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Dainik Jugasankha, also transliterated Dainik Yugashankha, (Bengali: দৈনিক যুগশঙ্খ) is a Bengali daily newspaper published simultaneously from Guwahati, Silchar and Dibrugarh. With a circulation of around 150,000 copies, it is one of the top ten newspapers in Assam.[1]


Dainik Jugasankha was founded by Barta Bhagirath Baidyanath Nath, or Baidyanath Nath, in 1950, where it was published from Silchar. The newspaper expanded in the 21st century publishing from Guwahati beginning in 2000 and then from Dibrugarh in 2006.[2][3]


Current Staff[edit]

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Literary award[edit]

The Dainik Jugasankha Group presents an annual literary prize for the Bengali language, Jugasankha Sahitya Puraskar, that is described as prestigious and it began awards for journalists in 2013.[5]


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