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This list is a comparison of web conferencing software available for Linux, OS X, and Windows platforms. Many of the applications support the use of videoconferencing.

Comparison chart[edit]

ProgramLicenseSimultaneous User CapacityLinux


Mac OS X

Mac OS X

Microsoft WindowsAudio SupportVideo QualityVideo SupportChat SupportDesktop Sharing SupportWhiteboardUpload PPTUpload PDFUpload Doc / DocXCo-browsingMobile Device SupportBreak-Out SessionsSecurity AccessEncrypted communicationHost meeting from MobileAttend meeting from MobileCloud Based no downloadRecording capabilities
Adobe ConnectProprietary1-1500 (80,000 w/webcast)[1]VGA, HQ, HD[2][3][4][5]iOS, Android and RIM
PowWow365Proprietary1-500XXiOS (iPhone, iPad)[6]
AccuConferenceProprietary1-1000Unknown✓ Participant view onlyHD✓ Moderator onlyXX? iOS Participant OnlyXUnknownXUnknown✓ Participants only
AnyMeetingProprietary1-200[7]HQXX[8]XXiOS and Android Tablets
AVIDO Web ConferenceProprietary1-1000VGAUnknownUnknownComing soonComing soon
Banckle Online MeetingProprietary1-200HDUnknownUnknownUnknownComing soonUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
BigBlueButtonLGPL, GPL1-80[9]VGA,HQX[10]XUnknownAndroid onlyUnknown
Blackboard Collaborate previously Wimba Classroom and ElluminateProprietary1-1000QVGA[11]XiOS and Android
BuddyMeetingProprietaryUp to 10VGAUnknownUnknownXXXXXUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Cisco Unified Meeting PlaceProprietary1-500VGAUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownXXUnknownUnknown
Cisco WebExProprietary1-3000Partial[12]VGA, HQ, HD✓ 256-bit AES,PKI,End-to-end (Transport layer: 128-bit


✓ iOS devices, Android, and BlackBerry✓ Computer-based and Server-based
Citrix GotoMeetingProprietary1-1000[13]VGA, HD[14]Whiteboard Anywhere[15]X[16]X[17]X[18][19]X[20]
CUMeetingProprietary1-unlimitedXXVGA, HDXiPhone, iPad and Android✓ Computer-based
Drum Web MeetingsProprietary1-50XXXXUnknownX
eLecta Live for Web Conferencing and Online MeetingsProprietaryConference Capacity of 15 - 200+ seatsQVGA
eXo Platform with Chat AddonLGPL1-unlimited[21]VGA,HQ, HDXPartial[22]XXUnknownXXX[23]Coming soon
FaceMe Web ConferenceProprietary1-100+[24]VGA,HD, H.323UnknowniPhone, iPad, and Android[25]Dial in and Smartphone app
FastViewerProprietary1-1000[26]VGA, HQ, HDUnknown[27][27]Unknown[28]UnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Fuze MeetingProprietary100+Partial[29]✓ (Vista, 7 & 8)HD,QVGAUnknown[30]X
Genesys Meeting CenterProprietary125+VGAUnknownXUnknownUnknown
GlobalMeetProprietary Up to 125Partial[31]HDXX
IBM SametimeProprietaryVGA,HQ,HD (H.264)
IBM Lotus Sametime UnyteProprietaryVGA,HQUnknownXUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownXUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
ICU Live!Proprietary36 concurrent usersXXVGA,HQUnknownUnknownXUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
iLincProprietaryUp to 1,000XVGA, HQ, SXGA (1280x1024)Unlimited feedsUnknownUnknownComing soonUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
iMeetProprietaryUp to 125Partial[32]HDXXX
Implix ClickMeetingProprietary1-1000UnknownUnknown
Infinite Conferencing's WebInterpointProprietaryUp to 1,000Partial[33]VGAUnknownUnknownXX
inphra onlineProprietaryUp to 3,000VGA, HQ, HDXXX
InterCall Unified Meeting (IUM)[34]Proprietary125+Partial[12]VGAUnknownXUnknown
LiveOnProprietaryUp to 1,000XXVGA, HQ, HD (1280x720)UnknownUnknowniPhone, iPad, and AndroidUnknown
Lucid MeetingsProprietaryUp to 100XX[35]XiPhone, iPad, and AndroidUnknown
MegaMeeting.comProprietary250+Partial[36]VGA,HQ,HD16 FeedsUnknownUnknownComing soonXUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
MeetechoGPL + Proprietary200+QVGA,VGA[37]UnknownUnknownUnknownXUnknownUnknown
MeetingBurnerProprietary1 to 1000HDXXXXXXX
Microsoft Live MeetingProprietaryVGA,HQXXXPartial
Microsoft LyncProprietary1 to 1000XVGA,HQ, HDUnknownPartial
omNovia Web ConferenceProprietary2-5,000VGAUnknownXXUnknown
OmnijoinProprietary2-500XVGA,HQ,HD✓iPhone, iPadXX✓iPhone, iPad✓iPhone, iPad
OpenmeetingsApache License1-125VGA[38]Hammer (Last Stone First End)UnknownXUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
PharmaCAST|PharMethodProprietary1-unlimitedXVGA, HDXUnknownXUnknownXannouncedXUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Saba Meeting, Saba Webinar, Saba Classroom, Saba CentraProprietary1-3000[40]VGA,HD[41]
SkypeProprietary1 to 25VGA,HQ, HDXXUnknownX
Solgenia Weblive FacsysProprietary1-1000HD
Teleskill LiveProprietary1-5000VGA,HQ
TrueConfProprietary1-250Full HDXXXiOS, Android, WebRTCiOS, Android, WebRTC
VeriShowProprietary1-10XAuto, Low, High, HDXX
VideoMostProprietary1-10 000Full HDX[43]iPad
Veeting RoomsProprietary1-10HQcoming soonXXAndroidAndroidX
WebELS MeetingProprietary1-20Auto, Low, Normal, High, HDXComing soonXComing soonComing soonUnknownComing soon
WizIQProprietaryUp to 1,999VGA,HQ,HDX
YuuguuProprietary1 - 30XXXUnknownXXUnknownXXUnknownXUnknownUnknown
Zip ConferencingProprietary Up to 125PartialHDXX
Zoom Video CommunicationsProprietary1-100 (1,000 webinar)XHDXXXXXOne-time download


Mac OS X

Mac OS X

Microsoft WindowsAudio Support

Audio Support

Video QualityVideo SupportChat SupportDesktop Sharing SupportWhiteboardUpload PPTUpload PDFUpload Doc / DocXCo-browsingMobile Device SupportBreak-Out SessionsSecurity AccessEncrypted communicationHost meeting from MobileAttend meeting from MobileCloud Based no downloadRecording capabilities


In the table above, the following terminology is intended to be used to describe some important features:


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