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This article is about the television franchise series. For the video game based on the American series, see Dancing with the Stars (video game).
International versions of Dancing with the Stars (this map is outdated as of October 2012)

Dancing with the Stars is the name of several international television series based on the format of the British TV series Strictly Come Dancing, which is distributed by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. Currently the format has been licensed to over 42 territories.[1] Australia was the first country to adapt the show which turned out to be a huge success with veteran Australian TV host Daryl Somers taking the show live to air once a week.

Versions have also been produced in Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States, and Vietnam. As a result, the series became the world's most popular television program among all genres in 2006 and 2007, according to the magazine Television Business International,[2] reaching the Top 10 in 17 countries.

The show pairs a number of well known celebrities with professional ballroom dancers, who each week compete by performing one or more choreographed routines that are pertinent and follow the chosen theme for that particular weeks' prearranged theme. The dancers are then scored by a panel of judges. Viewers are given a certain amount of time to place votes for their favorite dancers, either by telephone or (in some countries) online. The couple with the lowest combined score provided by the judges and viewers is eliminated. This process continues until there are only two or three couples left; when they have competed for the last time one couple is declared the champion.

Franchise records[edit]

Professional achieving Five wins[edit]

Derek Hough won his first championship in series seven of the American version of Dancing With the Stars with model/host Brooke Burke, his second in series ten with singer Nicole Scherzinger, his third in series eleven with actress Jennifer Grey, his fourth in series sixteen with country singer Kellie Pickler, and his fifth in season 17 with actress and vocalist Amber Riley.

Professional achieving Four wins[edit]

Raimondo Todaro won his first championship on the Italian version called "Ballando con le stelle" with TV presenter and model Cristina Chiabotto in Series 2. He won again the following Series in Series 3 with Olympic long jump medalist Fiona May. Todaro won again in Series 6 with Actress and TV personality Veronica Olivier and in Series 9 with olympic foil fencer Elisa Di Francisca.

Professionals achieving Three wins[edit]

Kym Johnson won her first championship on the Australian version of "Dancing With The Stars" during the show's second season with TV presenter Tom Williams. She won her second championship in the world on the American version of "Dancing With The Stars" with Showbiz Legend Donny Osmond in Season 9. Kym won again in America with former NFL Steelers' player, Hines Ward in Season 12. Kym Johnson is the only professional to earn three titles from two different versions of "Dancing With The Stars," winning in both Australia and America.

Stefano Terrazzino won his first championship on the Polish version of "Dancing With The Stars" during the show's fourth season with TV presenter Kinga Rusin. He won his second championship with actress Agata Kulesza in Season 8. Terrazzino won again in Poland with actress, Aneta Zając in Season 14.

Professionals achieving two back-to-back wins[edit]

Cheryl Burke, Julianne Hough, Derek Hough, Alana Patience, Stefano Oliveri, Raimondo Todaro, Kelly Kainz, Marianne Eihilt, Leila Akcelik, Rafał Maserak, Matti Puro, Marcus van Teijlingen, and Noelia Pompa have all won two championships back-to-back.

Cheryl Burke won her first Dancing With The Stars USA Championship with the 98 Degrees boy band member Drew Lachey in the second series, and she won her second championship with American National Football League star Emmitt Smith in the third series. Julianne Hough won her first championship with the Olympic speed skating gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno in the fourth series, and her second championship with the Indianapolis 500 champion Helio Castroneves in the fifth series. Derek Hough achieved back to back championships with singer Nicole Scherzinger in series ten, and then with actress Jennifer Grey in series eleven. He followed up with another back to back win with country singer Kellie Pickler in series sixteen, and then with actress and vocalist Amber Riley in series seventeen.

Alana Patience of the Australian version, won series ten with television personality Rob Palmer and then series eleven with celebrity chef Manu Feildel. Stefano Oliveri won his first championship on Dancing with the Stars New Zealand with his dance partner Suzanne Paul, an infomercial hostess in New Zealand during series three, and he won his second title during series four with the netball champion Temepara George.

Raimondo Todaro won his first championship in the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars called Ballando con le stelle with the former Miss Italy and television hostess Cristina Chiabotto during the second series of the show. He won again with the Olympic long jump silver medalist Fiona May during the third series of the show. Kelly Kainz won her first championship on the Austrian version of Dancing with the StaBrs with singer Manuel Ortega in the second series, and she won her second title in series three with singer, comedian and TV host Klaus Eberhartinger. Marianne Eihilt won series four of the Danish version of Dancing with the Stars, called Vild med dans, along with actor Robert Hansen. She won series five with shot put Olympic medalist Joachim B. Olsen. Leila Akcelik won series three of the Belgian version of Dancing with the Stars, called Sterren op de Dansvloer, along with actor Antony Arandia. She won series four with actor Louis Talpe. Rafał Maserak won series ten of the Polish version of Dancing with the Stars, called Taniec z Gwiazdami, along with actress Anna Mucha. He won series eleven with actress Julia Kamińska. Matti Puro won the sixth series of the Finnish version of Dancing with the Stars, called Tanssii tähtien kanssa, with model Viivi Pumpanen and the seventh series with comedian Krisse Salminen. Marcus van Teijlingen won the second and the third season of the Dutch version of Dancing with the Stars with Barbara de Loor and Helga van Leur.

Noelia Pompa won her first championship of the Argentina version of Dancing with the Stars with another professional dancer in 2011. His name is Hernan Piquín. Even Piquín received a back-to-back championship with Pompa, but he is counted as a star in the series, and is therefore excluded.

Other professionals with two wins[edit]

Mark Ballas, Luda Kroiter, Kym Johnson, Christian Polanc, Kamila Kajak, Andy Kainz, Nadya Khamitskaya, Leandro Azevedo, Mads Vad and Isabel Edvardsson are the only professional dancers to have won two series that were not back-to-back. Mark Ballas won in series six of the American version with his partner Kristi Yamaguchi, and he won in Season eight with his partner Shawn Johnson. Kym Johnson won in Season nine with Donny Osmond and again in series twelve with Hines Ward. Christian Polanc won the German version of Dancing with the Stars with Soap-Opera actor Susan Sideropoulos in series two and won the fourth Season with Maite Kelly, member of The Kelly Family. Andy Kainz, the husband of Kelly Kainz, won in the first series of the Austrian version of Dancing with the Stars with musical singer Marika Lichter, and he won again in series five with journalist and TV host Claudia Reiterer. Together, Andy and Kelly Kainz won four out of five championships in Austria. Luda won series 8 of DWTS Australia with Luke Jakobs and the 12th series with Johnny Ruffo. Nadya Khamitskaya won series six of the Norwegian version of Dancing with the Stars, called Skal vi Danse?, along with comedian Åsleik Engmark. She won series nine with Idol-contestant Eirik Søfteland. Leandro Azevedo won series two of the Brazilian version of Dancing with the Stars, along with Malhação cast member Juliana Didone. She won series ten with actress Carol Castro. Isabel Edvardsson won both the first season of the German version with actor Wayne Carpendale and the most recent seventh season with actor and singer Alexander Klaws, the latter of which also won the first season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German version of the Idol series.

Other records for participating dancers[edit]

In New Zealand, Carol-Ann Hickmore is the only female professional dancer to win. She won in season two with the former rugby player Norm Hewitt. Ms. Hickmore later became a dancing judge for series three and four after the series one judge Donna Dawson had to leave the program. In Austria, Andy Kainz is the only male professional dancer to win; his wife Kelly Kainz won in series 2 after he had won in series 1. Julianne Hough became the youngest professional dancer in Dancing with the Stars in the United States when she danced with the speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno during series four at the age of 17. Zendaya is the youngest contestant on Dancing with the Stars in the United States in series sixteen participating at the age of 16. Shawn Johnson went on to become the youngest-ever winner of the dance contest in series eight at the age of 17.

Anton du Beke and Erin Boag

Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani are the longest tenured professional dancers in "Dancing With The Stars", appearing in seasons 2 through 18 of the American version, a total of 17 seasons and counting. In the original British version of the TV program, Strictly Come Dancing, Anton du Beke and Brendan Cole have danced in each series so far, while Erin Boag danced in the first ten series. In the New Zealand version, Rebecca Nicholson is the only professional dancer to have appeared in every series. Jill Halfpenny and Darren Bennett were the first couple ever to receive a "perfect forty" score in the contest, this was in Strictly Come Dancing in the series two finale. Malena Belafonte and Silas Holst were the first couple to receive a "perfect forty" in the semi-finals 2009 in the Danish version series 6.

Despite never receiving a "perfect forty", Alesha Dixon was the most successful contestant to ever take part in Strictly Come Dancing up until 2013, with an average point score of 36.5/40. Alesha joined the Strictly Come Dancing judging panel in September 2009.[3] She was replaced by Darcey Bussell in the tenth series in 2012, but she was a guest judge in series seven in 2009. However, Dixon's average score was beaten by Natalie Gumede when she competed with Artem Chigvintsev in series eleven.

Despite not winning the series, Natasza Urbańska is currently the most successful contestant to ever take part in Taniec z gwiazdami (Polish version), with an average point score of 39.2/40, the highest average score from any contestant to ever take part in the show. Her husband joined the Taniec z gwiazdami judging panel in September 2011 and Natasza became presenter in 2011.

Professionals who have participated in two different versions[edit]

Sharna Burgess, Sasha Farber, Charissa van Dipte, Brian Fortuna, Hayley Holt, Kym Johnson, Tobias Karlsson, Jan Kliment, Natalie Lowe, Tristan MacManus, Pascal Maassen, Aerjen Mooijweer, Stefano Olivieri, Milan Placko, Gleb Savchenko, Kimberley Smith, Jeroen Struijlaart, Csaba Szirmai, Stefano Terrazzino, Marcus van Teijlingen and Ingrid Thompson have appeared on two different versions of Dancing with the Stars.

Kym Johnson is the only professional dancer to win two different versions of DWTS. She won twice on the American versions with Donny Osmond and Hines Ward and the Australian version with Tom Williams.

Brian Fortuna danced one series in the United States, and he has since competed in Strictly Come Dancing. Hayley Holt appeared in the New Zealand version of Dancing with the Stars and also in Strictly Come Dancing in Great Britain. Ms. Johnson has danced on the American and the Australian versions of the show, while Tobias Karlsson has appeared in both the Danish and the Swedish versions. Natalie Lowe took part in Dancing with the Stars Australia 2004–2008 but has danced with Ricky Whittle and in 2010 with Scott Maslen in Strictly Come Dancing UK. Stefano Olivieri and Csaba Szirmai have appeared in both the Australian and the New Zealand versions. Charissa van Dipte, Pascal Maassen, Aerjen Mooijweer, Kimberley Smith, Jeroen Struijlaart and Marcus van Teijlingen appeared in both the Belgian and one of the two Dutch versions. Ingrid Beate Thompson appeared in the Norwegian and the Swedish versions of the show. Milan Placko dance 3 series in the Slovak version of the show (with Helena Vondráčková) and he dance one series in the Polish version (Taniec z gwiazdami) with Helena Vondráčková. Jan Kliment danced one series in the Czech version of the show and also he danced 4 series in polish version of the show. Stefano Terrazzino danced 6 series in polish version of the show and also he danced in 2 German series of the show.

Brendan Cole is a judge in the New Zealand TV series, and he is a professional dancer in the British version of the show, Strictly Come Dancing. There, he won the first series with the British TV news announcer, Natasha Kaplinsky. Lilia Kopylova appeared as a professional dancer in the British version, Strictly Come Dancing, and is now head judge on the Turkish version, Yok Böyle Dans.

The Bulgarian version of the program shares some dancers with the Vietnamese version. None of the professionals in the latter are Vietnamese.

Professionals who have participated in three different versions[edit]

Damian Whitewood has appeared on the United States, Australian and Argentine versions of Dancing With The Stars.

Stars who have participated in two different versions[edit]

Pamela Anderson (US and Argentina), Pamela Camassa (Italian & Ukrainian version), Marcin Mroczek (Ukrainian & Polish version), Helena Vondráčková (Polish & Slovak version) have appeared on two different versions of Dancing with the Stars. They are not professional dancers.

Former competitors as hosts[edit]

Eight competitors have also hosted the TV show. The winner of series one of Strictly Come Dancing, Natasha Kaplinsky, stood in for the hostess Tess Daly, who was on maternity leave during series two. In the United States, the winner of series two of Dancing with the Stars, Drew Lachey, filled in for the hostess Samantha Harris, who was also on maternity leave for series five; Harris left the show after series nine and was replaced by series seven winner Brooke Burke. Burke was later replaced by sportscaster Erin Andrews in series 18 of the U.S. version. Andrews competed in series 10. In Austria, the winner of series three, Klaus Eberhartinger, replaced the host Alfons Haider during series four. In series five, he was back as host while Klaus Eberhartinger filled in for him as a judge. In Vietnam, the series 1 runner-up Đoan Trang has taken the role of hostess due to Thanh Vân's pregnancy. In Poland, Katarzyna Skrzynecka from series one of Taniec z gwiazdami was host by 11 series (series 2-12). Piotr Gąsowski from series two became host on series 6. The runner-up of series ten, Natasza Urbańska became host in series 13. In The Netherlands, Lieke van Lexmond from the second series was the host of the fourth season of Dancing with the stars. Former host of the Dutch DWTS Sylvana Simons became later a competitor of the Dutch Strictly Come Dancing.

Judges in two different versions[edit]

Euvgenia Parakhina judges for the first time in de first season of the Dutch version of Strictly Come Dancing and the same year she became the new judge of the Belgium version Sterren op de Dansvloer. Parakhina was during the first and third season of the Dutch Dancing with the Stars one of the professionals. Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli have judged every season of both the British and American versions of the show.

Dancing with the Stars series[edit]

     Currently airing      No longer airing

Region/CountryLocal titleNetworkWinners (Celebrity & Professional)JudgesPresenters
Dancing with the StarsVizion Plus

Series 1, 2010: Oni Pustina & Linda Poda
Series 2, 2011: Enver Petrovci & Loreta Bala
Series 3, 2012: Elvana Gjata & Gerdi
Series 4, 2013: Lori Hoxha & Dion

Ilir Shaqiri (Series 1-present)
Iva Tiço (Series 1-present)
Arian Çani (Series 1-2)
Alfred Kaçinari (Series 3-present)
Ema Andrea (Series 4-present)
Alketa Vejsiu (Series 1)
Genti Zotaj (Series 1)
Amarda Toska (Series 2-3)
Ermal Mamaqi (Series 2-3)
Jonida Maliqi (Series 4)
Armina Mevlani (Series 4)
 ArgentinaBailando por un SueñoEl TreceSeries 1, 2006: Carmen Barbieri & Christian Ponce

Series 2, 2006: Florencia De La V & Manuel Rodríguez
Series 3, 2006: Carla Conte & Guillermo Conforte
Series 4, 2007: Celina Rucci & Matías Sayago
Series 5, 2008: Carolina "Pampita" Adrohaín & Nicolás Armengol
Series 6, 2010: Fabio "La Mole" Moli & Mariana Conci
Series 7, 2011: Hernán Piquín & Noelia Pompa
Series 8, 2012: Hernán Piquín & Noelia Pompa
Series 9, 2014: Upcoming Series

Carmen Barbieri (Series 2,5-8)
Flavio Mendoza (Series 7-8)
Moria Casán (Series 3-5,7-8)
Aníbal Pachano (Series 6-8)
Antonio Gasalla (Series 8, Week 1-10)
Marcelo Polino (Series 8)
Zulma Faiad (Series 1-2)
Laura Fidalgo (Series 1-2)
Jorge Lafauci (Series 1-5)
Gerardo Sofovich (Series 4-5)
Ricardo Fort (Series 6)
Reina Reech (Series 1,3,6)
Graciela Alfano (Series 4,6-7)
Marcelo Tinelli
 ArmeniaParahandesShant TV

Series 1, 2011: Emma Manukyan & Armen
Series 2, 2012: Janna Hovakimyan & Petros
Series 3, 2013: Sandukht Matevosyan & Harut
Series 4, 2014: Gevorg Harutyunyan & Shushan

Varduhi Aleksanyan (Series 1-present)
Gagik Karapetyan (Series 1-present)
Sergey Danielyan (Series 3-present)
Rudolf Kharatyan (Series 1)
Levon Vermishyan (Series 1)
Hrach Badalyan (Series 2)
Gevorg Markosyan (Series 2-3)
Kristine Hovakimyan (Series 3-4)
Ruzanna Stepayan (Series 1, Week 6-7)
Levon Harutunyan (Series 2, Week 11)
 AustraliaDancing with the StarsSeven Network

Series 1, 2004: Bec Cartwright & Michael Miziner
Series 2, 2005: Tom Williams & Kym Johnson
Series 3, 2005: Ada Nicodemou & Aric Yegudkin
Series 4, 2006: Grant Denyer & Amanda Garner
Series 5, 2006: Anthony Koutoufides & Natalie Lowe
Series 6, 2007: Kate Ceberano & John-Paul Collins
Series 7, 2007: Bridie Carter & Craig Monley
Series 8, 2008: Luke Jacobz & Luda Kroiter
Series 9, 2009: Adam Brand & Jade Hatcher
Series 10, 2010: Rob Palmer & Alana Patience
Series 11, 2011: Manu Feildel & Alana Patience
Series 12, 2012: Johnny Ruffo & Luda Kroitor
Series 13, 2013: Cosentino & Jessica Raffa
Series 14, 2014: Upcoming Series

Helen Richey (Series 1-present)
Todd McKenney (Series 1-present)
Kym Johnson (Series 13-present)
Adam Garcia (Series 13-present)
Mark Wilson (Series 1-10)
Paul Mercurio (Series 1-7)
Joshua Horner (Series 11-12)
Daniel MacPherson (Series 8-present)
Edwina Bartholomew (Series 13-present)
Daryl Somers (Series 1-7)
Sonia Kruger (Series 1-11)
Mel B (Series 12)
 AustriaDancing StarsORF1

Series 1, 2005: Marika Lichter & Andy Kainz
Series 2, 2006: Manuel Ortega & Kelly Kainz
Series 3, 2007: Klaus Eberhartinger & Kelly Kainz
Series 4, 2008: Dorian Steidl & Nicole Kuntner
Series 5, 2009: Claudia Reiterer & Andy Kainz
Series 6, 2011: Astrid Wirtenberger & Balazs Ekker
Series 7, 2012: Petra Frey & Vadim Garbuzov
Series 8, 2013: Rainer Schönfelder & Manuela Stöckl
Series 9, 2014: Roxanne Rapp & Vadim Garbuzov

Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer (Series 1-present)
Nicole Burns-Hansen (Series 1-present)
Hannes Nedbal (Series 1-present)
Balázs Ekker (Series 7-present)
Dagmar Koller (Series 1)
Harald Serafin (Series 2)
Guggi Löwinger (Series 3)
Alfons Haider (Series 4)
Klaus Eberhartinger (Series 5)
Alfons Haider (Series 1-3)
Mirjam Weichselbraun (Series 1-present)
Klaus Eberhartinger (Series 4, Series 6-present)
 BelgiumSterren op de Dansvloervtm

Series 1, 2006: Dina Tersago & Wim Gevaert
Series 2, 2007: Pieter Loridon & Daisy Croes
Series 3, 2008: Antony Arandia & Leila Akcelik
Series 4, 2009: Louis Talpe & Leila Akcelik
Series 5, 2012: Kevin van der Perren & Charissa van Dipte
Series 6, 2013:

Davy Brocatus (Series 1-5)
Ronny Daelemans (Series 1-5)
Dina Tersago (Series 5)
Euvgenia Parakhina (Series 5)
Anouchka Balsing (Series 1-4)
Jan Geerts (Series 1-4)
Francesca Vanthielen (Series 1-present)
Kürt Rogiers (Series 5-present)
Jacques Vermeire (Series 1-4)
 BrazilBailando por um SonhoSBT

Series 1, 2006: Patricia Salvador & Leonardo

Carla Salvagni
Ismael Guiser
Jaime Arôxa
Luciana Maradei
Cynthia Benini (Series 1)
Silvio Santos (Series 1)
Dança dos FamososRede Globo

Season 1, 2005: Karina Bacchi & Fabiano Vivas
Season 2, 2006: Juliana Didone & Leandro Azevedo
Season 3, 2006: Robson Caetano & Ivonete Liberatto
Season 4, 2007: Rodrigo Hilbert & Priscila Amaral
Season 5, 2008: Christiane Torloni & Alvaro Reis
Season 6, 2009: Paola Oliveira & Atila Amaral
Season 7, 2010: Fernanda Souza & Alexandre Porcel
Season 8, 2011: Miguel Roncato & Ana Flavia Simoes
Season 9, 2012: Rodrigo Simas & Raquel Guarini
Season 10, 2013: Carol Castro & Leandro Azevedo
Season 11, 2014: Current season

Five per week
(no fixed jury)
Fausto Silva
(Season 1–present)
Cláudia Swarowsky
(Season 8–present)
Adriana Collin
(Season 1–6)
Talitha Morete
(Season 7)
Dança das Crianças
(Kids version)

Season 1, 2007: João Vitor Silva & Juliane Dias
Season 2, 2008: Eduardo Melo & Gabriela Bogo
Season 3, 2009: Nauhana Costa & Thaian Marques

Three per week
(no fixed jury)
Fausto Silva
 BulgariaDancing StarsbTV (Season 1-2)
Nova (Season 3-4)

Series 1, 2008: Orlin Pavlov & Yana Akimova
Series 2, 2009: Bianka Panova & Svetoslav Vasilev
Series 3, 2013: Angel Kovachev & Dorina Stoyanova
Series 4, 2014: Albena Denkova & Kaloyan Ivanov

Vladimir Bozhilov (Series 1)
Galena Velikova(Series 1, 3-)
Neshka Robeva(Series 1)
Maria Gigova (Series 2)
Ilyana Raeva (Series 2-)
Pambous Agapiu (Series 2)
Vera Marinova (Series 2)
Alfredo Tores(Series 3-)
Kalin Sarmenov(Series 3)
Hristo Mutavchiev(Series 4)
Radost Draganova (Series 1)
Todor Kolev (Series 1)
Elena Petrova (Series 2)

Dimiter Pavlov(Series 2)
Aleksandra Sarchadjieva (Series 3-)
Krasimir Rankov (Series 3)
Nikol Stankulova (Series 3)
Kalin Sarmenov(Series 4)
Magi Jelyaskova(Series 4)

 ChileEl baile en TVNTVN

Series 1, 2006: Juvenal Olmos & Claudia Miranda
Series 2, 2007: Cristián Arriagada & Paz Bustos
Series 3, 2007: Francisco Reyes Morandé & Irene Bustamante
Series 4, 2008: Fernando Godoy & Paz Bustos

Claudia Miranda (Series 2,4)
Georgette Farías (Series 3-4)
Jose Luis Tejo (Series 3-4)
Sergio Valero (Series 1-4)
Sara Nieto (Series 1-2)
Mey Santamaría (Series 1)
William Geisse (Series 1-3)
Rafael Araneda (Series 1-4)
Karen Doggenweiler (Series 1-4)
Strictly Come Dancing China
Hunan TV (Season 1-3)

Series 1, 2007 (zh): Li Yuchun
Series 2, 2008 (zh): Su Xin & Zhang Jie[disambiguation needed]
Series 3, 2011: Jin Cheng & Li Nuoyi
Series 4, 2012:
Series 5, 2013:

Yang yang (Series 1-3)
Zhou Zhikun (Series 1-3)
Sheng Peiyi (Series 1-3)
Yang Lele (Series 3)
He Jiong (Series 3)
 CroatiaPles sa zvijezdamaHRT1

Series 1, 2006: Zrinka Cvitešić & Nicolas Quesnoit
Series 2, 2007: Luka Nižetić & Mirjana Žutić
Series 3, 2008: Mario Valentić & Ana Herceg
Series 4, 2009: Franka Batelić & Ištvan Varga
Series 5, 2010: Nera Stipičević & Damir Horvatinčić
Series 6, 2011: Marko Tolja & Ana Herceg
Series 7, 2012: Barbara Radulović & Robert Schubert
Series 8, 2013: Mislav Čavajda & Petra Jeričević

Dinko Bogdanić (Series 1-present)
Milka Babović (Series 1-present)
Elio Bašan (Series 1-present)
Davor Bilman (Series 1-present)
Duško Čurlić (Series 1-present)
Barbara Kolar (Series 1-present)
 Czech RepublicStarDance... když hvězdy tančíCzech Television

Series 1, 2006: Roman Vojtek & Kristýna Coufalová
Series 2, 2007: Aleš Valenta & Iva Langerová
Series 3, 2008: Dana Batulková & Jan Onder
Series 4, 2010: Pavel Kříž & Alice Stodůlková
Series 5, 2012: Kateřina Baďurová & Jan Onder
Series 6, 2013: Anna Polívková & Michal Kurtiš

Radek Balaš (Series 6)
Zdeněk Chlopčík (Series 1-6)
Tatiana Drexler (Series 2-6)
Jan Révai (Series 5,6)
Eva Bartuňková (Series 1,5)
Petra Tirpák Kostovčíková (Series 4)
Petr Zuska (Series 4)
Leona Kvasnicová (Series 3)
Jaroslav Kuneš (Series 3)
Mahulena Bočanová (Series 2)
Richard Hes (Series 2)
Michael Kocáb (Series 1)
Vlastimil Harapes (Series 1)
Tereza Kostková (Series 1-6)
Marek Eben (Series 1-6)
 DenmarkVild med dansTV 2

Series 1, 2005: Mia Lyhne & Thomas Evers Poulsen
Series 2, 2005: David Owe & Vickie Jo Ringgaard
Series 3, 2006: Christina Roslyng & Steen Lund
Series 4, 2007: Robert Hansen & Marianne Eihilt
Series 5, 2008: Joachim B. Olsen & Marianne Eihilt
Series 6, 2009: Casper Elgaard & Vickie Jo Ringgaard
Series 7, 2010: Cecilie Hother & Mads Vad
Series 8, 2011: Sophie Fjellvang-Sølling & Silas Holst
Series 9, 2012: Joakim Ingversen & Claudia Rex
Series 10, 2013: Mie Skov & Mads Vad

Britt Bendixen (Series 1-present)
Jens Werner (Series 1-present)
Anne Laxholm (Series 1-present)
Nikolaj Hübbe(Series 8-present)
Kim Dahl (Series 1)
Thomas Evers Poulsen (Series 2)
Allan Tornsberg (Series 3-7)
Peter Hansen (Series 1-2)
Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph (Series 1-2 & Series 4-6)
Claus Elming (Series 3-present)
Christine Lorentzen (Series 3)
Christiane Schaumburg-Müller (Series 7-9)
Sarah Grünewald (Series 10-present)
 EstoniaTantsud tähtedegaKanal 2

Series 1, 2006: Mikk Saar & Olga Kosmina
Series 2, 2007: Koit Toome & Kertuu Tänav
Series 3, 2008: Argo Ader & Helena Liiv
Series 4, 2010: Liina Vahter & Mairold Millert
Series 5, 2011: Jan Uuspõld & Aleksandra Žeregelja

Merle Klandorf (Series 1-5)
Jüri Nael (Series 1-2, 4-5)
Ants Tael (Series 1-4)
Kaie Kõrb (Series 1-3)
Riina Suhhotskaja (Series 3)
Märt Agu (Series 3)
Mart Sander (Series 1-5)
Liina Randpere (Series 5)
Kristiina Heinmets-Aigro (Series 1)
Merle Liivak (Series 2)
Gerli Padar (Series 3)
Kaisa Oja (Series 4)
 FinlandTanssii tähtien kanssaMTV3

Series 1, 2006: Tomi Metsäketo & Sanna Hirvaskari
Series 2, 2007: Mariko Pajalahti & Aleksi Seppänen
Series 3, 2008: Maria Lund & Mikko Ahti
Series 4, 2009: Satu Tuomisto & Janne Talasma
Series 5, 2010: Antti Tuisku & Anna-Liisa Bergström
Series 6, 2011: Viivi Pumpanen & Matti Puro
Series 7, 2012: Krisse Salminen & Matti Puro
Series 8, 2013: Raakel Lignell & Jani Rasimus
Series 9, 2014:

Jukka Haapalainen (Series 1-present)
Jorma Uotinen (Series 1-present)
Krisse Salminen (Series 9-present)
Merja Satulehto (Series 1-2)
Mikko Rasila (Series 1-2)
Johanna Rusanen (Series 3)
Helena Ahti-Hallberg (Series 3-8)
Susanna Rahkamo (Series 4)
Jone Nikula (Series 5)
Anna Abreu (Series 6)
Riku Nieminen (Series 7)
Jenni Paaskysaari (Series 8)
Vappu Pimiä (Series 4-6 & 8-present)
Mikko Leppilampi (Series 5-present)
Marco Bjurström (Series 1-4)
Vanessa Kurri (Series 3)
Ella Kanninen (Series 1-2 & Series 7)
 FranceDanse avec les starsTF1

Series 1, 2011: Matt Pokora & Katrina Patchett
Series 2, 2011: Shy'm & Maxime Dereymez
Series 3, 2012: Emmanuel Moire & Fauve Hautot
Christmas Special, 2012: Amel Bent & Christophe Licata
Series 4, 2013: Alizée & Gregoire Lyonnet
Series 5, 2014::

Alessandra Martines (Series 1-2)
Jean-Marc Généreux (Series 1-present)
Chris Marques (Series 1-present)
Shy'm (Series 3-present)
Marie-Claude Pietragalla (Series 3-present)
Sandrine Quétier (Series 1-present)
Vincent Cerutti (Series 1-present)
 GermanyLet's DanceRTL Television

Series 1, 2006: Wayne Carpendale & Isabel Edvardsson
Series 2, 2007: Susan Sideropoulos & Christian Polanc
Series 3, 2010: Sophia Thomalla & Massimo Sinato
Series 4, 2011: Maite Kelly & Christian Polanc
Series 5, 2012: Magdalena Brzeska & Erich Klann
Series 6, 2013: Manuel Cortez & Melissa Ortiz-Gomez
Series 7, 2014: Alexander Klaws & Isabel Edvardsson

Joachim Llambi (Series 1-present)
Motsi Mabuse (Series 4-present)
Jorge Gonzales (Series 6-present)

Roman Frieling (Series 4-5)
Maite Kelly (Series 5)
Harald Glööckler (Series 3-4)
Peter Kraus (Series 3)
Isabel Edvardsson (Series 3)
Markus Schöffel (Series 1-2)
Michael Hull (Series 1-2)
Ute Lemper (Series 2)
Katharina Witt (Series 1)

Hape Kerkeling (Series 1-2)
Nazan Eckes (Series 1-3)
Daniel Hartwich (Series 3-present)
Sylvie van der Vaart (Series 4-present)
Dancing with the StarsANT1
ANT1 Cyprus

Series 1, 2010: Errica Prezerakou & Thodoris Panagakos
Series 2, 2011: Argiris Aggelou & Emily Matheakaki
Series 3, 2012: Ntoretta Papadimitriou & Paulos Manoyannakis
Series 4, 2013: Isaias Matiamba & Maria Antimisari
Series 5, 2014: Autumn 2014

Alexis Kostalas (Series 1-present)
Katia Dandoulaki (Series 3-Present)
Giannis Latsios (Series 1-present)
Galena Velikova-Chaina (Series 1,3-Present)
Errica Prezerakou (Series 2)
Fokas Evanggelinos (Series 1-3)
Giorgos Liagkas (Series 4, Week 4)
Eugenia Manolidou (Series 4, Week 8)
Doukissa Nomikou (Series 4-)
Ntoretta Papadimitriou (Series 4-)
Zeta Makrupoulia (Series 1-3)
Eleni Karpontini (Series 1)
Mairi Sinatsaki (Series 2)
Argiris Aggelou (Series 3)
Dancing on Ice

Series 1, 2011: Ioanna Pilixou & Andrei Bekh

Petros Kostopoulos
Elena Paparizou
Alexis Kostalas
Jenny Balatsinou
 Georgiaცეკვავენ ვარსკვლავები
Cekvaven Varskvlavebi
Imedi TV

Series 1, 2012: Samori Balde & Lika Labadze
Series 2, 2012: Ruska Makashvili & Oto Poladashvili
Series 3, 2013: Keti Khatiashvili & Giorgi Barbakadze
Series 4, 2014: Mariam Kublashvili & Victor Burchuladze


Otar Tatishvili
Rati Tsiteladze (Series 2)
Sopho Shevardnadze
Nikolay Tsiskaridze
Nino Surguladze
Gocha Chertkoev (Series 1-present) Nino Sukhishvili (Series 1,3)
Shorena Gachechiladze-Chertkoev
Levan Uchaneishvili(Series 1)
Nino Ananiashvili(Series 1)
Nanuka Zhorzholiani(Series 1,2)
Ia Parulava (Series 2)
Marina Beridze (Series 2)

Ruska Makashvili (Series 1)

Tiko Sadunishvili (Series 2) Nanka Kalatozishvili (Series 3)

 HungarySzombat esti lázRTL Klub (2006-2008)
RTL2 (2013-)

Series 1, 2006: Attila Czene & Petra Bánhidi
Series 2, 2006: András Csonka & Andrea Keleti
Series 3, 2008: Attila Katus & Andrea Molnár
Series 4, 2013: Csaba Vastag & Tünde Mármarosi
Series 5, 2013: Upcoming Series

Andrea Keleti (2013-)
Tamás Szirtes (2013-)
Cecília Esztergályos (2013-)
Ákos Tihanyi (2013-)

Lujza Pálinkó (2006-2008)
Marcell Zsámboki (2006-2008)
György Böhm (2006-2008)
Ilona Medveczky (2006-2008)

András Csonka (2013-)
Lilu (2013-)

Zsóka Kapócs (2006)
András Stohl (2006)
Nóra Ördög (2006–2008)
Zoltán Bereczki (2008)

 IndonesiaDancing with the Stars IndonesiaIndosiar (2011)
IBC (2014)

Series 1, 2011: Fadli & Trisna
Series 2, 2011: Lucky Widja & Sri
Series 3, 2014: January 15, 2014

Choky Sitohang
Fenita Arie
 Israelרוקדים עם כוכבים
Rokdim Im Kokhavim
Channel 2

Series 1, 2005: Eliana Bakeer & Oron Dahan
Series 2, 2006: Guy Arieli & Masha Troyanski
Series 3, 2007: Rodrigo Gonzales & Naama Tavori
Series 4, 2008: Galit Giat & Kiril Sivolapov
Series 5, 2010: Michael Lewis & Ana Aharonov
Series 6, 2011: Shlomi Koriat & Hadas Fisher
Series 7, 2012: Asaf Hertz & Masha Troyansky

Eli Mizrahi (Series 1-7)
Uri Paster (Series 7)
Michal Amdurski (Series 7)
Gavri Levi (Series 1-2, 4-5)
Dana Parnes (Series 5)
Amir Fay Guttman (Series 5)
Claude Dadia (Series1-4, Series 6)
Gaby Aldor (Series 1-2)
Sally-Anne Friedland (Series 3)
Yossi Yungman (Series 3)
Ilanit Tadmor (Series 4)
Hanna Laslo (Series 6)
Avi Kushnir (Series 1-6)
Hilla Nachshon (Series 1-6)
Guy Zu-Aretz (Series 7)
Yarden Harel (Series 7)
 ItalyBallando con le StelleRai 1

Series 1, 2005: Hoara Borselli & Simone Di Pasquale
Series 2, 2006: Cristina Chiabotto & Raimondo Todaro
Series 3, 2007: Fiona May & Raimondo Todaro
Series 4, 2008: Maria Elena Vandone & Samuel Peron
Series 5, 2009: Emanuele Filiberto & Natalia Titova
Series 6, 2010: Veronica Olivier & Raimondo Todaro
Series 7, 2011: Kaspar Capparoni & Yulia Musikhina
Series 8, 2012: Andres Gil & Anastasia Kuzmina
Series 9, 2013: Elisa Di Francisca & Raimondo Todaro

Guillermo Mariotto (Series 1-9)
Ivan Zazzaroni (Series 3, 5-9)
Carolyn Smith (Series 4-9)
Fabio Canino (Series 4-9)
Rafael Amargo (Series 9)
Lamberto Sposini (Series 4-7)
Amanda Lear (Series 1-2, 4)
Lina Wertmüller (Series 3)
Espen Salberg (Series 3)
Heather Parisi (Series 1-2)
Roberto Flemack (Series 1-2)
Milly Carlucci (Series 1-8)
Paolo Belli (Series 1-8)
 LebanonDancing with the Stars: Raqs el Noujoumرقص النجومMurr Television[4]Series 1, 2012: Naya & Abdo Dalloul[5]
Series 2, 2013-2014: Daniella Rahme & Raed Mourad
Series 3, 2014-2015: Upcoming
Mazen Kiwan (Series 1-2)
Mira Samaha (Series 1-2)
Rabih Nahas (Series 1-2)
Darren Bennett (Series 1-2)
Carla Haddad
Wissam Breidi
 MacedoniaTanc so ZvezditeMRT 1

Series 1, 2013: Atanas Nikolovski & Jovana Vasileva
Series 2, 2014:

Toni Mihajlovski
Marijana Stanojkovska
 MexicoMéxico BailaTV Azteca

Series 1, 2013: Niurka Marcos

Ema Pulido
Bibi Gaytan
Matilde Obregon
Rafael Araneda
Raquel Bigorra
 NetherlandsDancing with the StarsRTL 4

Series 1, 2005: Jim Bakkum & Julie Fryer
Series 2, 2006: Barbara de Loor & Marcus van Teijlingen
Series 3, 2007: Helga van Leur & Marcus van Teijlingen
Series 4, 2009: Jamai Loman & Gwyneth van Rijn

Cor van de Stroet (Series 1-3)
Marcel Bake (Series 1-3)
Monique van Opstal (Series 1-3)
Jan Postulart (Series 1-4)
Julie Fryer (4)
Ron Brandsteder (Series 1-3)
Sylvana Simons (Series 1-3)
Beau van Erven Dorens (Series 4)
Lieke van Lexmond (Series 4)
Strictly Come DancingAVRO

Series 1, 2012: Mark van Eeuwen & Jessica Maybury

Ruud Vermeij (Series 1)
Euvgenia Parakhina (Series 1)
Dario Gargiulo (Series 1)
Reinout Oerlemans (Series 1)
Kim-Lian van der Meij (Series 1)
 New ZealandDancing with the StarsTVNZ

Series 1, 2005: Norm Hewitt & Carol-Ann Hickmore
Series 2, 2006: Lorraine Downes & Aaron Gilmore
Series 3, 2007: Suzanne Paul & Stefano Olivieri
Series 4, 2008: Temepara George & Stefano Olivieri
Series 5, 2009: Tamati Coffey & Samantha Hitchcock

Alison Leonard (Series 1-5)
Brendan Cole (Series 1-5)
Paul Mercurio (Series 1-2, Series 4-5)
Craig Revel Horwood (Series 3-5)
Donna Dawson (Series 1)
Carol-Ann Hickmore (Series 2-3)
Jason Gunn (Series 1-5)
Candy Lane (Series 1-5)
 NorwaySkal vi danse?TV 2

Series 1, 2006: Katrine Moholt & Bjørn Wettre Holthe
Series 2, 2006: Kristian Ødegård & Alexandra Kakurina
Series 3, 2007: Tshawe Baqwa & Maria Sandvik
Series 4, 2008: Lene Alexandra Øien & Tom Erik Nilsen
Series 5, 2009: Carsten Skjelbreid & Elena Bokoreva Wiulsrud
Series 6, 2010: Åsleik Engmark & Nadia Khamitskaya
Series 7, 2011: Atle Pettersen & Marianne Sandaker
Series 8, 2012: Hanne Sørvaag & Egor Filipenko
Series 9, 2013: Eirik Søfteland & Nadya Khamitskaya
Series 10, 2014:

Trine Dehli Cleve (Series 1-present)
Toni Ferraz (Series 10-present)
Gyda Bloch Thorsen (Series 10-present)
Anita Langset (Series 1)
Trond Harr (Series 1-3)
Tor Fløysvik (Series 1-9)
Cecilie Brinck Rygel (Series 2)
Christer Tornell (Series 3-9)
Alexandra Kakurina (Series 4)
Karianne Stensen Gulliksen (Series 5-9)
Katrine Moholt (Series 7-8 & 10-present)
Didrik Solli Tangen (Series 10-present)
Tommy Steine (Series 1-2)
Guri Solberg (Series 1-4 & 9)
Kristian Ødegård (Series 3-6)
Pia Lykke (Series 5)
Marthe Sveberg Bjørstad (Series 6)
Yngvar Numme (Series 7)
Carsten Skjelbreid (Series 8-9)
 PanamaDancing with the Stars PanamáTVN (Panama)[6]

Series 1, 2012: Michael Vega & Johan Pérez
Series 2, 2013: Jimmy Bad Boy & Ilda Mason

Moyra Brunette
David Martínez
Yilca Arosemena Espino
Blanca Herrera
Iván Donoso
 PolandTaniec z GwiazdamiTVN

Series 1, 2005: Olivier Janiak & Kamila Kajak
Series 2, 2005: Katarzyna Cichopek & Marcin Hakiel
Series 3, 2006: Rafał Mroczek & Aneta Piotrowska
Series 4, 2006: Kinga Rusin & Stefano Terazzino
Series 5, 2007: Krzysztof Tyniec & Kamila Kajak
Series 6, 2007: Anna Guzik & Łukasz Czarnecki
Series 7, 2008: Magdalena Walach & Cezary Olszewski
Series 8, 2008: Agata Kulesza & Stefano Terazzino
Series 9, 2009: Dorota Gardias-Skóra & Andrej Mosejczuk
Series 10, 2009: Anna Mucha & Rafał Maserak
Series 11, 2010: Julia Kamińska & Rafał Maserak
Series 12, 2010: Monika Pyrek & Robert Rowiński
Series 13, 2011: Kacper Kuszewski & Anna Głogowska

Iwona Szymańska-Pavlović (Series 1-13)
Piotr Galiński (Series 1-13)
Janusz Józefowicz (Series 13)
Jolanta Fraszyńska (Series 13)
Zbigniew Wodecki (Series 1-12)
Beata Tyszkiewicz (Series 1-12)
Natasza Urbańska (Series 13)
Piotr Gąsowski (Series 6-13)
Katarzyna Skrzynecka (Series 2-12)
Hubert Urbański (Series 1-5)
Magda Mołek (Series 1)
Dancing with the Stars - Taniec z GwiazdamiPolsat

Series 14, 2014: Aneta Zając & Stefano Terrazzino
Series 15, 2014: TBA

Michał Malitowski (Series 14-)
Andrzej Grabowski (Series 14-)
Beata Tyszkiewicz (Series 14-)
Iwona Szymańska-Pavlović (Series 14-)
Krzysztof Ibisz (14-)
Anna Głogowska (14-)
 PortugalDança ComigoRTP1

Series 1, 2006: Daniela Ruah
Series 2, 2006: Sónia Araújo
Series 3, 2007: Luciana Abreu
Series 4, 2008: Vítor Fonseca

João Baião (series 1-4)
Marco de Camilis (series 1-4)
São josé Lapa (series1-3)
Rita Blanco (series 4)
Catarina Furtado (Series 1,4)
Silvia Alberto (Series 1-3)
Dança Comigo no GeloSeries 1, 2009: Sónia Araújo
João Baião
Rita Blanco
Marco de Camilis
Catarina Furtado (Series 1)
Dança com as EstrelasTVI

Series 1, 2013: Sara Matos
Series 2, 2014: Current season
Series 3, 2015: Upcoming Series

Vítor Fonseca (Serie 1 – present)
Alberto Rodrigues (Serie 1 – present)
Alexandra Lencastre(Serie 1– present)
Cristina Ferreira (series 1 – present)
 RomaniaDansez pentru tinePro TV

Series 1, 2006: Andra & Florin Birică
Series 2, 2006: Victor Slav & Carmen Stepan
Series 3, 2007: Cosmin Stan & Doina Ocu
Series 4, 2007: Alex Velea & Cristina Stoicescu
Series 5, 2008: Andreea Bălan & Petrişor Ruge
Series 6, 2008: Giulia Anghelescu & Andrei Ştefan
Series 7, 2009: Monica Irimia & Darius Belu
Series 8, 2009: Jean de la Craiova & Sandra Neacşu
Series 9, 2010: Cătălin Moroşanu & Magda Ciorobea
Series 10, 2010: Octavian Strunilă & Ella Dumitru
Series 11, 2011: Corina Bud & Eduard Ionuţ Vasile
Series 12, 2011: Jojo & Ionuț Tănase
Series 13, 2012: Roxana Ionescu & George Boghian
Series 14, 2013: Ilinca Vandici & Răzvan Marton


Emilia Popescu
Mihai Petre
Elwira Petre
Beatrice Rancea
Edi Stancu
Mariana Bitang
Octavian Bellu
Willmark Rizzo
Răzvan Mazilu
Cornel Patrichi


Ștefan Bănică Jr. (Series 1-present)
Iulia Vântur (present)
Olivia Steer

Danseaza pintre steleAntena 1

Season 1, 2014: Upcoming series

Mihai Petre
Edi Stancu
Stefan Banica Jr.
 RussiaТанцы со звёздами (ru)Russia-1

Series 1, 2005: Maria Sittel & Vladislav Borodinov
Series 2, 2006: Anna Snatkina & Euvgeni Grigorov
Series 3, 2008: Daria Sagalova & Anton Kovalev
Series 4, 2009: Yulia Savicheva & Euvgeni Papunaishvili
Series 5, 2010: Anastasia Stockaya & Alexey Ledenev
Series 6, 2011: Tatiana Bulanova & Dimitry Lashenko
Series 7, 2012: Glukoza & Euvgeni Papunaishvili
Series 8, 2013: Yelena Podkaminskaya & Andrei Karpov
Series 9, 2014:

Nicolaj Ciskaridze (Series 2-present)
Egor Druginin (Series 6-present)
Yelena Chaykovskaya (Series 7-present)
Oleg Menshikov (Series 8-present)
Vladimir Ivanov (Series 8-present)
Irina Viner (Series 1)
Valentin Gneushev (Series 1)
Vladimir Andrukin (Series 1-3)
Stanislav Popov (Series 1-6)
Alla Sigalova (Series 2-6)
Anastasia Volochkova (Series 7)
Daria Spirodonova (Series 4-present)
Maxim Galkin (Series 4-present)
Anastasia Zavorotnuk (Series 1-3)
Yuri Nikolaev (Series 1-3)
 SerbiaPles sa zvezdamaPrva

Series 1, 2014: Ivan Mihailović & Marija Martinović

Nikola Mandić
Marija Prelević
Aleksandar Josipović
Konstantin Kostjukov
Irina Radović
Aleksa Jelić
 SlovakiaLet's DanceMarkiza

Series 1, 2006: Zuzana Fialová & Peter Modrovský
Series 2, 2008: Michaela Čobejová & Tomáš Surovec
Series 3, 2009: Juraj Mokrý & Katarína Štumpfová
Series 4, 2010: Nela Pocisková & Peter Modrovský
Series 5, 2011: Janka Hospodárová & Matej Chren
Series 6, 2012:
Series 7, 2013:

Jozef Bednárik (Series 1-5)
Dagmar Hubová (Series 1,3-4)
Tatiana Drexler (Series 2-4)
Ján Ďurovčík (Series 1-3,5)
Zuzana Fialová (Series 2)
Eva Jágerská (Series 1)
Zdeněk Chlopčík (Series 4-5)
Dara Rolins (Series 5)
Martin Rausch (Series 1-4)
Adela Banášová (Series 1-2,4-5)
Zuzana Fialová (Series 3)
Libor Bouček (Series 5)
 SloveniaPles z zvezdamiPlanet TV

Series 1, 2014:

 South AfricaStrictly Come DancingSABC 2

Series 1, 2006: Zuraida Jardine & Michael Wentink
Series 2, 2006: Riann Venter & Hayley Hammond
Series 3, 2007: Hip Hop Pantsula & Hayley Bennett
Series 4, 2008: Emmanuel Castis & Lindsey Muckle
Series 5, 2008: Rob van Vuuren & Mary Martin
Series 6, 2013: Zakeeya Patel & Ryan Hammond

Michael Wentink (Series 6-)
Tebogo Kgobokoe (Series 6-)
Samantha Peo (Series 6-)
Dave Campbell (Series 1-5)
Salome Sechele (Series 1-5)
Lilian Phororo (Series 1-5)
Tyrone Watkins (Series 1-5)
Marc Lottering (Series 6-)
Pabi Moloi (Series 6-)
Ian von Memerty (Series 1-5)
Sandy Ngema (Series 1-5)
 South KoreaDancing with the StarsMBC

Series 1, 2011: Moon Hee-joon & Ahn Hye-sang
Series 2, 2012: Choi Yeo-jin & Park Ji-woo
Series 3, 2013: Fei & Kim Soo Ro
Series 4, 2014:

Kim Ju-Won(Series 1-)
Alex Kim (Series 2-)
Park Sang-won (Series 3)
Nam Kyeong-Ju (Series 1)
Hwang Sun-Woo (Series 1)
Song Seung-Hwan (Series 2)
Lee Deok-hwa (Series 1-)
Kim Gyu-ri (Series 2-)
Lee So-ra (Series 1)
 Spain¡Mira quién baila!
(Series 1-7, 9-)

¡Más que baile!
(Series 8)
La 1 (2005-2009, 2014-)

Telecinco (2010)

Series 1, 2005: Claudia Molina
Series 2, 2006: David Civera
Series 3, 2006: Rosa López
Series 4, 2006: Estela Giménez
Series 5, 2007: Manolo Sarriá
Series 6, 2007: Nani Gaitán
Series 7, 2009: Manuel Bandera
Series 8, 2010: Belén Esteban
Series 9, 2014: Miguel Abellán

El Sevilla
Noemí Galera
Norma Duval
Ángel Corella

Joana Subirana (Series 1-8)
Boris Izaguirre (Series 6-8)
Aída Gómez (Series 6-8)
Victor Ullate Roche (Series 8)
Santi Rodríguez (Series 8)
Javier Castillo (Series 1-5)
César Cadaval (Series 6)
Teté Delgado (Series 1-3,5)
Rosario Pardo (Series 4)
Fernando Romay (Series 2-3)

Jaime Cantizano (Series 9-)

Anne Igartiburu (Series 1-7)
Pilar Rubio (Series 8)

 SwedenLet's DanceTV4

Series 1, 2006: Måns Zelmerlöw & Maria Karlsson
Series 2, 2007: Martin Lidberg & Cecilia Ehrling
Series 3, 2008: Tina Nordström & Tobias Karlsson
Series 4, 2009: Magnus Samuelsson & Annika Sjöö
Series 5, 2010: Mattias Andréasson & Cecilia Ehrling
Series 6, 2011: Jessica Andersson & Kristjan Lootus
Series 7, 2012: Anton Hysén & Sigrid Bernson
Series 8, 2013: Markoolio & Cecilia Ehrling
Series 9, 2014: Benjamin Wahlgren Ingrosso & Sigrid Bernson

Dermot Clemenger (Series 1-present)
Ann Wilson (Series 1-present)
Tony Irving (Series 1-present)
Maria Öhrman (Series 1-5)
Isabel Edvardsson (Series 6)
David Hellenius (Series 1-present)
Agneta Sjödin (Series 1-2)
Jessica Almenäs (Series 3-present)
 ThailandDancing with the StarsBBTV Channel 7Season 1, 2013: Timethai Plangsilp & Pinklao Nararuk
Tinakorn Asvarak
Manaswee Kridtanukul
Amon Chatpaisal
Morakot Kittisara (Season 1-present)
Piyawat Khemthong (Season 1-present)
Sornram Teppitak (Season 1)
 TurkeyYok Böyle DansShow TV

Series 1, 2010: Azra Akın & Nikolay Monolov
Series 2, 2011: Özge Ulusoy & Vitali Kozmin

Sait Sökmen (Series 1-2)
Tan Sağtürk (Series 1-2)
Acun Ilıcalı (Series 2)
Azra Akın (Series 2)
Lilia Bennett (Series 1)
Saba Tümer (Series 1)
Leila Akcelik (Series 1, Week 1)
Adriana Lima (Series 2, Week 1)
Acun Ilıcalı (Series 1)
Hanzade Ofluoğlu (Series 1-2)
Burcu Esmersoy (Series 2)
Cem Ceminay (Series 2)
 UkraineТанці з зірками
(Tantsi z zirkamy)

Series 1, 2006: Volodymyr Zelenskyy & Olena Shoptenko
Series 2, 2007: Lilia Podkopayeva & Sergey Kostecki
Series 3, 2008: Marcin Mroczek & Anna Pilipenko

Gregory Chapkis (Series 1-3)
Helen Kolyadenko (Series 1-3)
Alex Litvinov (Series 1-3)
Yuriy Horbunov (Series 1-3)
Tina Karol (Series 1-3)

Series 4, 2011: Stas Sjurins & Elena Puglia

Radu Poklitaru (Series 4-present)
Tatiana Denisova (Series 4-present)
Yaakko Toyvonen (Series 4-present)
Natalia Mogilevska (Series 4-present)
Irina Borisyuk (Series 4-present)
Dmitry Tankovych (Series 4-present)
 United KingdomStrictly Come DancingBBC One

Series 1, 2004: Natasha Kaplinsky & Brendan Cole
Series 2, 2004: Jill Halfpenny & Darren Bennett
Series 3, 2005: Darren Gough & Lilia Kopylova
Series 4, 2006: Mark Ramprakash & Karen Hardy
Series 5, 2007: Alesha Dixon & Matthew Cutler
Series 6, 2008: Tom Chambers & Camilla Dallerup
Series 7, 2009: Chris Hollins & Ola Jordan
Series 8, 2010: Kara Tointon & Artem Chigvintsev
Series 9, 2011: Harry Judd & Aliona Vilani
Series 10, 2012: Louis Smith & Flavia Cacace
Series 11, 2013: Abbey Clancy & Aljaž Skorjanec
Series 12, 2014:

Len Goodman (Series 1-present)
Craig Revel Horwood (Series 1-present)
Bruno Tonioli (Series 1-present)
Darcey Bussell (Series 10-present)
Alesha Dixon (Series 7-9)
Arlene Phillips (Series 1-6)
Darcey Bussell (Series 7, weeks 12-14)
Jennifer Grey (Series 9, Week 6)
Tess Daly (Series 1-present)
Claudia Winkleman (Series 8-present)
Sir Bruce Forsyth (Series 1-11)
Natasha Kaplinsky (Series 2)
Ronnie Corbett (Series 7)
 United StatesDancing with the StarsABC

Season 1, 2005: Kelly Monaco & Alec Mazo
Season 2, 2006: Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke
Season 3, 2006: Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke
Season 4, 2007: Apolo Anton Ohno & Julianne Hough
Season 5, 2007: Hélio Castroneves & Julianne Hough
Season 6, 2008: Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas
Season 7, 2008: Brooke Burke & Derek Hough
Season 8, 2009: Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas
Season 9, 2009: Donny Osmond & Kym Johnson
Season 10, 2010: Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough
Season 11, 2010: Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough
Season 12, 2011: Hines Ward & Kym Johnson
Season 13, 2011: J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff
Season 14, 2012: Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd
Season 15, 2012: Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani
Season 16, 2013: Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough
Season 17, 2013: Amber Riley & Derek Hough
Season 18, 2014: Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Season 19, 2014:

Carrie Ann Inaba
Len Goodman
Bruno Tonioli
Julianne Hough
Michael Flatley (Season 7, Week 6)
Baz Luhrmann (Season 9, Week 2)
Donnie Burns (Season 12, Week 7)
Paula Abdul (Season 15, Week 4)
Julianne Hough (Season 17, Week 4)
Cher (Season 17, Week 8)
Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Season 17, Week 10)
Robin Roberts (Season 18, Week 3)
Julianne Hough (Season 18, Week 4)
Donny Osmond (Season 18, Week 5)
Redfoo (Season 18, Week 6)
Ricky Martin (Season 18, Week 7)
Abby Lee Miller (Season 18, Week 8)
Kenny Ortega (Season 18, Week 9)
Tom Bergeron
Erin Andrews
Lisa Canning (Season 1)
Samantha Harris (Season 2-9)
Drew Lachey (Season 5)
Brooke Burke Charvet (Season 10-17)
 United StatesSkating with the Stars

Season 1, 2010: Rebecca Budig & Fred Palascak

Johnny Weir
Dick Button
Laurie Ann Gibson
Vernon Kay
Tanith Belbin
Mira Quien Baila (Spanish)Univision

Season 1, 2010: Vadhir Derbez
Season 2, 2011: Adamari López
Season 3, 2012: Henry Santos
Season 4, 2013: Johnny Lozada

Bianca Marroquín
Horacio Villalobos
Ninel Conde (Season 4-)
Alejandra Guzmán (Season 1)
Lili Estefan (Season 2-3)
Javier Poza
Chiquinquirá Delgado
 VietnamBước nhảy hoàn vũVTVSeries 1, 2010: Ngô Thanh Vân & Tihomir Gavrilov

Series 2, 2011: Vũ Thu Minh & Lachezar Todorov
Series 3, 2012: Minh Hằng & Atanas Malamov
Series 4, 2013: Yến Trang & Tihomir Gavrilov
Season 5, 2014: Thu Thủy & Daniel Denev
and Ngân Khánh & Kristian Yordanov


Khánh Thi
Trần Ly Ly (Series 4-)
Chí Anh (Series 1-3)
Lê Hoàng (Series 1, 4)
Nguyễn Quang Dũng (Series 1-2)
Trần Tiến (Series 2)
Đức Huy (Series 2)
Quốc Bảo (Series 3)
Hồ Hoài Anh (Series 3)


Nguyên Khang (Series 5-present)
Yến Trang (Series 5-present)
Thanh Bạch (Series 1-2)
Thanh Vân (Series 1, 3)
Đoan Trang (Series 2)
Nguyên Vũ (Series 3)
Đông Nhi (Series 4-)
Lương Mạnh Hải (Series 4-)


El Baile en TVN[edit]

Based on the format of the program Strictly Come Dancing, El Baile en TVN ("The Ball on TVN") has aired in Chile since 16 October 2006. The hosts are Rafael Araneda and Karen Doggenweiler.

Series 1[edit]

Since October 16, 2006. The winners of this series were Juvenal Olmos and Claudia Miranda.

Series 2[edit]

Since 5 March 2007. The winners of this series were Cristian Arriagada and Paz Bustos.

Series 3[edit]

Since 22 August 2007. The winners of this series were Francisco Reyes and Irene Bustamante.

Series 4[edit]

The winners of this series were Fernando Godoy and Paz Bustos. The contestants of this series were :

China (including Hong Kong)[edit]

The Chinese version is a co-production between Hong Kong's TVB and the mainland's HBS under licence from the BBC. It is available free-to-air in Hong Kong on TVB Jade. In mainland China it is aired on Hunan Satellite Television, which is free-to-air in Hunan, and available in urban areas throughout the rest of mainland China through widespread cable systems. The Chinese title (simplified Chinese: 舞动奇迹; traditional Chinese: 舞動奇跡; pinyin: Wǔdòngqíjì) is difficult to translate, but could be rendered as Miracle Dancing or "Miracles of Dance Moves". The official English title is Strictly Come Dancing. Each broadcaster provides five male and five female dancers, for a total of twenty. Pairs were determined by audience SMS votes. The programme began airing in late 2007, in order to mark the anniversary of the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from the UK to the People's Republic of China.[7]


The Indian version is called Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. It was first broadcast in September 2006 on Sony Entertainment Television (SET). A lot of people confuse Dancing With The Stars with Nach Baliye which airs on StarPlus. Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa have similar content and presentation but there are minor differences in the concept. The celebrity dancers on Nach Baliye are real life couples, and work with an assigned choreographer. The dancers on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa have one celebrity paired with a trained dancer/choreographer. A notice at the end of the show verifies that the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is indeed a version of Dancing With The Stars.


Dancing with the Star Indonesia broadcast in March 2011 on Indosiar and hosted by Choky Sitohang & Cathy Sharon.On the 1st Series The 2nd Runner up is Hengky Kurniawan & Melissa, the 1st Runner up is Yuanita Christiani & Wawan, and the winner is Fadli & Trisna.The 2nd Series which is broadcast in October–December 2011 the 2nd Runner Up is Tya Ariestya & Yana,the 1st Runner Up is Melly "SHE" & Wawan and the winner is singer Lucky Widja & Sri


The Japanese version is called Shall We Dance? It has the same title as the 1996 movie by the same name, but it has no relation to it beyond the shared name. Due to the fact that there was already a series-special dancing program, and that many cast members from it also appeared in the new program, the Japanese version was confused with a regularly scheduled version of the series-special, rather than its own version of the TV series. This one ran from 8 April 2006, to 17 March 2007 on NTV-4.

South Korea[edit]

The show (Hangul: 댄싱 위드 더 스타) has aired on MBC TV since June 10, 2011, and is hosted by Lee Deok-hwa, with co-host Lee So-ra[8][9][10] in Season 1 while former contestant Kim Gyu-ri co-hosted the second season. The first season was won by Moon Hee-joon and his partner Ahn Hye-sang while the second season was won by Choi Yeo-jin and her partner Park Ji-woo. The 3rd Season was won by pop-singer and dancer Fei and her partner Kim Soo Ro.

Season 1 Contestants
Season 2 Contestants
Season 3 Contestants


Nachley (lit. "Dance") is the Pakistani version of Dancing with the Stars. The show is aired on ARY Digital and its theme is based around traditional Pakistani music and dance concepts.


The first Peruvian reality show based on Dancing With The Stars was Baila Con Las Estrellas (2005–2006), hosted by Rebeca Escribens and broadcast on Panamericana Televisión (channel 5) on Saturday afternoon. The show had 2 series, then it was cancelled.


The second dancing show was Bailando por un sueño (Dancing for a Dream) in 2008, based on a Mexican reality show with the same name, broadcast on Panamericana Televisión, but produced by a different production: GV Producciones. This show was hosted by Gisela Valcárcel and Giancarlo Chichizola and aired every Saturday night (from June to December). The show was like Dancing With The Stars, but instead of professional dancers, there were amateur dancers. They danced every week in order to win a prize: to achieve a personal/humanitarian goal or "dream". The show had 2 series and the 4 first places of each series had the chance to dance on Reyes de la Pista.


The next year (2009), El Show de los sueños was shown every Saturday night (from May to December) on América Televisión (channel 4) and hosted by Gisela Valcárcel and Christian Rivero. This reality show was a dancing and singing competition, therefore, there was one star, an amateur dancer, and an amateur singer per group. They performed to achieve a personal/humanitarian goal or "dream". The 3 first places of each series, 1 fourth place of series 1 and an 8th place of series 2 selected by the judges won a chance to perform on "Reyes del Show" (Show Kings).


Since 2010, El Gran Show (The Amazing Show) is broadcast on América Televisión (channel 4) every Saturday night (from May to December) and it's hosted by Gisela Valcárcel and Christian Rivero. This reality show is like "Bailando por un Sueño": 2 series and a "top performers series". This time, each amateur dancer represents a Peruvian city. besides, in this show, the pairs (the famous and the amateur dancer) were scored from 1 to 10 by standard judges and "V.I.P judges", who are 12 random people representing the Peruvian audience, they are weekly selected by lottery via website. The 3 first places from each series win a chance to dance on El Gran Show: Reyes del Show (Show Kings).





The Russian TV show is called "Танцы со звездами" ("Tantsi so zvezdami", transliterated). The first series, which began in 2005, became extremely popular. Its second series is in progress after a long delay. The format of the show is identical to that of other countries. Each pair is composed of a famous celebrity and a professional dancer.


The Turkish version was called Yok Böyle Dans. Thirteen couples were participating in the competition.[12] Lilia Kopylova was the head of the judging panel of four. Azra Akın won the competition with her partner Nikolai.


In Ukraine the show started in September 2006 on television channel 1+1 under the name "Танці з зірками" ("Tantsi z zirkamy") which stands for "Dances With The Stars". The show was hosted by Yuriy Horbunov and Tina Karol. The star contestants were paired with famous Ukrainian dancers, who had won major international competitions. The winners of the show were rewarded with the tour to the Rio Carnival, while the runners-up went to the Carnival on Cuba. The show was extremely popular with Ukrainian viewers. The show finale held on the November 26, 2006 had the TV rating of 26.83% with the share of 54.64%, meaning that a quarter of the Ukrainian population and more than half of all TV viewers at that moment watched the final. The show overall was watched by nearly 16 million Ukrainians. The pair of Volodymyr Zelenskyy (leader of a famous Ukrainian comic troupe) and Olena Shoptenko won the main prize.

United States[edit]

In the United States, the show is called Dancing with the Stars, which currently airs on ABC featuring athletes, singers, actors, and professional dancers. It is currently hosted by Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews.[13] The show is a huge hit since it debuted in 2005. In addition, the Spanish-language network Univision also has its own version in 2010 under the name Mira Quien Baila ("Look Who's Dancing"), which airs every single Sunday night. The show is also a huge hit for Spanish-speaking viewers since its debut. The Mirror Ball trophy is manufactured by the New York firm Society Awards.


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