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David Downing is a contemporary British author of mystery novels and nonfiction. His works have been reviewed by Publishers Weekly, [1][2] the New York Times,[3] and The Wall Street Journal.[4] He is known for his "convincing" depiction of World War II[5] and Berlin,[6] probably due to his studies[7] and familiarity with the subject. Five of his books are based around Anglo-American character John Russell exploring Germany in the 1940s.

His contributions to the studies of World War II history have appeared in both historical nonfiction and fictional thrillers. His studies mainly examine the simultaneous events that decided "the fate of Germany and Japan" toward the end of the war.[8] He has also been known to write under the pseudonym David Monnery[9] and also wrote An Atlas of Territorial and Border Disputes (1980, New English Library, ISBN 0-450-04804-7).

In the 1970s, Downing contributed to the music magazine Let It Rock and published a study of utopian and science fiction explorations of the future in music, Future Rock, analysing the work of Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and others.