Deep Purple discography

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Deep Purple discography
Studio albums19
Live albums34+
Compilation albums27+
Video albums15
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Deep Purple discography
Studio albums19
Live albums34+
Compilation albums27+
Video albums15

The discography of Deep Purple, an English rock band, consists of nineteen studio albums,[1] at least thirty-four live albums, twenty-seven compilation albums, as well as fifteen videos and numerous singles.

Formed in 1968 by Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Rod Evans, Ritchie Blackmore, and Nick Simper, Deep Purple released their debut album, Shades of Deep Purple, in July of that year.

They have undergone many changes of personnel over the years, and today Ian Paice is the only member from the original line-up still with the band. The other members currently are Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Steve Morse and Don Airey. (See also List of Deep Purple band members).

Studio albums[edit]

YearAlbum titlePeak chart positionCertifications
(sales thresholds)[2][3][4][5]
United StatesUS
United KingdomUK
1968Shades of Deep Purple24
The Book of Taliesyn54
1969Deep Purple162GER: Gold
1970Deep Purple in Rock143451US: Gold
UK: Gold
FRA: Gold
ARG: Gold
NDL: Gold
1971Fireball321213NDL: Gold
US: Gold
1972Machine Head713142US: 2x Platinum
UK: Gold
FRA: 3x Gold
ARG: Platinum
1973Who Do We Think We Are1541325US: Gold
FRA: Gold
1974Burn931117US: Gold
UK: Gold
FRA: Gold
ARG: Gold
Stormbringer2062104US: Gold
UK: Gold
FRA: Gold
1975Come Taste the Band431962912UK: Silver
ARG: Gold
1984Perfect Strangers175122516US: Platinum
UK: Gold
GER: Gold
CAN: Platinum
ARG: Gold
1987The House of Blue Light34103211111UK: Silver
CAN: Gold
1990Slaves and Masters
  • Released: October 1990
  • Label: BMG
  • Format: LP, CD, CS
8745516232872SWI: Gold
1993The Battle Rages On...
  • Released: July 1993
  • Label: BMG
  • Format: LP, CD, CS
2005Rapture of the Deep
  • Released: October 2005
  • Label: Edeltone
  • Format: LP, CD
2013Now What?!
  • Released: April 2013
  • Label: Edel/earMUSIC
  • Format: LP, CD
11019211112GER: Gold
RUS: Gold
POL: Gold
CZ: Gold
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.

Live albums[edit]

RecordedReleasedAlbum titlePeak chart positionCertifications
United StatesUSUnited KingdomUK
Inglewood - Live in California
Live at Inglewood 1968
19691969Concerto for Group and Orchestra1492622
Kneel & Pray
Live in Montreux 69
Space Vol 1 & 2
Live in Aachen 1970
19701993Gemini Suite Live
Scandinavian Nights
Live in Stockholm
Deep Purple in Concert
In Concert '72
Live Denmark 1972
Copenhagen 1972
19721972Made in Japan6161US: Platinum
UK: Gold
GER: Platinum
ITA: Gold
AUT: Platinum
FRA: Gold
ARG: 2x Platinum
19721993Live in Japan
California Jamming
Just Might Take Your Life
Perks and Tit
Live In San Diego 1974
19741982Live in London23
Made in Europe
Mk III: The Final Concerts
Live in Paris 1975
Last Concert in Japan
This Time Around: Live in Tokyo
JPN: Gold

(US) King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents: Deep Purple in Concert
(UK) On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat
Deep Purple: Extended Versions
Live at Long Beach 1976
1975/19762011Phoenix Rising18822
19842013Perfect Strangers Live20
19851991In the Absence of Pink: Knebworth 85
19871988Nobody's Perfect1053813
Come Hell or High Water
Live in Europe 1993 (4CD-set, released the year after as separates):
Live in Stuttgart 1993
Live at the NEC 1993
29ARG: Gold
19962004Live Encounters....
19961997Live at the Olympia '9618398
19962006Live at Montreux 199692CAN: Gold
19991999Total Abandon: Australia '99
19992000Live at the Royal Albert Hall10132
20002001Live at the Rotterdam Ahoy
20012001The Soundboard Series
20062007They All Came Down to Montreux
1968–19702011BBC Sessions 1968–1970
20112011Live at Montreux 2011 (with Orchestra)43
20132013Now What?! Live Tapes

Live DVD releases and Other Videography[edit]

RecordedReleasedAlbum titleCertifications
19691969 (LP)
2003 (DVD)
Concerto for Group and Orchestra
19701970 (TV)
1990 (VHS)
Doing Their Thing
1988 (VHS)
2005 (DVD)
Scandinavian Nights - Live in Denmark 1972
Live in Concert 72/73
USA: Gold
AUS: Gold
FRA: Gold
19741974 (TV)
1981 (VHS)
2005 (DVD Remaster)
Live in California 74ARG: Gold
FRA: Gold
Rises Over Japan
Phoenix Rising
1968-19762009History, hits & highlights '68–'76
19842013Perfect Strangers Live
19871987The Video Singles
1970-19911991Heavy Metal Pioneers
19931994Come Hell or High WaterUK: Gold
AUS: Platinum
19951995Bombay Calling
19962004Live Encounters
19962006Live at Montreux 1996
19991999Total Abandon: Live in Australia
19992000In Concert with the London Symphony Orchestra
20012001PerihelionAUS: Gold
20012001Classic Albums: Deep Purple – The Making of Machine HeadAUS: Gold
1984-20002001New Live & Rare: The Video Collection 1984-2000
1995-20072008Around The World Live 4 DVD box-set
20062007They All Came Down to Montreux
20112011Live At Montreux 2011 (with Orchestra)

Compilation albums[edit]

RecordedReleasedAlbum titlePeak chart positionCertifications
United StatesUSUnited KingdomUK
1968-69November 1972Purple Passages# 57
1969-72December 1973Mark I & II
1969-72July 197524 Carat Purple#14UK: Silver
1969-72December 1977PowerhouseJPN: Gold
1968-74October 1978When We Rock, We Rock, and When We Roll, We Roll
1969-72April 1979The Mark II Purple Singles#24
1969-74July 1980Deepest Purple: The Very Best of Deep Purple#148#1UK: Gold
US: Platinum
GER: Gold
AUT: Gold
1968-75June 1985The Anthology#50
1984-881992Knocking at Your Back Door: The Best of Deep Purple in the 80's
1968-76October 1978 (Harvest), January 1993 (EMI)The Deep Purple Singles A's and B's
1997The Collection[14]
November 199830: Very Best of Deep Purple#39UK: Silver
1998Smoke on the WaterFRA: 2x Gold
1968-98March 1999Shades 1968–1998
1999Under The Gun[15]
2000The Very Best of Deep PurpleUK: Gold
ARG: Platinum
June 1975March 2000Days May Come and Days May Go: The 1975 California Rehearsals, volume 1 & 2
2001Smoke On The Water & Other HitsFRA: Gold
1964–1976October 2002Listen, Learn, Read On (6 disc box set)
2003Deep Purple: The Universal Masters Collection
June 2003Winning Combinations: Deep Purple and Rainbow
2003The Best of Deep Purple: Live in Europe
1969-19712004New Live & Rare: Live In Europe 1969-1971
2005Deep Purple Forever.The Very Best Of.
1968–2003March 2005Deep Purple: The Platinum Collection#39
1968–19762009Space Truckin' Round The World - Live 68-76
1968–19762010Deep Purple: Singles & E. P. Anthology '68 - '80
1968–19742011Deep Purple Essential[16]
1968–19702012Deep Purple Icon[17]

Box sets[edit]

Tribute albums[edit]


YearTitlePeak chart positionCertificationsAlbum
United KingdomUKUnited StatesUSUnited StatesUS Main.NetherlandsNL
1968"Hush" / One More Rainy Day:4Shades of Deep Purple
"Kentucky Woman" / Wring That Neck38The Book of Taliesyn
1969"River Deep - Mountain High" / Listen Learn Read On53
1969"Emmaretta" / The Bird Has FlownNon-album single
1969"Hallelujah" / April (part 1)Non-album single
1970"Black Night" / Speed King2668Non-album single
"Child in Time" - Child in Time Part 1 / Child in time Part 210Deep Purple in Rock
1971"Strange Kind of Woman" / I'm Alone8Non-album single
"Fireball" / Demon's Eye1524Fireball
1972"Never Before" / When A Blind Man Cries35Machine Head
1973"Smoke on the Water" / Smoke On The Water (live)21411US: Gold
"Woman from Tokyo" / Super Trouper606Who Do We Think We Are
1974"Might Just Take Your Life" / Coronarias Redig91Burn
"Burn" / Coronarias Redig
"Stormbringer" / Love Don't Mean A ThingStormbringer
1976"You Keep On Moving" / Love ChildCome Taste the Band
"Gettin' Tighter" / Love Child
1977"New, Live & Rare EP" - Black Night (live) / Painted Horse / When A Blind Man Cries31Non-album single
1978"New, Live & Rare Vol.2 EP" - Burn (live) / Coronarias Redig / Mistreated (live)45Non-album single
1980"New, Live & Rare Vol.3 EP" - Smoke On The Water (live) / Bird Has Flown (BBC 1969) / Grabsplatter (BBC 1970)48Deep Purple in Concert
"Black Night" (live) / Speed King (live)43
1984"Perfect Strangers" / Son Of Alerik4812Perfect Strangers
1985"Nobody's Home"20
"Knocking at Your Back Door" / Perfect Strangers / Not Responsible68617
1987"Call of the Wild" / Strangeways921493The House of Blue Light
1987"Bad Attitude"14
1988"Hush" (re-recording) / Dead Or Alive (live) / Bad Attitude (live)62Nobody's Perfect
1990"King of Dreams" / Fire In The Basement706Slaves and Masters
1991"Fire In The Basement"20
"Love Conquers All"/ Truth Hurts / Slow Down Sister57
1993"The Battle Rages On"22The Battle Rages On
"Anya" / One Man's Meat
"Time To Kill" / Nasty Piece Of Work
1995"Black Night" (re-mix) / Black Night / Speed King (re-mix)66Non-album single
1996"Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming" / Vavoom: Ted The MechanicPurpendicular
1999"Australia '99" - Black Night (live) / Fireball (live)Total Abandon: Australia '99'
"House of Pain" / Contact Lost
2005"Rapture of the Deep"Rapture of the Deep
2011"Hush" / "Speed King"BBC Sessions 1968–1970
2013"All the Time in the World" (Radio Mix) / "Hell to Pay" / Perfect Strangers (live) / Rapture Of The Deep (live)Now What?!
"Vincent Price" / First Sign of Madness / The Well-Dressed Guitar / Wrong Man (live)
"Above & Beyond" / Thing I Never Said / Space Truckin' (live) / Hush (live)
"—" denotes releases that did not chart.


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