County routes in California

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San Diego County S1.svg
Example of a California county route shield.
System information
Notes:All classes of state-numbered highways are generally state-maintained.
Highway names
Interstates:Interstate X (I-X) or Route X
US Routes:U.S. Route X (US X) or Route X
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San Diego County S1.svg
Example of a California county route shield.
System information
Notes:All classes of state-numbered highways are generally state-maintained.
Highway names
Interstates:Interstate X (I-X) or Route X
US Routes:U.S. Route X (US X) or Route X
State:State Route X (SR-X) or Route X

In the U.S. state of California, county routes are controlled and maintained by the respective counties in which they reside. However, they are generally patrolled by the state's California Highway Patrol.

County routes are designated with a letter (A, B, D, E, G, J, N, R, or S, depending on the region of the state, with several counties split between two region prefixes) followed by a number (example: G2). Therefore, the county routes are sorted alphabetically, from the northernmost region of California to the southernmost region. Routes with letters (A, B, D) are in the region of Northern California, letters (E, G, J) are in Central California, and (N, R, S) are in Southern California.

These routes are all part of the California Route Marker Program, which was established in 1958. This program was incorporated into the National Uniform County Route Marker Program created by the National Association of Counties in 1967. Not all counties choose to use the same marker; some have different systems of numbering their county routes.

List of California county routes[edit]

The county routes are alphabetically sorted by the prefix letter in its shield, followed by the corresponding number.


NumberCountiesSouth or west terminusNorth or east terminusLength (mi)[1](km)FormedDeletedNotes
CR A1LassenSR 36SR 13935.3056.481963, 1983
CR A2LassenSR 299SR 13911.4118.261958
CR A3LassenBuntingville (US 395)Standish (US 395)8.4513.521958
CR A5TehamaRosewood (SR 36)Cottonwood (I-5)14.2722.831958
CR A6TehamaDales (Malton Road)Forward Road15.6024.961958
CR A7TehamaRed Bluff (Live Oak Road)Red Bluff (SR 36)4.967.941958
CR A8TehamaTehama (SR 99)Red Bluff (SR 36)13.5321.651967
CR A9TehamaPaskenta (Round Valley Road)Corning (SR 99)30.2748.431967
CR A10SiskiyouI-5Mount Shasta15.1924.301959
CR A11TehamaTehama (I-5)Tehama (CR A8)5.168.231967
CR A12SiskiyouI-5US 9717.9028.641959
CR A13PlumasHamilton Branch (SR 147)Hamilton Branch (SR 36)3.796.061959
CR A14PlumasSR 89Johnsville5.699.101959
CR A15PlumasPortola (SR 89)Portola (SR 36)8.359.951959
CR A16ShastaSR 36Redding (SR 273)38.7440.341960
CR A17Shasta, TehamaI-5SR 4419.1930.701963
CR A18ShastaRedding (SR 273)Shasta Dam8.8314.131960
CR A19ShastaSR 299SR 8917.4027.841960
CR A20ShastaSR 89CR A195.568.901960
CR A21Lassen, PlumasSR 147SR 4422.6036.161963This route was originally formed in 1933 as SR 183.
CR A22PlumasSR 89Nelson Street4.547.261961
CR A23Plumas, SierraSattley (SR 89)Beckwourth (SR 70)12.8120.501961
CR A24Plumas, SierraLoyalton (SR 49)SR 7015.3524.561961
CR A25LassenUS 395Pole Line Road4.206.721966
CR A26LassenUS 395Herlong Access Road3.826.111966
CR A27LassenSusanville (SR 36)US 39515.0224.031971
CR A28SiskiyouGrenada (CR A21)Hornbrook (Copco Road)
CR B2ButteOroville (SR 70)SR 1627.5012.001964
CR C1SonomaUS 101SR 1625.488.771975Unsigned route
CR D1Del NorteCrescent City (Pebble Beach Drive)Crescent City (US 101)2.624.191966
CR D2Del NorteCrescent City (US 101)Crescent City (Lake Earl Drive)5.829.311966
CR D3Del NorteCrescent City (US 101)Crescent City (US 101)5.829.311966
CR D4Del NorteUS 101US 1013.435.491966
CR D5Del NorteUS 101Near the Oregon state line (US 101)5.739.171966
CR D6Del NorteIndian RoadUS 1010.310.501966
CR D7Del NorteUS 101Klamath River (Klamath Road)0.901.441966
CR D7Del NorteKlamath RiverUS 1013.986.371966
CR E1AlpineGrover Hot Springs State ParkMarkleeville (SR 89)3.916.291962
CR E2Placer, SacramentoElk Grove (SR 99)Roseville (I-80)28.8946.491967
CR E3Placer, SacramentoRancho Cordova (US 50)Rocklin (I-80)12.7620.541967
CR E4YoloEsparto (SR 16)Dunnigan (I-5)16.3026.231968
CR E5TuolumneJamestown (SR 49 / SR 108)Tuttletown (SR 49)4.036.491974
CR E6YoloI-505 / SR 128Davis (I-80)15.9325.641968
CR E7Solano, YoloI-80Woodland (SR 16)14.3223.051968
CR E8YoloDavis (CR E6)SR 11315.7125.281968
CR E9Sacramento, YoloSR 160SR 16013.0821.051968
CR E10YoloI-505SR 1139.8615.871968
CR E11YoloSR 113Tyndall Landing (SR 45)5.198.351976
CR E12SacramentoElk Grove (CR J8)Elk Grove (CR E2)6.8310.991971
CR E13SacramentoCR J11Galt (SR 99 / SR 104)14.7923.801971
CR E14SacramentoSacramento (SR 99)Orangevale (CR E3)17.6228.361972
CR E15CalaverasYosemite Junction (SR 120)Copperopolis (SR 4)12.9120.781974
CR E16Amador, El DoradoPlymouth (SR 49)Fresh Pond (US 50)33.2153.451967
CR E17TuolumneSR 108Soulsbyville (SR 108)13.3921.551974Unsigned route
CR E18Calaveras, TuolumneSR 49Columbia (SR 4)12.7820.571974
CR E19YoloSR 84Clarksburg (CR E9)3.125.021976
CR E20YubaCR E21Log Cabin (SR 49)19.9332.071977
CR E21Butte, Plumas, YubaBrowns Valley (SR 20)La Porte (Warren Hill Road)46.4574.751977
CR G1San BenitoSan Juan Bautista (SR 156)Fremont Peak State Park5.428.721958
CR G2Santa ClaraSaratoga (SR 85)Sunnyvale (SR 237)Quito Road portion is unsigned
CR G3Santa ClaraLos Altos Hills (I-280)Palo Alto (US 101)4.527.271962
CR G4Santa ClaraCampbell (SR 17)Milpitas (I-680)14.1122.701962, 1978Montague Expressway portion is unsigned
CR G5Santa ClaraLos Altos (I-280)Palo Alto (CR G3)7.2411.651962
CR G6Santa ClaraPalo Alto (CR G3)San Jose (US 101)12.3319.841962
CR G7Santa ClaraSR 25SR 1523.255.231962
CR G8Santa ClaraGilroy (SR 152)San Jose (SR 82)29.3847.281962
CR G9Santa ClaraGilroy (US 101)SR 1524.176.711963
CR G10Santa ClaraLos Gatos (SR 17)San Jose (SR 82)10.3416.641964
CR G11MontereyCR G12US 101 / SR 1568.9614.421965
CR G12Monterey, Santa CruzPrunedale (US 101 / SR 156)Watsonville (SR 129)10.5416.961965
CR G13Monterey, San Benito
CR G14Monterey, San Luis Obispo
CR G15Monterey
CR G16Monterey
CR G17Monterey
CR G18Monterey
CR G19Monterey, San Luis Obispo
CR G20Monterey
CR G21Santa ClaraCR G8CR G4
CR J1Fresno, San Benito
CR J2Alameda, San Joaquin
CR J3San Joaquin, Stanislaus
CR J4Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin
CR J5San Joaquin
CR J6San Joaquin, Stanislaus
CR J7Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus
CR J8Sacramento, San Joaquin
CR J9San Joaquin, Stanislaus
CR J10Sacramento, San Joaquin
CR J11Sacramento, San Joaquin
CR J12San Joaquin
CR J13San Joaquin
CR J14Calaveras, Stanislaus
CR J15Tulare
CR J16Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus
CR J17Merced, Stanislaus
CR J18Merced, Stanislaus
CR J19Fresno, Tulare
CR J20Mariposa, TuolumneFormer CR J132[2]
CR J21Tulare
CR J22Tulare
CR J23Tulare
CR J24Tulare
CR J25Tulare
CR J26Tulare
CR J27Tulare
CR J28Tulare
CR J29Tulare
CR J30Tulare
CR J31Tulare
CR J32Tulare
CR J33Tulare
CR J34Tulare
CR J35Tulare
CR J36Tulare
CR J37Tulare
CR J38Tulare
CR J40Fresno, Tulare
CR J41Inyo, Tulare
CR J42Tulare
CR J44Kern, Tulare
CR J46Tulare
CR J59Merced, Stanislaus, Tuolumne
CR J132Mariposa, Tuolumne
CR N1Los AngelesCalifornia 156)
CR N2Los Angeles
CR N3Los Angeles
CR N4Los Angeles
CR N5Los Angeles
CR N6Los Angeles
CR N7Los Angeles
CR N8Los Angeles, Orange
CR N9Los Angeles
CR R2Riverside
CR R3Riverside
CR S1San Diego
CR S2Imperial, San Diego
CR S3San Diego
CR S4San Diego
CR S5San Diego
CR S6San Diego
CR S7San Diego
CR S8San Diego
CR S9San Diego
CR S10San Diego
CR S11San Diego
CR S12San Diego
CR S13San Diego
CR S14San Diego
CR S15San Diego
CR S16Riverside, San Diego
CR S17San Diego
CR S18Orange
CR S19Orange
CR S20Santa Barbara19671988Deleted
CR S21San Diego
CR S22Imperial, San Diego
CR S24Imperial
CR S25Orange
CR S26Imperial
CR S27Imperial
CR S28Imperial
CR S29Imperial
CR S30Imperial
CR S31Imperial
CR S32Imperial
CR S34Imperial
CR S78ImperialDeleted and replaced by SR 78
CR S80Imperial
CR 66San BernardinoI-15US 952502011[3]This is the portion of the former U.S. Route 66 east of Victorville

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