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In 48 of the 50 states of the United States, the county is used for the level of local government immediately below the state itself. Louisiana uses parishes, and Alaska uses boroughs. In several states in New England, some or all counties within states have no governments of their own; the counties continue to exist as legal entities, however, and are used by states for some administrative functions and by the United States Census bureau for statistical analysis. There are 3,143 counties and county-equivalent administrative units in total.

There are 42 independent cities in the United States. In Virginia, any municipality that is incorporated as a city legally becomes independent of any county. Except where indicated, the statistics below do not include Virginia's 39 independent cities. The only Virginia statistic affected is smallest county by area; if independent cities are included, Falls Church becomes the smallest county in the state, and in fact the smallest county-level political subdivision in the United States, at 2.0 square miles (5.2 km2). The other three independent cities in other states (Baltimore, Maryland; Carson City, Nevada; and St. Louis, Missouri) are also not included in these lists. The District of Columbia is included.

In Alaska, most of the land area of the state has no county-level government. Those parts of the state are divided by the United States Census Bureau into census areas, which are not the same as boroughs. The state's largest statistical division by area is the Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, which is larger than any of the state's boroughs. Although Anchorage is called a municipality, it is considered a consolidated city and borough.

Although most U.S. counties were created during the 19th century, the most recent county in the United States is Broomfield County in Colorado, created in 2001.



Texas has the most counties of any state
Delaware has the fewest counties of any state

Lists of counties and county-equivalents by number per political division:

134Virginiaincluding 39 independent cities
115Missouriincluding 1 independent city
100North Carolina
66South Dakota
64Louisianaconsisting in whole of parishes
62New York
55West Virginia
53North Dakota
46South Carolina
33New Mexico
29Alaskaconsisting of 18 organized boroughs and, in its Unorganized Borough, of 11 designated census areas
24Marylandincluding 1 independent city
21New Jersey
17Nevadaincluding 1 independent city
10New Hampshire
5Rhode Island
1District of Columbiaconsidered both a state-equivalent and a county-equivalent for statistical purposes[1]


Nationwide population extremes

These rankings include county-equivalents, however no county-equivalents are in the top or bottom 10 by population.

Largest population counties nationwide (2010 Census)[2]
1Los Angeles County, California9,818,605
2Cook County, Illinois5,194,675
3Harris County, Texas4,092,459
4Maricopa County, Arizona3,817,117
5San Diego County, California3,095,313
6Orange County, California3,010,232
7Kings County, New York2,504,700
8Miami-Dade County, Florida2,496,435
9Dallas County, Texas2,368,139
10Queens County, New York2,230,722
Smallest population counties nationwide (2010 Census)[2]
1Loving County, Texas82
2Kalawao County, Hawaii90
3King County, Texas286
4Kenedy County, Texas416
5Arthur County, Nebraska460
6Blaine County, Nebraska478
7Petroleum County, Montana494
8McPherson County, Nebraska539
9Grant County, Nebraska614
10Loup County, Nebraska632

Population per state

Most and least populous counties per state (2010 Census)[2]
AlabamaGreene County (9,045)Jefferson County (658,466)
AlaskaYakutat City and Borough (662)Municipality of Anchorage (291,826)
ArizonaGreenlee County (8,437)Maricopa County (3,817,117)
ArkansasCalhoun County (5,368)Pulaski County (382,748)
CaliforniaAlpine County (1,175)Los Angeles County (9,818,605)
ColoradoSan Juan County (699)El Paso County (622,263)
ConnecticutWindham County (118,428)Fairfield County (916,829)
DelawareKent County (162,310)New Castle County (538,479)
FloridaLiberty County (8,365)Miami-Dade County (2,496,435)
GeorgiaTaliaferro County (1,717)Fulton County (920,581)
HawaiiKalawao County (90)City and County of Honolulu (953,207)
IdahoClark County (982)Ada County (392,365)
IllinoisHardin County (4,320)Cook County (5,194,675)
IndianaOhio County (6,128)Marion County (903,393)
IowaAdams County (4,029)Polk County (430,640)
KansasGreeley County (1,247)Johnson County (544,179)
KentuckyRobertson County (2,282)Jefferson County (741,096)
LouisianaTensas Parish (5,252)East Baton Rouge Parish (440,171)
MainePiscataquis County (17,535)Cumberland County (281,674)
MarylandKent County (20,197)Montgomery County (971,777)
MassachusettsTown and County of Nantucket (10,172)Middlesex County (1,503,085)
MichiganKeweenaw County (2,156)Wayne County (1,820,584)
MinnesotaTraverse County (3,558)Hennepin County (1,152,425)
MississippiIssaquena County (1,406)Hinds County (245,285)
MissouriWorth County (2,171)St. Louis County (998,954)
MontanaPetroleum County (494)Yellowstone County (147,972)
NebraskaArthur County (460)Douglas County (517,110)
NevadaEsmeralda County (783)Clark County (1,951,269)
New HampshireCoos County (33,055)Hillsborough County (400,721)
New JerseySalem County (66,083)Bergen County (905,116)
New MexicoHarding County (695)Bernalillo County (662,564)
New YorkHamilton County (4,836)Kings County (2,504,700)
North CarolinaTyrrell County (4,407)Mecklenburg County (919,628)
North DakotaSlope County (727)Cass County (149,778)
OhioVinton County (13,435)Cuyahoga County (1,280,122)
OklahomaCimarron County (2,475)Oklahoma County (718,633)
OregonWheeler County (1,441)Multnomah County (735,334)
PennsylvaniaCameron County (5,085)Philadelphia County (1,526,006)
Rhode IslandBristol County (49,875)Providence County (626,667)
South CarolinaMcCormick County (10,233)Greenville County (451,225)
South DakotaJones County (1,006)Minnehaha County (169,468)
TennesseePickett County (5,077)Shelby County (927,644)
TexasLoving County (82)Harris County (4,092,459)
UtahDaggett County (1,059)Salt Lake County (1,029,655)
VermontEssex County (6,306)Chittenden County (156,545)
VirginiaHighland County (2,321)Fairfax County (1,081,726)
WashingtonGarfield County (2,266)King County (1,931,249)
West VirginiaWirt County (5,717)Kanawha County (193,063)
WisconsinMenominee County (4,232)Milwaukee County (947,735)
WyomingNiobrara County (2,484)Laramie County (91,738)


Nationwide land area extremes

The following tables exclude county-equivalents. The largest counties and county-equivalents are organized boroughs and the census areas of Alaska with the top two being Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area (145,504.79 square miles, 376,855.7 km2) and North Slope Borough (88,695.41 sq mi, 229,720.1 km2). The smallest counties and county-equivalents are the independent cities of Virginia with the extreme being Falls Church (2.00 sq mi, 5.2 km2).[2]

Largest counties by land area nationwide[2]
RankCountyLand area
(sq mi)
Land area
1San Bernardino County, California20,056.9451,947.24
2Coconino County, Arizona18,618.8948,222.70
3Nye County, Nevada18,181.9247,090.96
4Elko County, Nevada17,169.8344,469.66
5Mohave County, Arizona13,311.0834,475.54
6Apache County, Arizona11,197.5229,001.44
7Lincoln County, Nevada10,633.2027,539.86
8Sweetwater County, Wyoming10,426.6527,004.90
9Inyo County, California10,180.8826,368.36
10Harney County, Oregon10,133.1726,244.79
Smallest counties by land area nationwide[2]
RankCountyLand area
(sq mi)
Land area
1Kalawao County, Hawaii11.9931.05
2New York County (Manhattan), New York22.8359.13
3Bristol County, Rhode Island24.1662.57
4Arlington County, Virginia25.9767.26
5Broomfield County, Colorado33.0385.55
6Bronx County, New York42.10109.04
7Town and County of Nantucket, Massachusetts44.97116.47
8Hudson County, New Jersey46.19119.63
9City and County of San Francisco, California46.87121.39
10Suffolk County, Massachusetts58.15150.61

Total area per state

Total area (land and water) in square miles:

All StatesArlington County, Virginia (26)North Slope Borough, Alaska (94,763)
AlabamaEtowah County (549)Baldwin County (2,027)
AlaskaBristol Bay Borough (888)North Slope Borough (94,763)
ArizonaSanta Cruz County (1,238)Coconino County (18,661)
ArkansasLafayette County (545)Union County (1,055)
CaliforniaCity and County of San Francisco (47)San Bernardino County (20,105)
ColoradoCity and County of Broomfield (28)Las Animas County (4,775)
ConnecticutTolland County (417)Litchfield County (945)
DelawareNew Castle County (494)Sussex County (1,196)
FloridaUnion County (250)Monroe County (3,737)
GeorgiaClarke County (121)Ware County (906)
HawaiiKalawao County (52)Hawaii County (5,087)
IdahoPayette County (410)Idaho County (8,502)
IllinoisPutnam County (172)Cook County (1,635)
IndianaOhio County (87)Allen County (660)
IowaDickinson County (399)Kossuth County (974)
KansasWyandotte County (156)Butler County (1,446)
KentuckyRobertson County (100)Pike County (789)
LouisianaWest Baton Rouge Parish (204)Plaquemines Parish (2,429)
MaineSagadahoc County (370)Aroostook County (6,829)
MarylandHoward County (254)Dorchester County (983)
MassachusettsTown and County of Nantucket (105)Worcester County (1,579)
MichiganCass County (508)Keweenaw County (5,966)
MinnesotaRamsey County (170)St. Louis County (6,860)
MississippiAlcorn County (401)Jackson County (1043)
MissouriWorth County (267)Texas County (1,179)
MontanaSilver Bow County (719)Beaverhead County (5,572)
NebraskaSarpy County (247)Cherry County (6,010)
NevadaStorey County (264)Nye County (18,159)
New HampshireStrafford County (384)Coos County (1,831)
New JerseyHudson County (62)Ocean County (916)
New MexicoLos Alamos County (109)Catron County (6,929)
New YorkNew York County (34)St. Lawrence County (2,821)
North CarolinaClay County (220)Dare County (1,562)
North DakotaEddy County (644)McKenzie County (2,861)
OhioCarroll County (399)Ashtabula County (1,368)
OklahomaMarshall County (427)Osage County (2,304)
OregonMultnomah County (466)Harney County (10,226)
PennsylvaniaMontour County (132)Erie County (1,558)
Rhode IslandBristol County (45)Washington County (563)
South CarolinaCalhoun County (392)Charleston County (1,358)
South DakotaClay County (417)Meade County (3,482)
TennesseeTrousdale County (117)Shelby County (784)
TexasRockwall County (149)Brewster County (6,193)
UtahDavis County (787)San Juan County (7,933)
VermontGrand Isle County (195)Windsor County (976)
VirginiaArlington County (26)Accomack County (1,310)
WashingtonWahkiakum County (287)Okanogan County (5,315)
West VirginiaHancock County (88)Randolph County (1,040)
WisconsinPepin County (249)Door County (2,370)
WyomingHot Springs County (2,006)Sweetwater County (10,491)

The North Slope Borough is the largest independently incorporated county. The Unorganized Borough is substantially larger, but is an extension of the State of Alaska government and not independently incorporated.A[›]

Average area per state

Ranking of states based on the average area for all counties or equivalents in each state. Taken by dividing the state's total area by the number of counties in the state. See also List of U.S. states by area.

RankState nameMean County Area (sq.mi.)Mean County Area (km2.)
5New Mexico3684.529542.85
15North Dakota1333.963454.95
17South Dakota1168.423026.20
21New Hampshire935.402421.64
24New York879.942279.02
32South Carolina696.091802.86
40North Carolina538.191393.91
44West Virginia440.551141.01
45New Jersey415.291075.59
50Rhode Island242.80628.85

Population density

Most densely populated

Data presented below is based on U.S. Census department data from 2000. Calculations are made by dividing the population by the land area. All county-equivalents are included. Virginia independent cities (IC) appear on the list.

RankCounty namePop/km2Pop/mile2
1New York County, New York (Manhattan Borough)25,845.7166,940.07
2Kings County, New York (Brooklyn Borough)13,481.3934,916.64
3Bronx County, New York (The Bronx Borough)12,243.0431,709.34
4Queens County, New York (Queens Borough)7,879.9520,408.98
5City and County of San Francisco, California6,422.5716,634.37
6Hudson County, New Jersey5,036.1713,043.62
7Suffolk County, Massachusetts4,551.5111,788.35
8Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania4,337.3211,233.61
9Washington, D.C.3,597.099,316.43
10City of Alexandria, Virginia3,263.338,451.99
11City of Baltimore, Maryland3,111.368,058.40
12Richmond County, New York (Staten Island Borough)2,929.697,587.86
13Arlington County, Virginia2,827.547,323.30
14Essex County, New Jersey2,426.796,285.36
15Cook County, Illinois2,195.215,685.58
16City of Saint Louis, Missouri2,171.005,622.87
17City of Falls Church, Virginia2,017.695,225.79
18Union County, New Jersey1,953.305,059.01
19Nassau County, New York1,797.294,654.97
20City of Charlottesville, Virginia1,694.894,389.74
21City of Norfolk, Virginia1,684.474,362.76
22City of Manassas Park, Virginia1,594.234,129.03
23Milwaukee County, Wisconsin1,502.733,892.06
24Bergen County, New Jersey1,457.743,775.52
25City and County of Denver, Colorado1,396.453,616.78
26Orange County, California1,392.143,605.62
27City of Manassas, Virginia1,365.643,536.98
28City of Fairfax, Virginia1,315.413,406.91
29Wayne County, Michigan1,295.803,356.11
30City of Richmond, Virginia1,271.303,292.64
31Pinellas County, Florida1,271.043,291.99
32Ramsey County, Minnesota1,266.633,280.55
33Cuyahoga County, Ohio1,173.893,040.37
34City of Portsmouth, Virginia1,170.923,032.68
35Delaware County, Pennsylvania1,154.602,990.41
36City of Hampton, Virginia1,091.892,827.99
37City of Lexington, Virginia1,063.242,753.78
38DuPage County, Illinois1,046.442,710.27
39Orleans Parish, Louisiana1,036.432,684.34
40Passaic County, New Jersey1,019.062,639.34
41City of Newport News, Virginia1,018.482,637.85
42City of Winchester, Virginia975.552,526.66
43Dallas County, Texas973.992,522.63
44DeKalb County, Georgia958.562,482.67
45Fairfax County, Virginia947.802,454.78
46Middlesex County, New Jersey935.172,422.07
47Los Angeles County, California905.092,344.16
48City of Harrisonburg, Virginia889.732,304.38
49Camden County, New Jersey883.952,289.41
50City of Colonial Heights, Virginia872.702,260.28

Least densely populated

Data presented below is based on U.S. Census department data from 2000. Calculations are made by dividing the population by the land area. All county-equivalents are included. The list is dominated by just a few states: Alaska, Montana, and Texas together comprise about two-thirds of the entries. The Unorganized Borough, which comprises all Census Areas (non-governmental entities) of Alaska, is not included here as a unit, but would rank seventh at 0.0957/km2 (0.2478/mile2) if its component Census Areas were eliminated from the list.

RankCounty namePop/km2Pop/mile2
1Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska0.01730.0449
2Lake and Peninsula Borough, Alaska0.02960.0767
3North Slope Borough, Alaska0.03210.0831
4Loving County, Texas0.03840.0995
5Yakutat City and Borough, Alaska0.04080.1056
6Denali Borough, Alaska0.05730.1485
7Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska0.07750.2008
8Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska0.09610.2488
9Dillingham Census Area, Alaska0.10180.2636
10Esmeralda County, Nevada0.10450.2706
11Garfield County, Montana0.10580.2740
12Kenedy County, Texas0.10970.2842
13Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska0.11470.2971
14Petroleum County, Montana0.11510.2981
15Harding County, New Mexico0.14710.3811
16Aleutians East Borough, Alaska0.14900.3859
17King County, Texas0.15070.3902
18Lincoln County, Nevada0.15120.3917
19Bethel Census Area, Alaska0.15210.3939
20Eureka County, Nevada0.15270.3954
21Nome Census Area, Alaska0.15440.3998
22Carter County, Montana0.15720.4072
23Wade Hampton Census Area, Alaska0.15780.4088
24Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, Alaska0.16800.4351
25Terrell County, Texas0.17700.4585
26Harding County, South Dakota0.19560.5066
27Catron County, New Mexico0.19750.5114
28Powder River County, Montana0.21760.5635
29Clark County, Idaho0.22360.5792
30McPherson County, Nebraska0.23960.6205
31Arthur County, Nebraska0.23960.6207
32Slope County, North Dakota0.24310.6298
33Prairie County, Montana0.26660.6904
34Hinsdale County, Colorado0.27290.7068
35Sioux County, Nebraska0.27560.7137
36Hudspeth County, Texas0.28250.7316
37McCone County, Montana0.28890.7481
38Harney County, Oregon0.28990.7508
39McMullen County, Texas0.29520.7646
40Billings County, North Dakota0.29780.7712
41Culberson County, Texas0.30130.7803
42Meagher County, Montana0.31190.8078
43Borden County, Texas0.31320.8111
44Blaine County, Nebraska0.31670.8203
45Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area, Alaska0.32320.8294
46Treasure County, Montana0.33960.8796
47Custer County, Idaho0.34040.8815
48Golden Valley County, Montana0.34230.8866
49Phillips County, Montana0.34560.8952
50Wheeler County, Oregon0.34830.9021

Population density per state

Data presented below is based on U.S. Census Bureau data from 2000. Calculations are made by dividing the population by the land area. Density is given both in population per km2 and per square mile. All county-equivalents are included.

County name coincidences: Garfield County is the least densely populated county in three different states: Montana, Utah, and Washington. Harding County is the least densely populated in both New Mexico and South Dakota. Jefferson County is the most densely populated in both Alabama and Kentucky.

If Census Areas of Alaska are omitted, Lake and Peninsula Borough becomes the least densely populated at 0.0296/km2 | 0.0767/sq mi.

Least densely populated
Most densely populated
All StatesYukon-Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska (0.0449/sq mi | 0.0173/km2)New York County, New York (66,940.07/sq mi | 25,845.71/km2)
AlabamaWilcox County (14.8343/sq mi | 5.7276/km2)Jefferson County (595.04/sq mi | 229.75/km2)
AlaskaYukon-Koyukuk Census Area (0.0449/sq mi | 0.0173/km2)Municipality of Anchorage (153.36/sq mi | 59.21/km2)
ArizonaLa Paz County (4.3812/sq mi | 1.6916/km2)Maricopa County (333.82/sq mi | 128.8868/km2)
ArkansasCalhoun County (9.1425/sq mi | 3.5299/km2)Pulaski County (468.95/sq mi | 181.06/km2)
CaliforniaAlpine County (1.6355/sq mi | 0.6315/km2)City and County of San Francisco (16,634.37/sq mi | 6,422.57/km2)
ColoradoHinsdale County (0.7068/sq mi | 0.2729/km2)City and County of Denver (3,616.78/sq mi | 1,396.45/km2)
ConnecticutLitchfield County (198.0527/sq mi | 76.4686/km2)Fairfield County (1,410.30/sq mi | 544.52/km2)
DelawareSussex County (167.0668/sq mi | 64.5049/km2)New Castle County (1,173.60/sq mi | 453.13/km2)
District of Columbia
Washington, D.C. (9,316.43/sq mi | 3,597.09/km2)
FloridaLiberty County (8.3997/sq mi | 3.2431/km2)Pinellas County (3,291.99/sq mi | 1,271.04/km2 )
GeorgiaClinch County (8.4988/sq mi | 3.2814/km2)DeKalb County (2,482.67/sq mi | 958.56/km2)
HawaiiKalawao County (11.1318/sq mi | 4.2980/km2)Honolulu County (1,460.83/sq mi | 564.03/km2)
IdahoClark County (0.5792/sq mi | 0.2236/km2)Ada County (285.22/sq mi | 110.12/km2)
IllinoisPope County (11.8993/sq mi | 4.5943/km2)Cook County (5,685.58/sq mi | 2,195.51/km2)
IndianaWarren County (23.0732/sq mi | 8.9086/km2)Marion County (2,171.50/sq mi | 838.42/km2)
IowaRinggold County (10.1717/sq mi | 3.9273/km2)Polk County (657.95/sq mi | 254.04/km2)
KansasWallace County (1.9136/sq mi | 0.7388/km2)Johnson County (1,168.2/sq mi | 451/km2)
KentuckyHickman County (21.5263/sq mi | 8.3114/km2 )Jefferson County (1,801.16/sq mi | 695.43/km2)
LouisianaCameron Parish (7.6095/sq mi | 2.9380/km2)Orleans Parish (2,684.34/sq mi | 1,036.43/km2)
MainePiscataquis County (4.3454/sq mi | 1.6778/km2)Cumberland County (317.90/sq mi | 122.74/km2)
MarylandGarrett County (46.0618/sq mi | 17.7846/km2 )City of Baltimore (independent city) (8,058.40/sq mi | 3,111.36/km2)
MassachusettsFranklin County (101.8976/sq mi | 39.3429/km2)Suffolk County (11,788.35/sq mi | 4,551.51/km2)
MichiganKeweenaw County (4.2534/sq mi | 1.6423/km2)Wayne County (3,356.11/sq mi | 1,295.80/km2)
MinnesotaLake of the Woods County (3.4873/sq mi | 1.3465/km2)Ramsey County (3,280.55/sq mi | 1,266.63/km2)
MississippiIssaquena County (5.5052/sq mi | 2.1256/km2)Harrison County (326.35/sq mi | 126.00/km2)
MissouriReynolds County (8.2458/sq mi | 3.1837/km2)City of St. Louis (independent city) (5,622.87/sq mi | 2,171.00/km2)
MontanaGarfield County (0.2740/sq mi | 0.1058/km2 )Yellowstone County (49.09/sq mi | 18.95/km2)
NebraskaMcPherson County (0.6205/sq mi | 0.2396/km2)Douglas County (1,400.65/sq mi | 540.79/km2)
NevadaEsmeralda County (0.2706/sq mi | 0.1045/km2)Carson City (independent city) (365.93/sq mi | 141/km2)
New HampshireCoos County (18.3911/sq mi | 7.1008/km2)Hillsborough County (434.57/sq mi | 167.79/km2)
New JerseySalem County (190.2599/sq mi | 73.4597/km2)Hudson County (13,043.62/sq mi | 5,036.17/km2)
New MexicoHarding County (0.3811/sq mi | 0.1471/km2)Bernalillo County (543.138 /sq mi | 0.1471/km2)
New YorkHamilton County (3.1266/sq mi | 0.1471/km2)New York County (66,940.07/sq mi | 25,845.71/km2)
North CarolinaHyde County (9.5073/sq mi | 3.6708/km2)Mecklenburg County (1,321.47/sq mi | 510.22/km2)
North DakotaSlope County (0.6298/sq mi | 0.2431/km2)Cass County (69.76/sq mi | 26.93/km2)
OhioVinton County (30.9264/sq mi | 11.9407/km2)Cuyahoga County (3,040.37/sq mi | 1,173.89/km2)
OklahomaCimarron County (1.7155/sq mi | 0.6624/km2)Tulsa County (987.72/sq mi | 381.36/km2)
OregonHarney County (0.7508/sq mi | 0.2899/km2)Multnomah County (1,517.55/sq mi | 585.93/km2)
PennsylvaniaForest County (11.5529/sq mi | 4.4606/km2)Philadelphia County (11,233.61/sq mi | 4,337.32/km2)
Rhode IslandWashington County (371.2830/sq mi | 143.3532/km2)Bristol County (2,051.84/sq mi | 792.22/km2)
South CarolinaAllendale County (27.4645/sq mi | 10.6041/km2)Greenville County (480.48/sq mi | 185.51/km2)
South DakotaHarding County (0.5066/sq mi | 0.1956/km2)Minnehaha County (183.14/sq mi | 70.71/km2)
TennesseePerry County (18.3926/sq mi | 7.1014/km2)Shelby County (1,189.44/sq mi | 459.25/km2)
TexasLoving County (0.0995/sq mi | 0.0384/km2)Dallas County (2,522.63/sq mi | 973.99/km2)
UtahGarfield County (0.9151/sq mi | 0.3533/km2)Salt Lake County (1,218.35/sq mi | 470.41/km2)
VermontEssex County (9.7099/sq mi | 3.7490/km2)Chittenden County (271.91/sq mi | 104.99/km2)
VirginiaHighland County (6.0983/sq mi | 2.3545/km2)City of Alexandria (independent city) (8,451.99/sq mi | 3,263.33/km2)
WashingtonGarfield County (3.2/sq mi | 1.2/km2)King County (817.03/sq mi | 315.46/km2)
West VirginiaPocahontas County (9.7109/sq mi | 3.7494/km2)Ohio County (446.68/sq mi | 172.46/km2)
WisconsinIron County (9.0606/sq mi | 3.4983/km2)Milwaukee County (3,892.06/sq mi | 1,502.73/km2)
WyomingNiobrara County (0.9167/sq mi | 0.3539/km2)Laramie County (30.38/sq mi | 11.73/km2)

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^ A: The Unorganized Borough, Alaska formed by the Borough Act of 1961 is a legal entity, run by the Alaska state government as an extension of State government,[3] it and the independently incorporated Unified, Home Rule, First Class and Second Class boroughs roughly correspond to parishes in Louisiana and to counties in the other 48 states.[4]


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