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Logo of the Dean Burgon Society

The Dean Burgon Society is an organization that promotes and defends the King James Bible and the underlying Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. It should not be confused with the academic Burgon Society. They are separate organizations.

The Dean Burgon Society is an organization which promotes the so called King James Only position through publications and seminar, although D.A. Waite, the current head of the society, has claimed that "King James Only" is a slanderous term. They make extensive amounts of information available online, as well as selling printed material.

The society is named after Dean Burgon, who made a strong stand in support for the so-called traditional text. He was also major critic of Westcott and Hort, and the Revised Version of the Bible. Although in his writings we can find many of critical notes about Textus Receptus, e.g. "Traditional Text not identical with the Received Text".[1] Burgon rejected Textus Receptus in Acts 8:37, the Comma Johanneum, the last six verses of Apocalypse, he suggested 150 corrections in the Textus Receptus Gospel of Matthew alone.[2] Burgon in his Revision Revised several times declares that the Textus Receptus needs correction.[3] According to Daniel Wallace, Burgon's views would disqualify him from membership in the society named after him, since that society staunchly defends the Textus Receptus.[4] D. A. Waite has responded to these claims[5]

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