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The following tables and gallery compare general and technical information for a number of webmail providers. Please see the individual products' articles for further information.

General information[edit]

General information on Webmail providers and products

ProductOwnerOwner's location(s)ReleaseCostMailbox storageMaximum attachment limitSupported languagesSupported browsersPOP3[a] supportIMAP supportSMTP supportSSL supportAccount expiration
Use Own Domain
AOL MailAOL Inc.USA2004 AugFree (ads)Unlimited25 MBEnglishAllYesYesYesYes6 months?
AtmailAtmail?1998 DecFrom $2 user/month[b]10 GB50 MB10AllYesYesYesYesUntil payment ends?
ContactOfficeContactOffice Group S.A.?2000Free to €50/month[1]100 MB to 10 GB25 MB8AllYesPaidPaidYes12 months?
FastMailFastmail Pty LtdAustralia1999 Jan$10/year to $120/year[2]250 MB to 60 GB10 to 50 MB[c]English, GermanAllYesYesYesSSL, TLS[4]4 months (guest), Until Payment EndsYes
GandiGandi SASFrance [d]1999But must keep domain with them for ~$10/year1 GB+25 MBEnglish, FrenchAllYesYesYesSSL, TLS?Yes, required
GmailGoogle IncUSA2004 AprFree (ads) on, $5/user/month on the user's domain[5]15+ GB
25 MB[7]52AllYesYesYesTLS, HTTPS, Exchange ActiveSync9 months[e]$5/user/month on google apps
GMX Mail
United Internet AGGermany1997 JanFree (ads) or Paid (Promail/Topmail)Unlimited[9]50 MB3AllYesYesYesTLS, HTTPS6 months (free), Until payment ends[10]?
HushmailHush Communications Ltd.Canada1999 MayFree (no ads)
$34.99 year (Premium)
25 MB (free), 1 GB+ (premium)20 MB, total 25 MB/mail[11]EnglishAllPaidPaidPaidSSL,TLS3 weeks (free), Until payment ends?
iCloud[f]Apple Inc.USA2011 OctFree (no ads) or $20/year, $40/Year, or $100/year[g]5 GB (free), 10, 20, or 50 GB yearly[h]20MB4iOS 5+, Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome, iWork[14]No[15]Yes[15]Yes[15]SSL, TLS[15]Never?
LaPoste ( PosteFrance2000Free (ads)2 GB20 MBFrenchAllYesYesYesSSL, TLS6 months?
LycosDaumKorea1995 JanFree (ads) and limited to residents of: United States, US territories, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand
Premium: $19.95 yearly
3 GB (free)
5 GB
35 MB?AllPlus onlyPlus onlyPlus only? ? (Can be as short as 30 days)?[16]United Internet AGGermany1995Free (ads) or $3.95/month or $19.95/yearUnlimited50 MB3AllPaid onlyPaid onlyPaid onlyonly on mobile12 months (free),[17] Until payment ends?
Mail.ruMail.ruRussia1998 Jan[18]Free (ads)
$5 monthly (no ads)
Unlimited25 MB[i]4AllYesYesYesYes6 monthsYes
Opoliswww.opolis.euBahrain00 May 2009FreeUnlimited125MBEnglish, German, Russian, CzechAllNoNoNo???
Outlook.comMicrosoftUSA1996 July (As Hotmail)
2012 July
Free (ads), Various paid option (plus)Unlimited[20]25 MB (10 GB SkyDrive)106Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer[21]Yes[20]Yes[20]Yes[20]HTTPS,[20] Exchange ActiveSync[20]9 months (free), Until payment ends (plus)Yes
Ovi MailNokiaFinland2008 DecFree (provided by Yahoo!)1 GB20 MB15Internet Explorer, Firefox, Ovi SuiteYesMobile only????
RackspaceRackspace IncUSA2007, OctFrom $2 user/month[j]25GB50 MB12Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet ExplorerYesYesYesYesUntil payment ends?
RediffmailRediffIndia1997Free and paid: INR399 (US$6.40)/year for POP3; INR50 (80¢ US)/month for mobileUnlimited25 MB11AllINR399 (US$6.40)??No (Only the user credentials are send ecrypted, browsing is insecured.)2 months (mails deleted), 3 months (deactivation)?
RunboxRunbox Solutions ASNorway1999$19.95 per year or $49.95 per year with email & web hosting10 GB[22]100 MB2AllYesYesYesSSLUntil payment ends?
SifySifyIndia1998Free (provided by Gmail)10 GB25 MBEnglishAllYesYesYesYes3 months?
ThexyzThexyz Inc?2008, JanFrom $1.95 user/month25GB50 MB12Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet ExplorerYesYesYesYesUntil payment ends?
Yahoo! MailYahoo!USA1997 OctFree (ads)
Yahoo! Mail Plus (no ads) $49.99
1TB[k]25 MB27IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome[24]Most countries or YPOPs!Yes[l]YesHTTPS[26] except classic version.6 months
+2 months/yr active[27]
Yandex MailYandex LLCRussia2000 JuneFree (Mail platform supported by Yandex)Unlimited[28]200 MB, unlimited number of files up to 10 GB each using Yandex.Disk[29]6AllYesYesYesSSL, HTTPS, TLS, Exchange ActiveSync6 Months[30]Yes
ZohoZOHO CorporationUSA / India2008 OctFree (personal) for 3 users; $24/user yearly; $36/user yearly5 GB "Lite".
"Standard": 10 & 15 GB
20 MB16Firefox 2.0+, IE 6+, ChromeYesYesYesSSL, HTTPS120 days (free account); Until payment endsYes, required
ProductOwnerOwner's location(s)ReleaseCostMailbox storageMaximum attachment limitSupported languagesSupported browsersPOP3[m] supportIMAP supportSMTP supportSSL supportAccount expiration
Use Own Domain


  1. ^ In addition to the POP3 support listed here, almost all Web mail providers can be accessed with POP3 using the third-party tool FreePOPs.
  2. ^ Requires minimum of 5 mailboxes.
  3. ^ Additionally there are monthly total transfer ("bandwidth") limits.[3] e.g., 80 MB/month for the free account (as of September 2009).
  4. ^ Have servers in use, but all email hosted in Paris according to email conversation with their CEO.
  5. ^ Gmail accounts may or may not be deleted after 9 months of inactivity. There is no guarantee they will remain after then.[8]
  6. ^ Must be an Apple (iPod, iPad, &c.) owner to obtain an account, but works on Windows, as well.
  7. ^ 15 GB cost $20/yr, 25 GB cost $40/yr, 55 GB cost $100/yr[12][13]
  8. ^ shared between file and email storage, customizable ratio
  9. ^ When a user's mail box contains more than 500 MB, they will receive an email with a proposal to increase the volume by 2 GB by solving a CAPTCHA[19]
  10. ^ Requires minimum of 5 mailboxes.
  11. ^ Yahoo! Mail announced free, 1TB of storage space for all its members, in October 2013.[23]
  12. ^ Also can be used on non-mobile devices via third-party software.[25]
  13. ^ In addition to the POP3 support listed here, almost all Web mail providers can be accessed with POP3 using the third-party tool FreePOPs.

Unique features[edit]

Unique features in webmail products
FastMail.FMOne time passwords;[31] Different From and "envelope from" addresses (no "on behalf of ..." issue);[32] spam filter; spam detection;[33] deletion of selected attachments.
GmailAccount verification via SMS or voice call in some countries;[34] Messages grouped into "conversations"; "Normal" view via Settings; Labels instead of folders; Undo send (implemented as a delayed send)
Mail.rufile storage, filters, antivirus, labels, folders, SMS verification, mobile verification. mobile alerts, pop3 mails accumulate
Outlook.comOne-time password, Mobile alerts
Ovi MailAs of May 2011, content is provided by Yahoo![35]
RackspaceMix & Match Rackspace Email mailboxes with more expensive Hosted Exchange mailboxes
Rediffmailsign-in via Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Mobile Sync; Indrive.
ThexyzSecure and private, ad-free email that has many domains and ability to register your own.
Yahoo! MailN/A
Yandex MailNo ads, email for own domains (Yandex PDD), labels, folders, scheduled email delivery, SMS verification, sign-in via Twitter, VK, Facebook, Google Profile
ZohoVarious Zoho applications, Google Apps support, sign-in via Facebook, Google, Google Apps, Yahoo!

Language support[edit]

Supported languages
NameLanguages supported
AOL MailEnglish
ContactOfficeEnglish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish.
FastMail.FMEnglish Interface. All languages supported in message display/composition. Right to left directionality support.
GMX MailGerman, English, French
Mail.comEnglish, French, Spanish
Mail.ruEnglish, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Uzbek
iCloudEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Czech, Hungarian (All iCloud languages)
Ovi Mail15 languages
RackspaceChinese, English, French, French Canadian, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish
RediffmailEnglish, Indian languages: Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Nepali.
RunboxEnglish, Norwegian
ThexyzChinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Yandex MailEnglish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Tatar, Azerbaijani, Romanian, Kazakh, Belorussian, Armenian
Yahoo! Mail27[citation needed]
ZohoEnglish (US), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish.


Service nameAutomatic forwardingE-mail client access14client E-mail for other serverIntegration with IM serviceDomain
Virus scanningFilters out emails with executable attachmentsCustom "From:" AddressAddress modifiers (subaddressing)Server hosted public keyring (for encryption)Shared key encryption
AOL MailNoYes
Yes0AOL Instant MessengerNo1JavaScript/ AjaxYes
No ?NoNo
Bigfoot CommunicationsPremium account onlyYes
(POP3 only)
XMPPYesHTML/ JavaScript/ CSS/AjaxYes?Yes ?NoNo
FastMail.FMPaid accounts onlyYes
Paid accounts
(POP3, Hotmail)
XMPPEnhanced and group (Business/ Family) accountsHTML/ JavaScript/ CSS/Ajax (Optional user supplied custom css+JavaScript)Paid accounts
Configurable with user filtering rulesYes
Editable while composing + saved personalities
userid followed by "+" followed by tag available on all accounts; subdomain addressing (e.g. <tag>@<userid> available on paid accounts
SSL/TLS supported
SMTP restricted18
(POP3 only)
Google Talkbeta (XMPP), AOL Instant MessengerYes
(Google Apps $5.00 monthly/ $50.00 annually)
HTML/ JavaScript/ Ajax2YesYes, including .exe files in zip filesYes, limited.
Feature restricted to preconfigured addresses. Addresses not registered in advance with Gmail are blocked.
userid followed by "+" followed by tag
GMX MailNoYes
SSL/TLS supported
(POP3 only)
XMPPYesHTML/ JavaScript/ AjaxYes
(McAfee and Symantec)
Yes, including .exe files in zip filesYesNoNoNo
HushmailNoExtra cost8?No$1.99/$3.99 monthly through Hushmail BusinessJava or HTMLNo but the text based email stops most viruses, PGP encryption ?Yes, unlimited email aliases for Premium members ?YesYes
SSL/TLS supported
(POP3 only)
Google Talk (XMPP)NoHTML/ JavaScript/ Ajax2YesYes, including .exe files in zip filesYesNoNoNo
(POP3 only)
customYes (Free, for Business supports up to 5000 mailboxes)HTML/ Ajax (Beta)Yes
 ?Yes ?NoNo
(POP3 only)
Windows Live Messenger, Google Hangouts, Facebook ChatYes4HTML/ JavaScript/ CSS/AjaxYesYes, including .exe files in zip filesYesuserid followed by "+" followed by tag[36]NoNo
SSL/TLS supported
SMTP restricted
?NoYesHTML/ JavaScript/ AjaxYesYes?NoNoNo
rediffNoPlus members only?Rediff BolYesJavaScript/ Ajax2Yes ?Yes ?NoNo
SSL/TLS supported
(POP3, Hotmail, Gmail)
SSL/TLS supported
XMPP, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, ICQ, IRC[37]YesHTML/ JavaScript/ CSS/AjaxYes
If discarded by virus scannerYes
Selectable while composing; saved identities
userid followed by "+" or "-" followed by tag
SSL/TLS supported
(POP3 only)
NoNoHTML/ JavaScriptYes
 ?Yes ?NoNo
SSL/TLS supported
?NoYesHTML/ JavaScript/ AjaxYesYes?NoNoNo
Yahoo! MailPlus accounts onlyYes
(POP3-Plus members only, but free in some countries, IMAP
SSL/TLS supported)
(POP3 only)
Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger$35 yearlyHTML/ JavaScript/ CSS/AjaxYes
(Norton AntiVirus)
Yes, including .exe files in zip filesYes
& only 10 addresses
alias userid (chosen by user) followed by "-" followed by tag
Yandex MailYesYes (POP3, IMAP, SMTP, SSL)Yes
(POP3 only)
Ya Online, any XMPP IMYes (Free, Yandex PDD supports up to 1000 mailboxes without verification of legal use)HTML/ JavaScript/ CSS/AjaxYes
Configurable or/and if discarded by antivirusYes, only from confirmed addresses[39]Yes
your e-mail address followed by "+" then followed by a suffix[40]
ZohoYesYes (POP, IMAP, SMTP)Yes (POP)XMPP, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live MessengerYes (business accounts)AjaxYes ?Yes ?NoNo
Service nameAutomatic forwardingE-mail client access14client E-mail for other serverIntegration with IM serviceDomain
Virus scanningFilters out emails with executable attachmentsCustom "From:" AddressAddress modifiersServer hosted public keyring (for encryption)Shared key encryption

Note 0: Through AOL Easy Transfer

Note 1: Through AOL My eAddress

Note 2: HTML interface available for legacy browsers or users with JavaScript disabled

Note 3: Since March 12, 2009, POP3 technology rolled out to Windows Live Hotmail customers worldwide. Additionally, the proprietary DeltaSync-protocol is available.

Note 4: Through Windows Live Custom Domains

Note 7: IMAP only for free and Member accounts, IMAP and POP for Full and Enhanced

Note 8: IMAP access available for $14.99 for the first year and $29.99 yearly thereafter

Note 9: Forwarding and POP3 access with "Platinum" ($34.95 yearly) and above

Note 10: Through Yahoo! Mail Plus ($19.99 yearly);[41] or through YPOPs!

Note 12: Free of charge, but web-mail only.

Note 14: Most mail services that do not support POP3 access can be accessed through the FreePOPs mail proxy software.

Note 15: Yahoo! Mail Plus ($19.99 yearly) features[42]

Note 16: Mobile-compatible, simplified HTML interface available for legacy browsers, users with JavaScript disabled, and users with mobile devices.

Note 17: IMAP only available for paid accounts.

Note 18: Gmail restricts the FROM field to registered addresses. E.g. Disposable addresses forbidden.

Note 19: HTML-only backwards compatible.


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