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Comdata, founded in 1969, by Curtiss W. Harter Jr., is a payment processor and issuer of fleet fuel cards, corporate spend cards, paperless payroll cards ("paycards"), virtual payments, and trucking permits. Comdata got its start in the trucking industry, but current customers cover most major industries in the United States, including retail, hospitality, restaurants, construction, government, healthcare, and education.

Corporate cards can be used to manage any purchases that a company makes, from paying vendors to managing T&E expenses and more. Comdata's expense management system allows administrators to set limits on cards, restricting usage to certain merchants, dollar amounts, number of transactions, etc., and their Enhanced Authorization Controls department is helpful in alerting customers whenever suspicious activity is occurring on any card.[citation needed]

Virtual payments are claimed to be secure and easy to administer, and reduce the risk of an unauthorized user compromising card information. They also reduce the number of checks a purchasing department has to process for vendors, thereby achieving significant cost savings.[citation needed]

Comdata has been a subsidiary of Ceridian since 1995, and is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee.[1]


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