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Darts world rankings are a system which should determine a list of the best dart players in the world based on their performances in tournaments. However, after a group of former world champions and other high-profile players separated from the British Darts Organisation in 1993 - there are now two major governing bodies.

Each organisation has its own players, and each has its own ranking system. The ranking systems are used to arrange tournament seedings, which will mean that the number one player in the world should not face the number two player in the world until the final of a tournament (providing they reach that far).

PDC World Rankings[edit]

The Professional Darts Corporation's ranking is based on the amount of prize-money won over the past two years.

BDO / WDF Rankings[edit]

The BDO Invitational Table relates only to registered playing members of the BDO, who comply with BDO and World Darts Federation (WDF) eligibility rules including terms and conditions of the 1997 Tomlin Order.

The BDO awards points depending on player's performances within each of its events. Twenty-seven points are awarded to the champion of each its four Grand Slam Events - The Lakeside World Professional Championship, The International Darts League, The Bavaria World Darts Trophy and the Winmau World Masters. Lower points are awarded for each round of the tournament reached, and also lower points for the different category of events.

The World Darts Federation also have a ranking system designed to provide a measure of the global activities of darts players in every WDF recognised darts event. It used to be very similar to the BDO system but was revised in January 2007 to include categories by country and by events, and the distribution of ranking points reflect the levels of prize money on offer and the numbers of entries in a tournament.

The BDO Invitational rankings sees the points wiped after the seedings for the World Championship are decided, whereas the WDF rankings are based on the last 12 months performance. Therefore currently the WDF World Rankings give a better reflection on BDO player rankings.



1England Stephen Bunting250
2England Darryl Fitton202
3England James Wilson196
4England Scott Waites191
5Netherlands Wesley Harms182
6Netherlands Benito van de Pas173
7England Scott Mitchell172
8Netherlands Jeffrey de Graaf171
9England Richie George169
10England Max Ashton169
  • Source BDO darts men invitational World Rankings


Top 8 Rankings as of 16 October 2011.[1]
1SteadyEngland Deta Hedman207
2Wales Julie Gore201
3England Trina Gulliver195
4England Lorraine Felham182
5England Karen Lawman178
Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova
7Russia Irina Armstrong175
8Netherlands Karin Krappen167



1England Stephen Bunting1024
2England Scott Waites908
3England James Wilson705
4Netherlands Wesley Harms654
5England Martin Atkins602
6Netherlands Jeffrey de Graaf551
7Latvia Madars Razma544
8Belgium Geert De Vos516
9England Glen Durrant495
10Netherlands Jan Dekker475
11England Robbie Green462
12England Tony O'Shea461
13Republic of Ireland Brendan Dolan445
14Wales Jim Williams445
15Scotland Ross Montgomery404
16England Martin Adams393

Updated 22 August 2013

The WDF Rankings are done on a rolling one year basis. When a tournament is played, the previous years results are removed from the rankings. This list is used to determine seeds for some of the WDF Opens.


Top 8 Rankings as of 8 February 2012[2]
1SteadyEngland Deta Hedman1698
2Russia Anastasia Dobromyslova1166
3Increase1England Lorraine Farlam1106
4Decrease1Russia Irina Armstrong1069
5Increase1Wales Julie Gore836
6Canada Cindy Pardy794
7Decrease1England Trina Gulliver668
8SteadyNetherlands Aileen de Graaf652

Previous World Number Ones (Men's, WDF)[edit]

The following is a list of players who ended the year ranked number one in the WDF.[3]

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