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In 48 of the 50 states of the United States, the county is used for the level of local government immediately below the state itself. Louisiana uses parishes, and Alaska uses boroughs. In several states in New England, some or all counties within states have no governments of their own; the counties continue to exist as legal entities, however, and are used by states for some administrative functions and by the United States Census bureau for statistical analysis. There are 3,142 counties and county equivalent administrative units in total, including the District of Columbia.

There are 41 independent cities in the United States. In Virginia, any municipality that is incorporated as a city legally becomes independent of any county. Where indicated, the statistics below do not include Virginia's 38 independent cities.

In Alaska, most of the land area of the state has no county-level government. Those parts of the state are divided by the United States Census Bureau into census areas, which are not the same as boroughs. The state's largest statistical division by area is the Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, which is larger than any of the state's boroughs. Although Anchorage is called a municipality, it is considered a consolidated city and borough.

Although most U.S. counties were created during the 19th century, the most recent county in the United States is Broomfield County in Colorado, created in 2001.


Texas has the most counties of any state
Delaware has the fewest counties of any state

Lists of counties and county equivalents by number per political division:

133Virginiaincluding 38 independent cities
115Missouriincluding 1 independent city
100North Carolina
66South Dakota
64Louisianaconsisting in whole of parishes
62New York
55West Virginia
53North Dakota
46South Carolina
33New Mexico
29Alaskaconsisting of 18 organized boroughs and, in its Unorganized Borough, of 11 designated census areas
24Marylandincluding 1 independent city
21New Jersey
17Nevadaincluding 1 independent city
10New Hampshire
5Rhode Island
1District of Columbiaconsidered both a state-equivalent and a county equivalent for statistical purposes[1]


Nationwide population extremes[edit]

These rankings include county equivalents, however no county equivalents are in the top or bottom ten by population.

Largest population counties nationwide
(2010 Census)[2]
1Los Angeles County, California9,818,605
2Cook County, Illinois5,194,675
3Harris County, Texas4,092,459
4Maricopa County, Arizona3,817,117
5San Diego County, California3,095,313
6Orange County, California3,010,232
7Kings County, New York2,504,700
8Miami-Dade County, Florida2,496,435
9Dallas County, Texas2,368,139
10Queens County, New York2,230,722
Smallest population counties nationwide
(2010 Census)[2]
1Loving County, Texas82
2Kalawao County, Hawaii90
3King County, Texas286
4Kenedy County, Texas416
5Arthur County, Nebraska460
6Blaine County, Nebraska478
7Petroleum County, Montana494
8McPherson County, Nebraska539
9Grant County, Nebraska614
10Loup County, Nebraska632

Population per state[edit]

Most and least populous counties per state (2010 Census)[2]
StateLeast PopulousPopulationMost PopulousPopulation
AlabamaGreene County9,045Jefferson County658,466
AlaskaYakutat City and Borough662Municipality of Anchorage291,826
ArizonaGreenlee County8,437Maricopa County3,817,117
ArkansasCalhoun County5,368Pulaski County382,748
CaliforniaAlpine County1,175Los Angeles County9,818,605
ColoradoSan Juan County699El Paso County622,263
ConnecticutWindham County118,428Fairfield County916,829
DelawareKent County162,310New Castle County538,479
FloridaLiberty County8,365Miami-Dade County2,496,435
GeorgiaTaliaferro County1,717Fulton County984,293
HawaiiKalawao County90City and County of Honolulu953,207
IdahoClark County982Ada County392,365
IllinoisHardin County4,320Cook County5,194,675
IndianaOhio County6,128Marion County903,393
IowaAdams County4,029Polk County430,640
KansasGreeley County1,247Johnson County544,179
KentuckyRobertson County2,282Jefferson County741,096
LouisianaTensas Parish5,252East Baton Rouge Parish440,171
MainePiscataquis County17,535Cumberland County281,674
MarylandKent County20,197Montgomery County971,777
MassachusettsTown and County of Nantucket10,172Middlesex County1,503,085
MichiganKeweenaw County2,156Wayne County1,820,584
MinnesotaTraverse County3,558Hennepin County1,152,425
MississippiIssaquena County1,406Hinds County245,285
MissouriWorth County2,171St. Louis County998,954
MontanaPetroleum County494Yellowstone County147,972
NebraskaArthur County460Douglas County517,110
NevadaEsmeralda County783Clark County1,951,269
New HampshireCoos County33,055Hillsborough County400,721
New JerseySalem County66,083Bergen County905,116
New MexicoHarding County695Bernalillo County662,564
New YorkHamilton County4,836Kings County2,504,700
North CarolinaTyrrell County4,407Mecklenburg County919,628
North DakotaSlope County727Cass County149,778
OhioVinton County13,435Cuyahoga County1,280,122
OklahomaCimarron County2,475Oklahoma County718,633
OregonWheeler County1,441Multnomah County735,334
PennsylvaniaCameron County5,085Philadelphia County1,526,006
Rhode IslandBristol County49,875Providence County626,667
South CarolinaMcCormick County10,233Greenville County451,225
South DakotaJones County1,006Minnehaha County169,468
TennesseePickett County5,077Shelby County927,644
TexasLoving County82Harris County4,092,459
UtahDaggett County1,059Salt Lake County1,029,655
VermontEssex County6,306Chittenden County156,545
VirginiaHighland County2,321Fairfax County1,081,726
WashingtonGarfield County2,266King County1,931,249
West VirginiaWirt County5,717Kanawha County193,063
WisconsinMenominee County4,232Milwaukee County947,735
WyomingNiobrara County2,484Laramie County91,738


Nationwide land area extremes[edit]

The following tables exclude county equivalents. The largest counties and county equivalents are organized boroughs and the census areas of Alaska with the top two being Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area (145,504.79 sq mi or 376,855.7 km2) and North Slope Borough (88,695.41 sq mi or 229,720.1 km2). The smallest counties and county equivalents are the independent cities of Virginia with the extreme being Falls Church (2.00 sq mi or 5.2 km2).[2]

If independent cities are included, Falls Church becomes the smallest county in the state, and in fact the smallest county-level political subdivision in the United States, at 2.0 square miles (5.2 km2).

Largest counties by land area nationwide[2]
RankCountyLand area
(sq mi)
Land area
1San Bernardino County, California20,056.9451,947.24
2Coconino County, Arizona18,618.8948,222.70
3Nye County, Nevada18,181.9247,090.96
4Elko County, Nevada17,169.8344,469.66
5Mohave County, Arizona13,311.0834,475.54
6Apache County, Arizona11,197.5229,001.44
7Lincoln County, Nevada10,633.2027,539.86
8Sweetwater County, Wyoming10,426.6527,004.90
9Inyo County, California10,180.8826,368.36
10Harney County, Oregon10,133.1726,244.79
Smallest counties by land area nationwide[2]
RankCountyLand area
(sq mi)
Land area
1Kalawao County, Hawaii11.9931.05
2New York County, New York22.8359.13
3Bristol County, Rhode Island24.1662.57
4Arlington County, Virginia25.9767.26
5Broomfield County, Colorado33.0385.55
6Bronx County, New York42.10109.04
7Town and County of Nantucket, Massachusetts44.97116.47
8Hudson County, New Jersey46.19119.63
9City and County of San Francisco, California46.87121.39
10Suffolk County, Massachusetts58.15150.61

Smallest, largest and average area per state[edit]

This list excludes Alaskan Census Areas, but includes other county equivalents. The North Slope Borough is the largest independently incorporated county equivalent. The Unorganized Borough is substantially larger, but is an extension of the State of Alaska government and not independently incorporated.A[›]

Smallest, largest and average land areas for counties by state[3]
StateAvg. county land area, sq. mi. (km2)Smallest countyArea, sq. mi. (km2)Largest countyarea, sq. mi. (km2)
All States997.6 (2,584)City of Falls Church, Virginia2.0 (5.2)North Slope Borough, Alaska88,695.4 (229,720)
Alaska8,545.7 (22,133)Skagway Municipality452.3 (1,171)North Slope Borough88,695.4 (229,720)
Arizona7,572.9 (19,614)Santa Cruz County1,236.9 (3,204)Coconino County18,618.8 (48,222)
Nevada6,457.7 (16,725)Carson City144.6 (375)Nye County18,181.9 (47,091)
Wyoming4,221.4 (10,933)Hot Springs County2,004.0 (5,190)Sweetwater County10,426.6 (27,005)
New Mexico3,675.7 (9,520)Los Alamos County109.1 (283)Catron County6,923.6 (17,932)
Utah2,833.4 (7,338)Davis County298.7 (774)San Juan County7,819.9 (20,253)
California2,685.8 (6,956)San Francisco County46.8 (121)San Bernardino County20,056.9 (51,947)
Oregon2,666.3 (6,906)Multnomah County431.3 (1,117)Harney County10,133.1 (26,245)
Montana2,599.0 (6,731)Silver Bow County718.4 (1,861)Beaverhead County5,541.6 (14,353)
Maine1,927.7 (4,993)Sagadahoc County253.6 (657)Aroostook County6,671.3 (17,279)
Idaho1,878.3 (4,865)Payette County406.8 (1,054)Idaho County8,477.3 (21,956)
Washington1,704.0 (4,413)San Juan County173.9 (450)Okanogan County5,267.9 (13,644)
Colorado1,619.4 (4,194)Broomfield County33.0 (85)Las Animas County4,772.6 (12,361)
North Dakota1,301.9 (3,372)Eddy County630.1 (1,632)McKenzie County2,760.3 (7,149)
Hawaii1,284.5 (3,327)Kalawao County11.9 (31)Hawaii County4,028.4 (10,434)
South Dakota1,148.7 (2,975)Clay County412.1 (1,067)Meade County3,470.9 (8,990)
Texas1,028.5 (2,664)Rockwall County127.0 (329)Brewster County6,183.7 (16,016)
Minnesota915.2 (2,370)Ramsey County152.2 (394)St. Louis County6,247.4 (16,181)
New Hampshire895.3 (2,319)Strafford County368.9 (955)Coos County1,794.6 (4,648)
Oklahoma890.8 (2,307)Marshall County371.0 (961)Osage County2,246.3 (5,818)
Nebraska826.1 (2,140)Sarpy County238.9 (619)Cherry County5,960.4 (15,437)
Florida800.4 (2,073)Union County243.5 (631)Collier County1,998.3 (5,176)
Kansas778.7 (2,017)Wyandotte County151.6 (393)Butler County1,429.8 (3,703)
Alabama767.4 (1,988)Etowah County534.9 (1,385)Baldwin County1,589.7 (4,117)
New York760.1 (1,969)New York County22.8 (59)St. Lawrence County2,680.3 (6,942)
Wisconsin752.2 (1,948)Pepin County231.9 (601)Marathon County1,544.9 (4,001)
Arkansas693.8 (1,797)Lafayette County528.2 (1,368)Union County1,039.2 (2,692)
Michigan681.2 (1,764)Benzie County319.7 (828)Marquette County1,808.4 (4,684)
Louisiana675.1 (1,749)Orleans Parish169.4 (439)Vernon Parish1,327.9 (3,439)
Pennsylvania667.8 (1,730)Montour County130.2 (337)Lycoming County1,228.5 (3,182)
Vermont658.3 (1,705)Grand Isle County81.8 (212)Windsor County969.3 (2,510)
South Carolina653.5 (1,693)McCormick County359.1 (930)Horry County1,133.9 (2,937)
Delaware649.5 (1,682)New Castle County426.2 (1,104)Sussex County936.0 (2,424)
Connecticut605.3 (1,568)Middlesex County369.3 (956)Litchfield County920.5 (2,384)
Missouri597.8 (1,548)City of St. Louis61.9 (160)Texas County1,177.2 (3,049)
Mississippi572.2 (1,482)Alcorn County400.0 (1,036)Yazoo County922.9 (2,390)
Iowa564.2 (1,461)Dickinson County380.6 (986)Kossuth County972.7 (2,519)
Massachusetts557.1 (1,443)Nantucket County44.9 (116)Worcester County1,510.7 (3,913)
Illinois544.3 (1,410)Putnam County160.1 (415)McLean County1,183.3 (3,065)
North Carolina486.2 (1,259)Chowan County172.4 (447)Robeson County949.2 (2,458)
Ohio464.3 (1,203)Lake County227.4 (589)Ashtabula County701.9 (1,818)
West Virginia437.1 (1,132)Hancock County82.6 (214)Randolph County1,039.6 (2,693)
Tennessee434.1 (1,124)Trousdale County114.1 (296)Shelby County763.1 (1,976)
Maryland404.5 (1,048)City of Baltimore80.9 (210)Frederick County660.2 (1,710)
Indiana389.4 (1,009)Ohio County86.1 (223)Allen County657.3 (1,702)
Georgia361.7 (937)Clarke County119.2 (309)Ware County892.4 (2,311)
New Jersey350.2 (907)Hudson County46.1 (119)Burlington County798.5 (2,068)
Kentucky329.1 (852)Robertson County99.9 (259)Pike County786.8 (2,038)
Virginia294.7 (763)City of Falls Church2.0 (5.2)Pittsylvania County968.9 (2,509)
Rhode Island206.8 (536)Bristol County24.1 (62)Providence County409.5 (1,061)
District of Columbia61.0 (158)District of Columbia61.0 (158)District of Columbia61.0 (158)

Population density[edit]

Most densely populated[edit]

Data presented below is based on U.S. Census department data from 2010.[3] Calculations are made by dividing the population by the land area. All county equivalents are included.

RankCounty namePop/mile2Pop/km2
1New York County, New York (Manhattan)69,46826,822
2Kings County, New York (Brooklyn)35,36913,656
3Bronx County, New York32,90312,704
4Queens County, New York20,5547,936
5City and County of San Francisco, California17,1796,633
6Hudson County, New Jersey13,7325,302
7Suffolk County, Massachusetts12,4174,794
8City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania11,3794,394
9Washington, D.C.9,8573,806
10Alexandria, Virginia9,3143,596
11Richmond County, New York (Staten Island)8,0303,101
12Arlington County, Virginia7,9943,086
13City of Baltimore, Maryland7,6722,962
14Essex County, New Jersey6,2122,398
15City of Falls Church, Virginia6,1702,382
16City of Manassas Park, Virginia5,6332,175
17Cook County, Illinois5,4952,122
18Union County, New Jersey5,2162,014
19City of Saint Louis, Missouri5,1571,991
20Nassau County, New York4,7051,817
21City of Norfolk, Virginia4,4861,732
22City of Charlottesville, Virginia4,2421,638
23Milwaukee County, Wisconsin3,9261,516
24Denver County, Colorado3,9231,515
25Bergen County, New Jersey3,8841,500
26City of Manassas, Virginia3,8281,478
27Orange County, California3,8081,470
28City of Fairfax, Virginia3,6171,396
29City of Richmond, Virginia3,4151,318
30Pinellas County, Florida3,3481,292
31Ramsey County, Minnesota3,3421,290
32Delaware County, Pennsylvania3,0391,173
33Wayne County, Michigan2,9741,148
34City of Portsmouth, Virginia2,8391,096
35City of Winchester, Virginia2,8381,096
36City of Lexington, Virginia2,8201,089
37City of Harrisonburg, Virginia2,8081,084
38Cuyahoga County, Ohio2,8001,081
39DuPage County, Illinois2,8001,081
40Fairfax County, Virginia2,7671,068
41Dallas County, Texas2,7181,049
42Passaic County, New Jersey2,7151,048
43City of Hampton, Virginia2,6741,032
44City of Newport News, Virginia2,6341,017
45Middlesex County, New Jersey2,6221,012
46DeKalb County, Georgia2,586998
47Los Angeles County, California2,420934
48Harris County, Texas2,402928
49City of Fredericksburg, Virginia2,326898
50Camden County, New Jersey2,322896

Least densely populated[edit]

This list generated by dividing the population by the land area. All county equivalents are included. The list is dominated by just a few states: Alaska, Montana, and Texas together comprise about two-thirds of the entries. The Unorganized Borough is not included here as a unit, but its census areas (non-governmental entities) are. If the census areas were removed from the list, the Unorganized Borough would rank fourteenth with a density of 0.38 per square mile (0.15/km2).

Counties with lowest population densities[3]
RankCounty namePop/mile2Pop/km2
1Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska0.030.01
2Lake and Peninsula Borough, Alaska0.060.02
3Yakutat City and Borough, Alaska0.080.03
4North Slope Borough, Alaska0.100.04
5Loving County, Texas0.120.04
6Denali Borough, Alaska0.140.05
7Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska0.210.08
8Esmeralda County, Nevada0.210.08
9Garfield County, Montana0.250.10
10Dillingham Census Area, Alaska0.260.10
11Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska0.280.10
12Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska0.280.11
13Kenedy County, Texas0.280.11
14Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, Alaska0.280.11
15Petroleum County, Montana0.290.11
16King County, Texas0.310.12
17Harding County, New Mexico0.320.12
18Carter County, Montana0.340.13
19Nome Census Area, Alaska0.410.16
20Terrell County, Texas0.410.16
21Bethel Census Area, Alaska0.410.16
22Wade Hampton Census Area, Alaska0.430.16
23Aleutians East Borough, Alaska0.450.17
24Harding County, South Dakota0.470.18
25Eureka County, Nevada0.470.18
26Lincoln County, Nevada0.500.19
27Powder River County, Montana0.520.20
28Catron County, New Mexico0.530.20
29Clark County, Idaho0.550.21
30Slope County, North Dakota0.590.23
31McMullen County, Texas0.620.24
32McPherson County, Nebraska0.620.24
33Culberson County, Texas0.620.24
34Sioux County, Nebraska0.630.24
35Arthur County, Nebraska0.640.24
36McCone County, Montana0.650.25
37Blaine County, Nebraska0.670.26
38Prairie County, Montana0.670.26
39Billings County, North Dakota0.680.26
40Borden County, Texas0.710.27
41Harney County, Oregon0.730.28
42Treasure County, Montana0.730.28
43Golden Valley County, Montana0.750.29
44Hinsdale County, Colorado0.750.29
45Hudspeth County, Texas0.760.29
46Meagher County, Montana0.790.30
47Kiowa County, Colorado0.790.30
48Grant County, Nebraska0.790.30
49Mineral County, Colorado0.810.31
50Phillips County, Montana0.820.31

Population density per state[edit]

Data presented below is based on U.S. Census Bureau data from 2010.[3] Calculations are made by dividing the population by the land area. All county equivalents are included.

Excluding the census areas of Alaska, Lake and Peninsula Borough is the least densely populated county equivalent with 0.069/sq mi (0.027/km2).

StateLeast densely populated countyPopulation densityMost densely populated countyPopulation density
AlabamaWilcox County13.13/sq mi (5.07/km2)Jefferson County592.53/sq mi (228.78/km2)
AlaskaLake and Peninsula Borough0.06/sq mi (0.023/km2)Anchorage Municipality171.19/sq mi (66.10/km2)
ArizonaLa Paz County4.55/sq mi (1.76/km2)Maricopa County414.89/sq mi (160.19/km2)
ArkansasCalhoun County8.53/sq mi (3.29/km2)Pulaski County503.77/sq mi (194.51/km2)
CaliforniaAlpine County1.59/sq mi (0.61/km2)City and County of San Francisco17,179.15/sq mi (6,632.91/km2)
ColoradoHinsdale County0.75/sq mi (0.29/km2)Denver County3,922.59/sq mi (1,514.52/km2)
ConnecticutLitchfield County206.31/sq mi (79.66/km2)Fairfield County1,467.18/sq mi (566.48/km2)
DelawareSussex County210.60/sq mi (81.31/km2)New Castle County1,263.18/sq mi (487.72/km2)
District of Columbia9,857.20/sq mi (3,805.89/km2)9,857.20/sq mi (3,805.89/km2)
FloridaLiberty County10.01/sq mi (3.86/km2)Pinellas County3,347.50/sq mi (1,292.48/km2)
GeorgiaClinch County8.49/sq mi (3.28/km2)DeKalb County2,585.72/sq mi (998.35/km2)
HawaiiKalawao County7.50/sq mi (2.90/km2)Honolulu County1,586.71/sq mi (612.63/km2)
IdahoClark County0.55/sq mi (0.21/km2)Ada County372.76/sq mi (143.92/km2)
IllinoisPope County12.12/sq mi (4.68/km2)Cook County5,495.11/sq mi (2,121.67/km2)
IndianaBenton County21.78/sq mi (8.41/km2)Marion County2,279.57/sq mi (880.15/km2)
IowaAdams County9.51/sq mi (3.67/km2)Polk County750.51/sq mi (289.77/km2)
KansasGreeley County1.60/sq mi (0.62/km2)Johnson County1,149.57/sq mi (443.85/km2)
KentuckyHickman County20.23/sq mi (7.81/km2)Jefferson County1,948.11/sq mi (752.17/km2)
LouisianaCameron Parish5.32/sq mi (2.05/km2)Orleans Parish2,029.41/sq mi (783.56/km2)
MainePiscataquis County4.42/sq mi (1.71/km2)Cumberland County337.23/sq mi (130.21/km2)
MarylandGarrett County46.51/sq mi (17.96/km2)City of Baltimore7,671.51/sq mi (2,961.99/km2)
MassachusettsFranklin County102.05/sq mi (39.40/km2)Suffolk County12,416.78/sq mi (4,794.15/km2)
MichiganKeweenaw County3.99/sq mi (1.54/km2)Wayne County2,974.42/sq mi (1,148.43/km2)
MinnesotaLake of the Woods County3.11/sq mi (1.20/km2)Ramsey County3,341.64/sq mi (1,290.21/km2)
MississippiIssaquena County3.40/sq mi (1.31/km2)DeSoto County338.66/sq mi (130.76/km2)
MissouriWorth County8.14/sq mi (3.14/km2)City of St. Louis5,157.48/sq mi (1,991.31/km2)
MontanaPowder River County0.53/sq mi (0.20/km2)Yellowstone County56.19/sq mi (21.70/km2)
NebraskaMcPherson County0.63/sq mi (0.24/km2)Douglas County1,574.37/sq mi (607.87/km2)
NevadaLander County1.05/sq mi (0.41/km2)Carson City382.09/sq mi (147.53/km2)
New HampshireCoos County18.41/sq mi (7.11/km2)Hillsborough County457.37/sq mi (176.59/km2)
New JerseySalem County199.10/sq mi (76.87/km2)Hudson County13,731.61/sq mi (5,301.80/km2)
New MexicoHarding County0.32/sq mi (0.12/km2)Bernalillo County570.76/sq mi (220.37/km2)
New YorkHamilton County2.81/sq mi (1.08/km2)New York County (Manhattan)69,468.42/sq mi (26,821.91/km2)
North CarolinaHyde County9.48/sq mi (3.66/km2)Mecklenburg County1,755.54/sq mi (677.82/km2)
North DakotaBillings County0.68/sq mi (0.26/km2)Cass County84.86/sq mi (32.76/km2)
OhioMonroe County32.12/sq mi (12.40/km2)Cuyahoga County2,799.95/sq mi (1,081.07/km2)
OklahomaCimarron County1.34/sq mi (0.52/km2)Tulsa County1,058.14/sq mi (408.55/km2)
OregonHarney County0.73/sq mi (0.28/km2)Multnomah County1,704.93/sq mi (658.28/km2)
PennsylvaniaCameron County12.83/sq mi (4.95/km2)Philadelphia County11,379.49/sq mi (4,393.65/km2)
Rhode IslandWashington County385.67/sq mi (148.91/km2)Bristol County2,064.00/sq mi (796.91/km2)
South CarolinaAllendale County25.53/sq mi (9.86/km2)Greenville County574.72/sq mi (221.90/km2)
South DakotaJones County1.03/sq mi (0.40/km2)Minnehaha County209.95/sq mi (81.06/km2)
TennesseePerry County19.08/sq mi (7.37/km2)Davidson County1,243.33/sq mi (480.05/km2)
TexasLoving County0.12/sq mi (0.046/km2)Dallas County2,718.00/sq mi (1,049.43/km2)
UtahGarfield County0.99/sq mi (0.38/km2)Salt Lake County1,387.14/sq mi (535.58/km2)
VermontEssex County9.50/sq mi (3.67/km2)Chittenden County291.74/sq mi (112.64/km2)
VirginiaHighland County5.59/sq mi (2.16/km2)City of Alexandria9,314.30/sq mi (3,596.27/km2)
WashingtonGarfield County3.18/sq mi (1.23/km2)King County912.87/sq mi (352.46/km2)
West VirginiaPocahontas County9.27/sq mi (3.58/km2)Ohio County419.98/sq mi (162.16/km2)
WisconsinIron County7.80/sq mi (3.01/km2)Milwaukee County3,925.95/sq mi (1,515.82/km2)
WyomingNiobrara County0.94/sq mi (0.36/km2)Laramie County34.15/sq mi (13.19/km2)

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^ A: The Unorganized Borough, Alaska formed by the Borough Act of 1961 is a legal entity, run by the Alaska state government as an extension of State government,[4] it and the independently incorporated Unified, Home Rule, First Class and Second Class boroughs roughly correspond to parishes in Louisiana and to counties in the other 48 states.[5]


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