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Darby Slick is an American guitarist and songwriter, best known as a member of The Great Society, and as the writer of the Jefferson Airplane song "Somebody to Love". In 1965 he co-founded The Great Society with Jerry Slick, Jenn Piersol, and Grace Slick (David Miner and Bard Du Pont would join shortly after). Darby performed lead guitar and occasionally performed backup vocals early on and less often towards the disbanding. He wrote some songs for The Great Society, including "Free Advice" and "Somebody to Love", which would later become a hit for Jefferson Airplane.[1]


In addition to his work with The Great Society, in the 1990s Darby worked on an album with his son Jor Darby (Sandoland, Taxim Records) and a solo album (King of the Fretless Guitar (1998), Taxim Records).[2]


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