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Company's Coming
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AuthorJean Paré
PublisherCompany's Coming Publishing Limited
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Company's Coming
Company's Coming - logo.jpg
AuthorJean Paré
PublisherCompany's Coming Publishing Limited

Company's Coming is a popular line of cookbooks that has sold over 30 million copies since 1981. The series is produced by Company’s Coming Publishing Limited based in Edmonton, Alberta. The series was written by Jean Paré.

Founded in 1981, the Company's Coming series comprises over 200 cookbooks, each on a single subject.[1]

In 2009, Company's Coming Editor Laurie Stempfle wrote Gold: Small Plates for Sharing which received the Canadian Culinary Gold award in the Cookbook category.[2]


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Paré started as a caterer. In 1981, at the age of 54, she self-published her first cookbook, printing 15,000 copies of 150 Delicious Squares. The book was sold in specially designed racks at gas stations, grocery stores and at local fairs.[3] This first book started the Company's Coming company.

List of cookbooks[edit]

This is a list of cookbooks in order of series then date they were released.

Original Series[edit]

  1. 150 Delicious Squares (Apr/81)
  2. Casseroles (Jun/82)
  3. Muffins & More (Jul/83)
  4. Salads (Jun/84)
  5. Appetizers (May/85)
  6. Desserts (Apr/86)
  7. Soups & Sandwiches (Apr/87)
  8. Holiday Entertaining (Sep/87)
  9. Cookies (Apr/88)
  10. Jean Paré's 'Favorites' (Sep/88)
  11. Vegetables (Apr/89)
  12. Main Courses (Sep/89)
  13. Pasta (Apr/90)
  14. Cakes (Sep/90)
  15. Barbecues (Apr/91)
  16. Dinners of the World (Sep/91)
  17. Lunches (Apr/92)
  18. Pies (Sep/92)
  19. Light Recipes (Apr/93)
  20. Microwave Cooking (Sep/93)
  21. Preserves (Apr/94)
  22. Light Casseroles (Sep/94)
  23. Chicken, Etc. (Apr/95)
  24. Kids Cooking (Aug/95)
  25. Fish & Seafood (Apr/96)
  26. Breads (Aug/96)
  27. Meatless Cooking (Apr/97)
  28. Cooking For Two (Sep/97)
  29. Breakfasts & Brunches (Apr/98)
  30. Slow Cooker Recipes (Sep/98)
  31. Pizza! (Apr/99)
  32. One-Dish Meals (Aug/99)
  33. Starters (Nov/99)
  34. Stir-Fry (Mar/00)
  35. Make-Ahead Meals (Sep/00)
  36. The Potato Book (Nov/00)
  37. Low-Fat Cooking (Feb/01)
  38. Low-Fat Pasta (Feb/01)
  39. Appliance Cooking (Mar/01)
  40. Cook For Kids (Jul/01)
  41. Stews, Chilies & Chowders (Oct/01)
  42. Fondues (Nov/01)
  43. The Beef Book (Feb/02)
  44. Asian Cooking (Mar/02)
  45. The Cheese Book (May/02)
  46. The Rookie Cook (Jul/02)
  47. Rush-Hour Recipes (Sep/02)
  48. Sweet Cravings (Nov/02)
  49. Year-Round Grilling (Mar/03)
  50. Garden Greens (May/03)
  51. Chinese Cooking (Aug/03)
  52. The Pork Book (Sep/03)
  53. Recipes For Leftovers (Feb/04)
  54. The Egg Book (May/04)
  55. School Days Party Pack (Jul/04)
  56. Herbs & Spices (Aug/04)
  57. The Beverage Book (Oct/04)
  58. Slow Cooker Dinners (Feb/05)
  59. 30-Minute Weekday Meals (May/05)
  60. School Days Lunches (Jul/05)
  61. Potluck Dishes (Sep/05)
  62. Ground Beef Recipes (Feb/06)
  63. 4-Ingredient Recipes (May/06)
  64. Kids' Healthy Cooking (Jul/06)
  65. Mostly Muffins (Sep/06)
  66. Soups (Oct/06)
  67. Simple Suppers (Feb/07)
  68. Diabetic Cooking (Apr/07)
  69. Chicken Now (May/07)
  70. Kids Do Snacks (Jul/07)
  71. 30-Minute Rookie Cook (Sep/07)
  72. Low-Fat Express (Mar/08)
  73. Choosing Sides (May/08)
  74. Perfect Pasta And Sauces (Aug/08)
  75. 30-Minute Diabetic Cooking (Oct/08)
  76. Healthy In A Hurry (Jan/09)
  77. Table For Two (Feb/09)
  78. Catch Of The Day (Apr/09)
  79. Kids Do Baking (Jul/09)
  80. 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes (Oct/09)
  81. Easy Healthy Recipes (Jan/10)
  82. 30-Minute Pantry (Feb/10)
  83. Everyday Barbecuing (Apr/10)
  84. Meal Salads (May/10)
  85. Healthy Slow Cooker (Dec/10)
  86. Anytime Casseroles (Feb/11)
  87. Whole Grain Recipe (May/11)
  88. Entertaining for the Holidays (Oct/11)

Focus Series[edit]

  1. Apple Appeal (Oct/07)
  2. Cranberry Cravings (Oct/07)
  3. Sips (Oct/07)
  4. Hearty Soups (Oct/07)
  5. Sweet Dreams (Oct/07)
  6. Cookie Jar Classics (Oct/07)
  7. Fab Finger Food (Oct/07)
  8. Dip, Dunk & Dab (Oct/07)
  9. Chocolate Squared (Apr/08)
  10. So Strawberry (Apr/08)
  11. Tossed (Apr/08)
  12. Tomato Temptations (Apr/08)
  13. Shrimp Delicious (Apr/08)
  14. Steak Sizzle (Apr/08)
  15. Chilled Thrills (Apr/08)
  16. Chicken Breast Finesse (Apr/08)
  17. Splendid Spuds (Oct/08)
  18. Simmering Stews (Oct/08)
  19. Simply Vegetarian (Oct/08)
  20. Warm Desserts (Oct/08)
  21. Berries & Cream (Apr/09)
  22. Zucchini Zone (Apr/09)
  23. Skewered (Apr/09)
  24. Lemon Lime Zingers (Apr/09)
  25. Hot Bites (Oct/09)
  26. Easy Roasting (Oct/09)
  27. Carrot Craze (Oct/09)
  28. Coffee Cake Classics (Oct/09)
  29. That’s a Wrap (Mar/10)
  30. Salads To Go (Mar/10)
  31. Fruit Squared (Mar/10)
  32. Mushroom Magic (Mar/10)

Canada Cooks[edit]

Healthy Cooking Series[edit]

Special Occasion Series[edit]

Most Loved Recipe Collection[edit]

Combination Cookbooks[edit]

Practical Gourmet[edit]

Kids Cooking[edit]

Pattern Series[edit]

Workshop Series[edit]

Creative Series[edit]

Lifestyle Series[edit]

Greatest Hits Series[edit]

Pint Size Series[edit]

Assorted Titles[edit]


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