEducational Software: eLearning
HeadquartersKitchener, ON, Canada
Key peopleCEO: John Baker,
CTO: Jeremy Auger,
COO: Dennis Kavelman,
CFO: Brandon Nussey
Products(see Products and Services)
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IndustryEducational Software: eLearning
HeadquartersKitchener, ON, Canada
Key peopleCEO: John Baker,
CTO: Jeremy Auger,
COO: Dennis Kavelman,
CFO: Brandon Nussey
Products(see Products and Services)

Desire2Learn Incorporated (also known as Desire2Learn or abbreviated as D2L) is a provider of enterprise eLearning solutions and develops online Learning Management Systems (LMS) used at more than 1100 institutions in 20 different countries around the world.[1]


The company was founded in 1999[2] by president and CEO John Baker. The company is headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and has staff in the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Singapore and Australia.[citation needed]

Desire2Learn has a 98% client retention rate[3] Deloitte Technology's Fast 50 program has considered that Desire2Learn is among the fastest growing technology companies in Canada[4] and is one of the Top 50 Small to Medium Size Employers for two consecutive years, 2011 and 2012.[5][6] Desire2Learn was named the 2012 Business of the Year at the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.[7]

Desire2Learn had over 750 institutions with 10 million users in their database as of December 2013.[8]

The Digital Experience Innovation Community at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus was established on the Desire2Learn platform.[9]

Desire2Learn completed a Series B financing round of $85 Million [10] in August of 2014.






Products and services[edit]

Desire2Learn develops an e-Learning enterprise suite that serves as the learning management system for schools, colleges, universities, virtual schools, governments, associations, and organizations.

The Desire2Learn Learning Suite includes:[18]

  • Desire2Learn Learning Environment
  • Desire2Learn ePortfolio
  • Desire2Learn Insights
  • Desire2Learn Learning Repository
  • Desire2Learn Campus Life
  • Desire2Learn Assignment Grader
  • Desire2Learn Capture

Desire2Learn announced the launch of Desire2Learn Learning Suite 10 on April 10, 2012 — the company's latest platform update with significant updates to the layout and interface, as well as a number of feature enhancements.[19] The company's tagline for the release was "Simple meets sophisticated." General availability of the new platform was announced on May 18, 2012.[20]

Technology partners[edit]

The company has established partnerships with Aventa Learning, Inc.;[21] Bocavox;[22] Cengage Learning;[23] ConnectYard; Core Solutions Software;[24] CourseSmart; Design Science;[25] Elsevier;[26] Ellucian;[27] eScience Labs;[28] IBM;[29] iParadigms, LLC; Learning Objects; Link-Systems International;[30] McGraw Hill Education;[31] Microsoft;[32] Perceptis; ReadSpeaker;[33] Respondus;[34] Sun Microsystems; ReMarks PDF;[35] SoftChalk;[36] SunGard Higher Education;[37] Turning Technologies, LLC; Turnitin; WebTrain Communications; Design Science (DSI); eLearn Campus; Webducate; WebTrain Communications;[38] Pearson Education Inc.; and Pearson EQUELLA.

On April 13, 2012, Desire2Learn and IBM announced their collaboration on IBM's Smarter Education Solution. The solution combines Desire2Learn's student focused learning environment with IBM's deep analytics, case management, and workflow to create instructional improvement systems for districts, departments of education, colleges, and universities.[39]

History of patent battle[edit]

On July 26, 2006, Blackboard, a rival company, issued a press release regarding its recently granted US patent 6,988,138 on "Internet-based education support system and methods" (U.S. Patent 6,988,138). Blackboard also filed a lawsuit against Desire2Learn. Desire2Learn appealed the case to the Federal Circuit where the Federal Circuit ruled in favour of Desire2Learn across the board—it affirmed the lower court's ruling that the first 35 claims were invalid, and it overturned the judgment resulting from the jury verdict against Desire2Learn.[40] On December 15, 2009, both companies issued a joint press release[41] indicating that legal proceedings had ended with both companies agreeing to license each other's software. [42] In the month of November 2010, Blackboard confirmed in an email that "Blackboard chose to abandon the '138 patent in April and not pursue additional appeals," after the patent's official termination by the USPTO.[43] For more information about Blackboard and U.S. Patent 6,988,138, see Legal matters section of the Blackboard Inc. article.

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