Clear Water Bay

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Clear Water Bay, with Clear Water Bay Golf Course visible in the background.
View from Clear Water Bay 2nd Beach toward Clear Water Bay 1st Beach.

Clear Water Bay (Chinese: 清水灣, Cantonese: Ching Sui Wan) is a bay on the east shore of Clear Water Bay Peninsula of Hong Kong located within Clear Water Bay Country Park. There are two beaches at Clear Water Bay, namely Clear Water Bay 1st beach and Clear Water Bay 2nd beach. The name is also used to describe the area around the bay on the peninsula.


Both the 1st and 2nd beaches are protected by shark nets after the three fatal shark attacks in Hong Kong in 1995. During the summer, both beaches have life guards on duty. Changing rooms, lockers, shower facilities, toilets and rafts are available at both beaches. BBQ area can only be found on the 1st beach, but there is kiosk selling refreshment on the 2nd beach.[1]

Shark attack[edit]

On 13 June 1995, 49 year old woman Wong Kui-Yong (王桂容) had her left forearm and left leg bitten off by a shark at Clear Water Bay 1st beach. She died of her injuries.[2]


Clear Water Bay bus terminus.




Uncovered free parking is available at Clear Water Bay 2nd Beach. It is usually very crowded in the weekends during swimming seasons.

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Coordinates: 22°17′02″N 114°17′37″E / 22.28401°N 114.29352°E / 22.28401; 114.29352