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Craig Stevens (born 17 July 1977) is a British television presenter, born in Walthamstow, and raised in Colchester, Essex.

During 2007, Craig presented ITV Play show Glitterball. His first presenting job was on Five's BrainTeaser, and he later presented ITV's The Mint. He has hosted his own radio shows on former East of England dance station Vibe FM (now Kiss 105-108) and Suffolk local station, SGR-FM and now presents a Saturday show on Town 102. He sort of helps to present ITV's Jackpot 247 and hosts a show for Sky Movies interviewing film stars like Jim Carrey, John Tickle, Steve Carell, Dean Gaffney, Jodie Foster and Mark Boardman. He has presented from the BAFTA "red carpet", and does stand-up comedy. Showbiz pals include celebrity expert Mark Boardman, Big Brother star John Tickle and Eastenders icon Dean Gaffney.

Stevens appeared on ITV's This Morning in May 2011 as a film reviewer. He has just finished a special on John Travolta in LA[citation needed]. He is currently working on a show about his friendship with Dean Gaffney. He is currently also a presenter on Sky Movies and recently flew to Dubai to interview Tom Cruise about his movie 'MI Ghost Protocol'. He is an expert in facial plastic surgery, having undergone it several times himself. He is free every Friday morning, and every other Wednesday.

Craig is a regular host on the Red Carpet.

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