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DayQuil Sinus Relief

DayQuil is a medicine intended to relieve symptoms of the common cold and flu. Made by Vicks, it is available in syrup and capsule (LiquiCap) form. DayQuil's night time counterpart is NyQuil, which contains sedative antihistamines. Because DayQuil lacks antihistamines, it does not cause drowsiness, and thus is suitable for use in the daytime. DayQuil was introduced in 1974 under the name "DayCare". The brand was reintroduced as "DayQuil" in 1992.

As with NyQuil, DayQuil no longer contains pseudoephedrine in the United States. It has been replaced with phenylephrine due to restrictions on pseudoephedrine sales. In other countries, such as Canada, DayQuil still contains pseudoephedrine.[1]


DayQuil is intended for the temporary relief of cold and flu symptoms, including:


The active ingredients of DayQuil Cold & Flu Relief (per LiquiCap, or per 15 mL syrup):

It should not be taken by people who consume an excessive amount of alcohol, who are taking other medicines containing acetaminophen, or who are using a prescribed monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Large amounts of caffeine should also be avoided if taking this medicine.

Other formulations:[2]

DayQuil Sinus (per LiquiCap):

DayQuil Cough (per 15 mL syrup):

DayQuil Mucus Control (per 15 mL syrup):

DayQuil Mucus Control DM (per 15 mL syrup):


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