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Cooney (from O'Cooney, Gaelic: "O'Cuana") is a common Irish surname. In various forms, the name dates back to the 12th century. It is first associated with County Tyrone then in the province of Connaught, in the townland of Ballycooney, Loughrea barony, in County Galway, then to County Clare, County Mayo, and Dublin.

Alternate spellings are O'Conney, Coony, Coonahan, Coonihan, Coonie, Coonan, Coumey, (Coomey) and Cooihan. Alternate spellings of O'Cuana are Cuana, Coona, O Cuanaic, and O'Cuanaich. Some with the name, Coonifer, Coonihan and Coumey, the latter mainly from County Cork, have been changed into Cooney.

People named Cooney[edit]



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