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Crowd funding (alternately: crowdfunding, crowd financing, equity crowdfunding, or hyper funding) web sites provide Internet platforms which support the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources for projects initiated by other people or organizations.


Funding models

Crowd funding pertains to donation based fundraising for businesses or creative projects, typically via an online funding portal. Hyper Funding pertains to equity based fundraising, in which equity ownership in a business is given in exchange for investment capital via an online funding portal.

Money for goods

There are two basic models provided for – some sites offer a choice between the two:

ArtistShareKiAMusiciansHas own record label.
AppsplitKiA or AoNTechnologyUSAHas an app or app idea.
BountySourceBounty or AoNOpen Source SoftwareBounties are attached to github issues. Anyone can collect the bounty by submitting a pull request that resolves the issue.
CampfireAoNCreative projectsJapanApplies a 20% fee to the funds collected.
First FunderKiA or AoNCommunity based
FondomatKiAEntrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Accelerators, Incubators, Universities, SBDCs, Community ProgramsCzech RepublicFirst partner-based platform. Sources all campaigns from community partners.
FundableAoNStartup businessesSpecializes in obtaining pre-seed funding for startup businesses.
FundageekKiAInventors, Research, Education, Software, Community SupportAdditional project promotion services are available
Funding4LearningKiA or AoNEducational projects
FundRazrKiAPersonal, charitable, entrepreneurial, and political causesCanadaAvailable as an app for a Facebook page.
FundlyKiAPersonal, charitable, and political causesUSAvailable as an app for a Facebook page.
GoFundMeKiAHelping people after
accidents & illnesses
Headstart (web)AoNentrepreneursIsrael
IAmScientistAoNAcademic researchAlso provides social network for academic collaboration
IndiegogoKiA or AoNAllows a broad range of projectsOne of the top sites
InvestedInKiA or AoNOpen to any project anywhere in the worldAlso offers a white label crowdfunding platform
KickstarterAoNCreative projectshighest funded projects to date
LoudsauceAoNSocial awareness
advertising campaigns
MicroryzaAoNFund scientific researchNo tangible awards are given for backing, only personal satisfaction
MobcasterAoNTV Shows
MyfreeimplantsAoNCosmetic surgeryFocused on breast augmentations. International
Neighbor.lyKiA or AoNCivic ProjectsSpecializes in raising local match for securing federal and state grants
OffbeatrAoNPornographyProjects must first get enough votes from users before they are open for funding
Peoplefund.itAoNAttached to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Petridish.orgAoNScientific research
Rock The PostAoNEntrepreneurs and Small Businesses
YouCaringKiAHelping people with
Medical issues & life changing causes
WeeveKiANonprofitsSite operates "freemium" model without transaction fees

Business ventures

Crowd funding can be used to raise capital (equity) or borrow money. While organized informally, they typically involve large numbers of small investors or lenders:

Abundance GenerationDebtCommunity renewable energy projectsUK
AngelListEquity, DebtStartups
BankToTheFutureEquity, Debt, Awardssmall businesses and new startupsUK
BolstrRevenue ShareSmall businessesUSAble to operate now, pre-JOBS Act
CircleUpEquityConsumer products and retail
CrowdCubeEquity and rewardsstart-ups, high-net-worth investors onlyUK
FundableEquitySeed stage businesses
FundedByMeEquity and RewardsEntrepreneursSweden and Finland
Funding CircleLoanSmall businessesUK
GambitiousEquityGame developmentNetherlands
Innovestment GmbHEquity AuctionsGermany
KopernikOther3rd world issues
Lending ClubEquity/Loan
LumniOtherLoan for college tuition[1]
Mosaic Inc.Solar DebtSolar projects, available to general public in CA/NY and all US accreditedsUSopen, pre-JOBS Act
Prosper MarketplaceLoan
SecondMarketEquity, DebtLate stage startups and privately held companies at a pre-IPO or pre-acquisition stage
SeedrsEquitySeed-stage businesses, Investments from £10+UK
SeedupsEquityEarly stage tech-startupsUK, Ireland and USA
StartupValleyEquityTechnology startups and businesses
SymbidEquity & PerksStart ups & Business Ideas, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Accelerators, Incubators, Crowd Investors, Angel InvestorsNetherlandsResponsible for one third of the Dutch crowdfunding market in 2012
TenPages.comRevenue sharingBooksNetherlands
Upstart (company)LoanLoans for recent college graduates
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