Daniel Silva (novelist)

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Daniel Silva
Silva at New York book signing, July 16, 2013
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Daniel Silva
Silva at New York book signing, July 16, 2013

Daniel Silva (born 1960) is a best-selling American author of 15 thriller and espionage novels.

Early life[edit]

Silva was born in Michigan and raised in California. He was raised Catholic and converted to Judaism as an adult.[1]



Silva began his writing career as a journalist with a temporary job at United Press International in 1984.[1] His assignment was to cover the Democratic National Convention. His position was made permanent and, a year later, Silva was transferred to the Washington, D.C., headquarters. After two more years, he was appointed as UPI's Middle East correspondent and moved to Cairo, Egypt.

Silva returned to Washington, D.C., for a job with CNN's Washington Bureau. He worked as a producer and executive producer for several of the network's television programs, including Crossfire and Capitol Gang.


In 1994 he began work on his first novel, The Unlikely Spy (1996). When published, the novel became a New York Times best-seller, and in 1997 Silva left CNN to pursue writing full-time.

Since then Silva has written 15 spy novels, all best-sellers on the New York Times list. The main focus is Gabriel Allon, an Israeli art restorer, spy and assassin, who is a key figure in twelve of Silva's titles. The series has been a New York Times bestseller since its first installment in 2001.[2][3] Three of the series' recent titles, (Moscow Rules (2008), The Defector (2009), and Portrait of a Spy (2011)) topped the New York Times' list. The Fallen Angel was published in July 2012. His newest novel, The English Girl was published in July 2013. Some of his novels are set against Islamic terrorism, some relate to villains set in Russia, and some are about historic events related to World War II and the Holocaust. Silva did not come into the Allon series with a significant understanding of the world of art restoration but was able to use a neighbor's expertise to help him turn a spy-assassin into an artist.[1]

In 2007, Universal Pictures optioned the rights to Silva's Gabriel Allon series and it was believed they'd begin with 2005's, The Messenger. In 2011, it was announced that Jeff Zucker would be the producer.[4] As of January 2014, no movie has been made.

Personal life[edit]

He lives with his wife, the NBC Today show's national correspondent Jamie Gangel, and their children, Nicholas and Lily. Silva and Gangel met while they were both correspondents in the Middle East. He frequently takes his children on research trips for his books.[1]


Daniel Silva at New York book signing.


  1. The Unlikely Spy (1996)

Michael Osbourne series[edit]

  1. The Mark of the Assassin (1998)
  2. The Marching Season (1999)

Gabriel Allon series[edit]

  1. The Kill Artist (2000)
  2. The English Assassin (2002)
  3. The Confessor (2003)
  4. A Death in Vienna (2004)
  5. Prince of Fire (2005)
  6. The Messenger (2006)
  7. The Secret Servant (2007)
  8. Moscow Rules (2008)
  9. The Defector (2009)
  10. The Rembrandt Affair (2010)
  11. Portrait of a Spy (2011)
  12. The Fallen Angel (2012)
  13. The English Girl (2013)
  14. The Heist (2014)


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