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Dark-Hunter is a best-selling urban fantasy book series by the American author Sherrilyn Kenyon.[1] The books are published by St. Martin's Press. The first novel in the series, Fantasy Lover, was published in 2002. As of May 2012, there are over 30 million copies of her books in print in over 100 countries[2]. Both Dark Side of the Moon and Unleash the Night sold more than 500,000 copies in 2006.[2] The twelfth book in the series, Devil May Cry, was published in August 2007 and reached number two in the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list.[3] The series is soon to be a major motion picture and is in development for television[4].



  1. Fantasy Lover (February 02, 2002) (Julian and Grace)[5] Not officially a Dark Hunters novel, according to Kenyon's website[6]
  2. Night Pleasures (September 1, 2002) (Kyrian and Amanda)
  3. Night Embrace (July 1, 2003) (Talon and Sunshine)
  4. Dance with the Devil (December 1, 2003) (Zarek and Astrid)
  5. Kiss of the Night (April 4, 2004) (Wulf and Cassandra)
  6. Night Play (August 3, 2004) (Vane and Bride) [Were-Hunter Series]
  7. Seize the Night (December 28, 2004) (Valerius and Tabitha)
  8. Sins of the Night (June 28, 2005) (Alexion and Danger)
  9. Unleash the Night (December 27, 2005) (Wren and Maggie) [Were-Hunter Series]
  10. Dark Side of the Moon (May 30, 2006) (Ravyn and Susan) [Were-Hunter Series]
  11. The Dream-Hunter (February 6, 2007)(Arik and Geary) [Dream-Hunter Series]
  12. Devil May Cry (July 31, 2007) (Sin and Kat)
  13. Upon The Midnight Clear (October 30, 2007) (Aidan and Leta) [Dream-Hunter Series]
  14. Dream Chaser (February 5, 2008) (Xypher and Simone) [Dream-Hunter Series]
  15. Acheron (August 4, 2008) (Acheron and Soteria/Tory)
  16. One Silent Night (November 25, 2008) (Stryker and Zephyra)
  17. Dream Warrior (February 3, 2009) (Jericho and Delphine) [Dream-Hunter Series]
  18. Bad Moon Rising (August 4, 2009) (Fang and Aimee) [Were-Hunter Series]
  19. No Mercy (September 7, 2010) (Dev and Samia) [Were-Hunter Series]
  20. Retribution (August 2, 2011) (Sundown and Abigail)
  21. The Guardian (November 1, 2011) (Seth and Lydia) [Dream-Hunter Series]
  22. Time Untime (August 7, 2012) (Ren and Kateri)
  23. Styxx (August 2013) (Styxx and Bethany)

Short stories and novelettes

  1. "The Beginning" (2002)
  2. "Dragonswan" (2002)
  3. "Phantom Lover", in the anthology Midnight Pleasures (November 2003)
  4. "A Dark-Hunter Christmas", also in the back of Dance with the Devil (December 2003)
  5. "Winter Born", in the anthology Stroke of Midnight (October 2004)
  6. "Second Chances", free giveaway (2005)
  7. "A Hard Day's Night-Searcher", in the anthology My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding (October 3, 2006)
  8. "Until Death We Do Part", in the anthology Love At First Bite (October 3, 2006)
  9. "Fear the Darkness", free e-book (January 2007)
  10. "Shadow of the Moon," in the anthology "Dead after Dark"

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