Dave Hilton, Sr.

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Dave Hilton, Sr. (born August 29, 1940 in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada) was a professional boxer who won a Canadian championship in three different weight divisions.

Hilton fought between 1958 and 1976, winning 65 of his 81 fights. As a teenager, he fought as a Featherweight, winning that championship in 1959. As he developed, he gained weight and moved up in class to the Welterweight division where he fought for more than ten years. In 1971, he won the Canadian Light Middleweight championship and that same year, he earned his third title, winning the Canadian Middleweight championship.

While Dave Hilton, Sr. gained recognition during his fighting career, it was as manager and trainer for his three sons that he received the most publicity, each winning a Canadian championship, and two of them winning world championships.


Over the years, the Hilton family has been plagued by troubles with the law and tragedy.[1]

Hilton Sr. was barred from entering the United States temporarily after a discovery of past crimes.[2]