Daeg Faerch

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Daeg Faerch
Faerch, Daeg (2007).jpg
Daeg Faerch at the 2007 Scream Awards
BornDaeg Neergaard Faerch
(1995-09-27) September 27, 1995 (age 19)
Years active2004–present
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Daeg Faerch
Faerch, Daeg (2007).jpg
Daeg Faerch at the 2007 Scream Awards
BornDaeg Neergaard Faerch
(1995-09-27) September 27, 1995 (age 19)
Years active2004–present

Daeg Faerch /ˈdɡ ˈfɛərk/ [1] (born September 27, 1995)[2] is an actor/character actor.[3][4] His credits include a comedic role in Peter Berg's Hancock (2008) and, most notably, in the horror remake Halloween (2007). Faerch has also played in theatrical productions of Grapes of Wrath in which he played the role of Winfield, Marat/Sade in which he played the role of young Herald, Waiting for Godot playing the messenger, and Shakespeare Unabridged as a musical guest rapper. He has performed in Shakespeare productions, including Coriolanus, in which he played young Coriolanus, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Hamlet. He also landed the role of Pincegurre in the French play L'Impromptu de Théophile, as well as a role in the comedy The Nerd, in which he played the character Thor Waldgrave.[5] In addition to English, Faerch speaks French.


Faerch was cast in the Halloween remake as a young Michael Myers, performing his own stunts.[6][7][8] Faerch's performance as the murderous young Myers was met with positive reviews. KPBS said of the young actor: "Daeg Faerch is key in making these early scenes work. He delivers a truly chilling performance as a surprisingly sweet, soft and feminine looking ten-year-old Myers. His physical appearance contrasts with his brutal actions and it’s only in his eyes that you perceive his true nature he skates .[9] Although Faerch was initially signed on to reprise his role as young Michael Myers in the sequel, Halloween II (then known as H2), after filming briefly in Georgia as young Michael[10] he was later recast because he had grown taller.[11] He was replaced by Chase Wright Vanek.

Other projects[edit]

Faerch has a cameo appearance as a character named Michel in the 2008 Will Smith film, Hancock,[12] where he plays a French punk who swears at Smith[7] and is thrown into the sky by the titular superhero for insulting him, but falls back to earth unharmed with Hancock catching him.

Faerch's other projects include the thriller Sebastian in the title role, which also features his mother;[13][14] the Christmas comedy Wreck the Halls starring Mickey Rooney as Santa Claus; the short film "Suffer the Little Children", based on a story by Stephen King co-starring his mother.[15] Faerch also performed in 2008 episodes of the TV show Pushing Daisies, as a German schoolboy. He also recently co-starred as a homosexual young man named Jesse in the award-winning short film, Mental.[16] On April 14, 2012, Faerch's 2010/2011 film Sebastian premiered at the Independent Film Quarterly (IFQ) Film and Webisode Festival, its only screening, where it also won Best Sci-Fi Feature.[17]

A serious, near-fatal head injury and emergency surgery put Faerch's career on hold in 2012.[citation needed] In April 2013, Faerch and Kimberly J. Brown were attached to star in a science fiction thriller entitled Out There..., to be directed by writer and Colorado native Bonné Bartron. It was to be filmed in Bartron's home state, and was originally to be funded through Kickstarter, but failed to meet its $200,000 goal.[18] Bartron then posted an update on Kickstarter, stating that she was taking the project to Indiegogo with flexible funding. According to Bartron, the campaign would be launched "in the coming days."[19] However, this never happened, but the film has a page on FilmBreak, where users can "hype" the film once every 24 hours. The current status of the film is unknown as of December 2014.

In August 2014, Faerch's mother announced on Facebook that he would be taking a break from his rap career to film a role "in the coming month." The project was later revealed to be Ditch Party, by the film's official Facebook page.[20]


Daeg was named best minor character in Miami Herald's 2008 Movie Yearbook for his role in Hancock.[21]

HorrorNews.net ranks Daeg in the all time Top Ten Kids in Horror.[22] Similarly, Fear Fragments.com ranks his Young Michael Myers as the No. 2 greatest "evil kid" performance in horror.[23] 411Mania.com ranks Michael Myers as portrayed by Fearch and Tyler Mane as #5 on its list of the Top 8 Asylum Inmates.[24]


2004Seafood HeavenBoy
JillLittle Joshua
Earl's Your UncleRatt
2005Frank's First LoveFrank
Andrew the PirateTom
Life RideBilly
Lovin' ScoopfulBully #1
Blind DollMute Child
2006A Bullet Beyond RedemptionYoung Daniel
PedoefyléElvis Boy
Angry GhostBernard
Waiting RoomPunk Kid
Coming to TownAlasdair Romer
InterminalLittle Boy
Lucky Numbers: A MusicalJunior
Dark MirrorNeighbor Kid
HalloweenMichael Myers, Age 10a.k.a. Rob Zombie's Halloween
2008The LiarAndy
Wreck the HallsCharles
Villa NovaBrian
HancockMichela.k.a. "Hidden from Earth" in the Philippines
Pushing DaisiesIngmar ToddTV Series, 2 Episodes, "Comfort Food" & "Dim Sum Lose Some"
2009Family of FourJoshua
Run! Bitch Run!Tommy
2010SebastianSebastianPremiered April 14, 2012 in Los Angeles[25][26]
2013?Out There...WillFunding sought by Kickstarter from March 30 to April 30, 2013; failed to make budget goal. Writer-director Bonné Bartron will launch an Indiegogo campaign, with flexible funding, to fund the film "in the coming days."[19] Status unknown as of December 2014, but the film has a page on FilmBreak.
2015Ditch Party[20]Filming in 2014.


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