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A comparison of Subversion clients includes various aspects of computer software implementations of the client role using the client–server model of the Subversion revision control system.


TortoiseSVN, a Windows shell extension, gives feedback on the state of versioned items by adding overlays to the icons in the Windows Explorer. Repository commands can be executed from the enhanced context menu provided by Tortoise.

SmartSVN provides a similar Explorer integration, but also can be used as a standalone SVN client for different platforms. SmartSVN is available in three different editions: A free Foundation edition with fewer features and two commercial editions called Professional and Enterprise with the full feature set.

EasySVN is a Subversion client with automatic update and commit. It converts any Subversion repository into a shared folder with automatic replication.

Some programmers prefer to have a client integrated within their development environment. Such environments may provide visual feedback of the state of versioned items and add repository commands to the menus of the development environment. Examples of this approach include Agent SVN, AnkhSVN, Unified SCC and VisualSVN for use with Microsoft Visual Studio, and Subclipse or Subversive[1][2] for use with Eclipse. Delphi XE Subversion integration is built into the Delphi IDE.

It is common to expose Subversion via Webdav using the Apache web server. In this case, any Webdav client can be used, but the functionality provided this way may be limited. Alternative ways to serve Subversion include uberSVN and VisualSVN Server.

Agent SVN is an implementation of the (MS-SCCI) for the Subversion version control. The plug-in allows files to be added, removed, checked out, checked in and reverted without leaving the IDE. File differences, status and history can also be viewed from within the IDE.

blsvn is a small wrapper for the Windows command-line Subversion client. It allows the definition of abbreviations for repository directories frequently used.

KDESVN It supports annotated code view, showing who changed each line of code. The client also offers a 3D graphical view of a source-code tree. It is written in C++ and uses KDE libraries.

RabbitVCS A graphical front-end for version control systems available on Linux, adding Subversion functionality into the file managers Nautilus and Thunar and provides plugin for Gedit editor, based around the feature set of TortoiseSVN on Windows. RabbitVCS also supports Git and plans to give support for other version control systems like Bazaar and CVS.

RapidSVN is a cross-platform GUI front-end for the Subversion revision system written in C++ using the wxWidgets framework. This project also includes a Subversion client C++ API.

SVNCOM Not actually a client itself, but an API built over SVN’s native C API. It uses COM objects that make it easier to develop Windows based applications or scripts which use SVN. One COM object represents an SVN Client, the other represents an SVN Administrator. The COM objects allow the automation of tasks in the Windows Scripting Environment or in .NET

WebSVN Offering an online view of a repository, history, and commit comments, as well as opening code in a syntax colored view. The code view is not editable, at least in the demo. Also allows you to view the difference between versions of a file or directory. Written in PHP and opens in a browser. Compare the functionality of FishEye.[3]

iF.SVNAdmin Web-based front end GUI to manage user and group permissions on the different repositories. It works completely on the SVNAuthFile and comes with an integration module for LDAP authentication (Synchronizes an LDAP structure with the SVNAuthFile). It also makes it possible to define project managers for different repositories and sub-paths of repositories.

Subversion ALM, a very powerful web client fully integrated with Atlassian JIRA out of the box. It provides HTML 5 commit graphs with full support for forwarding history and displaying issues, commits calendars, cross product JQL reports filtering issues by Subversion attributes, and much more....

Subversion clients comparison table[edit]

NameProgramming language, toolkitOperating systemLicenseIntegrationLanguagesNetwork protocolsCurrent versionLast release dateServer functionalityVisualization
Agent SVN[1]C, C++Microsoft Windowsproprietary, trial with commercial upgradeAny MS-SCCI compatible IDE, e.g., Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server Management, PowerBuilder, Zeus etc.Englishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file2.34October 27, 2013; 2 months ago (2013-10-27)[4]??
AnkhSVN[2]C#, SharpSvnMicrosoft WindowsApache LicenseMicrosoft Visual Studio (all editions except Express)Englishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file2.5.12233October 31, 2013; 2 months ago (2013-10-31)NoDiff, blame, history, properties
bzr-svn[3]Python, CLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, many moreGPL v3BazaarEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file1.1.2December 10, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-12-10)??
blsvn[4]C++Microsoft WindowsMITcommand-line wrapperEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file0.1April 12, 2010; 3 years ago (2010-04-12)[5]No?
Cascade[5]Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windowsproprietary, free for personal use even in professional environments[6]Windows Shell (Explorer), file system driverEnglishhttp, https, svn1.2.0.10692008; 6 years ago (2008)[7]??
CoDeSys SVN [6]C#, SharpSvnMicrosoft Windowsproprietary, trials can be negotiatedSVN plugin for CoDeSys V3English, Germanhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, fileV3.5.3.30 (based on SVN 1.7.5)June 7, 2013; 6 months ago (2013-06-07)NoDiff, merge, log
Cornerstone [7]Objective-C, CocoaMac OS XproprietaryGUI, standaloneEnglishfile, http, https, svn and svn+ssh2.7.9February 13, 2013; 10 months ago (2013-02-13) (Tooltip on the download button at [8])NoDiff, blame, log, timeline, externals
EasySVN[9]C++Microsoft Windows x86 and x86-64GPLWindows shell, Linux command line, Mac OS X Finder integration. It needs TortoiseSVN installed.Englishhttp, https, svn0.4.0.456 beta(1)[8][9]November 29, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-11-29)[10]No?
eSvn[10]C++, QtUnix-like operating systems (GNU/Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris and others), Mac OS X and WindowsGPLGUI, standalone (like WinCVS, Cervisia)Englishhttp, svn0.6.12For *nix OSs: July 16, 2007; 6 years ago (2007-07-16).[11] For Windows: July 12, 2007; 6 years ago (2007-07-12)[12]No?
iF.SVNAdmin[11]PHPLinux, Unix, Microsoft WindowsGPLv2web-based. It requires Apache HTTP (web) Server installed.English, German, Chinese1.5.2February 27, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-02-27)[13]??
iVersion[12]Objective-C, CiOS 3.0proprietaryGUI, standaloneEnglishsvn, http, https1.2???
kdesvn[13]C++, QtLinux, Unix, Mac OS XGPLKonqueror, Dolphin, standaloneEnglishfile, http, https, (k)svn, (k)svn+file, (k)svn+http, (k)svn+https, (k)svn+ssh1.6.0August 5, 2012; 16 months ago (2012-08-05)[14]Yes?
MagnetSVN[14]Microsoft Windows Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8proprietaryMicrosoft Office (2007 and 2010, 2013 Word and Excel)Englishfile, http, https, svn and svn+ssh2.3 (based on SVN 1.8)December 11, 2013; 28 days ago (2013-12-11)[15]??
naughtysvn[15]C, GTK+Linux, etc.GPLNautilusEnglish0.0.1 (beta?)???
PBSCC[16]C++Microsoft WindowsApache License 2.0SVN Plugin for PowerBuilderEnglishsvn2.01.80October 12, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-10-12)[16]??
PixelNovel Timeline[17]C++Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsFree if used with PixelNovel web storage, 30-day trial with commercial upgrade otherwiseAdobe PhotoshopEnglishsvn1.0July 7, 2009; 4 years ago (2009-07-07)[17][18]??
pysvn Extension[18]Apache LicenseEnglish1.7.8.1546August 18, 2013; 4 months ago (2013-08-18)??
pysvn WorkBench[19]Python, wxWidgetsLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsApache LicenseEnglish1.6.7January 1, 2013; 12 months ago (2013-01-01)??
PushOk SVN SCC[20]Microsoft WindowsproprietaryAny MSSCCI-compatible program (Microsoft Visual Studio and other programs)English1.6.6.2March 15, 2010; 3 years ago (2010-03-15)[19]??
Qct (Qt commit tool)[21]Python, QtLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsGPLEnglish1.7 [20][21]February 16, 2009; 4 years ago (2009-02-16)[22]??
QSvn[22]C++, QtLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsGPLGUI, standalone (like WinCVS)English0.8.3July 26, 2009; 4 years ago (2009-07-26)No?
RabbitVCS[23]Python, GTK+LinuxGPLNautilus, Thunar, Gedit, CLIca, cs, de, en, es, fa, fr, he, hr, it, ja, nb, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv, zh_CNhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file0.15.2October 22, 2012; 14 months ago (2012-10-22)??
RapidSVN[24]C++, wxWidgetsLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, many moreGPLGUI, standaloneUnicode, many0.12.1June 28, 2012; 18 months ago (2012-06-28)NoExternal
SCPlugin[25]Mac OS XX/MITFinder integrationEnglish0.8.2February 17, 2010; 3 years ago (2010-02-17)??
sdSVN[26]JavaLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsGPLGUI, standalone, Java Web StartEnglishhttp, https1.0-SNAPSHOT-r63 (minimal and full)May 29, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-05-29)[23]??
svnup[27]CFreeBSDBSDstandaloneUnicode, manyhttp, https, svn0.97No
SmartGit [28]JavaLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows (Any with a 1.5 or higher JRE)Free for non-commercial usageGUI, standaloneEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh2.1.6December 3, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-12-03)[24]NoDiff, merge, log graph with merge arrows
SmartSVN[29]JavaLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows (Any with a 1.5 or higher JRE)Trial with commercial upgrade or free 'Foundation' editionGUI, standalone, Finder and Windows Shell (Explorer) integrationEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh7.5November 15, 2012; 13 months ago (2012-11-15)[25]YesDiff, merge, revision graph with merge arrows
Subclipse[30]JavaLinux, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsEPLEclipsehttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file[26]1.10.3[27]October 16, 2013; 2 months ago (2013-10-16)[28]?Diff, merge
Subcommander[31]C++, QtLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsGPLGUI, standaloneen, de, zh_CNhttp, https, svn, file2.0.0 beta 5September 13, 2009; 4 years ago (2009-09-13)Yes?
SubdiverSVN[32]gtkmmLinuxGPLNautilus, ThunarEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file0.1-2April 27, 2009; 4 years ago (2009-04-27)[29]??
Subversive[33]JavaLinux, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsEPLEclipseEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file[30]0.7.9.I20110819-1900 (Indigo)August 19, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-08-19)[31]??
sventon[34]JavaAny with a 1.5 or higher JREGPLv3web-baseden, svhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file2.5.1September 19, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-09-19)??
SVN for Dreamweaver[35]C++, JavaScriptMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS Xproprietary, trial with commercial upgradeAdobe Dreamweaver ExtensionsEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file3.0.1February 15, 2009; 4 years ago (2009-02-15)[32]??
SVN Notifier[36]C#Microsoft WindowsGPLGUI, standalone. It needs TortoiseSVN installed.Englishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file1.9.2December 30, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-12-30)[33]??
SVNBreeze[37]C#Microsoft WindowsPaid license needed (free trial available)GUI, standaloneenhttp, https, svn, file1.0.13.1023October 23, 2013; 2 months ago (2013-10-23)?Diff, Merge Files, Log, Branch, Merge Branches, File Properties
SVNCOM[38]ActiveX control, COM objectMicrosoft WindowsGPLIIS, Windows Scripting HostEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file, com1.7.2December 21, 2012; 12 months ago (2012-12-21)[34]??
svnX[39]Mac OS XLGPLGUIEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file1.3.4April 9, 2012; 20 months ago (2012-04-09)[35]??
Syncro SVN Client[40]JavaLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows (Any with a 1.5 or higher JRE)Paid "Named-User" license needed (free trial available)GUI, standaloneen, de, fr, jp, it, nlhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file9.0June 25, 2013; 6 months ago (2013-06-25)?Revision graph, diff
TamTam SVN SCC[41]Microsoft Windowsproprietary, free (nagware) and commercialMicrosoft Visual Studio .NETEnglish1.2.25February 1, 2009; 4 years ago (2009-02-01)[36]??
TkCVS [42]Tcl, TkLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsGPLEnglish8.2.3[37]November 27, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-11-27)[38]??
TortoiseSVN[39]C++, MFCMicrosoft Windows (32/64-bit)GPLWindows Shell (Explorer)41 languages (including en)http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file, svn+XXX1.8.3October 29, 2013; 2 months ago (2013-10-29)YesDiff, merge, Revision Tree
Trac[43]PythonLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsModified BSDweb-based[31 languages][44]file1.0[40]September 1, 2012; 15 months ago (2012-09-01)[41]YesLog
Unified SCC[45]Microsoft Windows (32/64-bit)proprietary; Freeware version is available for members of the active open source projectAny MSSCCI-compatible program (Microsoft Visual Studio and other programs)English1.0.6[42]???
Vercue [46] (formerly SVN-Monitor [47])[43]C#Microsoft Windowsproprietary, freeware (After a trial of 30 days, you will be able to use the Free Edition or buy one of the other licenses.)GUI, standalone. It needs TortoiseSVN installed.Englishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file2.6.3.392June 21, 2013; 6 months ago (2013-06-21)[44]??
Versions[48]Objective-C, CocoaMac OS XproprietaryGUI, standaloneEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file1.2.3 build 1050October 23, 2013; 2 months ago (2013-10-23)[45]??
ViewVC[49]Pythonhttp, https"two-clause Berkeley-style"web-basedEnglishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file1.1.21September 13, 2013; 3 months ago (2013-09-13)[46]?Diff, annotation, blame, revision graph
VisualSVN[50]Microsoft Windows (32/64-bit)proprietaryMicrosoft Visual Studio (all editions except Express)Englishhttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file4.0.1October 30, 2013; 2 months ago (2013-10-30)[47]Yes?
WebSVN[51]PHPLinux, Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsGPLweb-based> 25 languages2.3.3June 27, 2011; 2 years ago (2011-06-27)??
Win32svn: Developers Site sourceforge pageVisual C++ 6.0Microsoft WindowsApache License V2.0Windows Command LineAll from the official SVN release

(en, de, es, fr, it,ja, ko, nb, pl, pt_BR, sv, zh_CN, zh_TW)

http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file1.8.5November 25, 2013; 44 days ago (2013-11-25)Yes

svnserve or with Apache httpd 2.2.x or 2.4.x
(python, perl, ruby and java bindings included but not tested)

None (Command line only)
Xcode[52]Objective-C, CocoaMac OS XProprietary, free on Mac App StoreXcode IDEEnglish5.0.1 (4H127)October 22, 2013; 2 months ago (2013-10-22)??
ZigVersion (Out of business)Objective-C, CocoaMac OS XFreeware with commercial upgradeGUI, standaloneEnglishhttp, https, svn, file1.2.3[48]February 13, 2008; 5 years ago (2008-02-13)??

No Support Provided for Oracle Forms.

Standalone Subversion clients comparison table[edit]

Client nameFreeNetwork protocolsDiffMergeBrowse remote repository
CornerstoneNofile, http, https, svn and svn+sshYesYesYes
eSvnYeshttp, svn???
iVersionNosvn, http, https???
kdesvnYesfile, http, https, (k)svn, (k)svn+file, (k)svn+http, (k)svn+https, (k)svn+ssh???
sdSVNYeshttp, https???
SmartGitYeshttp, https, svn, svn+sshYesYesNo
SmartSVN ProfessionalNohttp, https, svn, svn+sshYesYesYes
SmartSVN FoundationNohttp, https, svn, svn+sshYesYesYes
SubcommanderYeshttp, https, svn, file???
SVN-MonitorYeshttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, file???
SVNBreezeNohttp, https, svn, svn, fileYesYesYes
Syncro SVNNohttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, fileYesYesYes
svnupYeshttp, https, svnNoNoNo
VersionsNohttp, https, svn, svn+ssh, fileYes?Yes
ZigVersionYeshttp, https, svn, file???

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