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Christine Caine (born September 23, 1966), is an Australian pastor, activist, evangelist, and globe trotting speaker.[1] Christine is best known for founding the A21 Campaign which was orchestrated to fight modern day human trafficking in 2008 as well as Equip and Empower Ministries which is an organization that aims to advise and grow christian churches and church leaders.[2] Arising from the leadership of Hillsong Church in her hometown Sydney, Australia, Christine is an author of several books which include "A Life Unleashed," "Run to Win," "Can I have (and do) It All, Please?", "Undaunted", and "Stop Acting Like a Christian (Just Be One)".[3] Moreover, with the number of modern day slaves reaching an estimated twenty seven million, Christine Caine has become known for her efforts to bring civil justice across international borders and has spoken at over 30 conferences world-wide.[4][5][6]

Early life and Education[edit]

Christine Caine was adopted at birth and was raised with her two brothers by her Greek Orthodox immigrant parents in public commission housing in Lalor Park, Sydney; an area known for its substance abuse, high levels of unemployment, teenage pregnancy, and crime.

Caine attended Linwood Park Public School and high school. She was the only person from her school year to progress to university where she graduated from Sydney University with a degree in English.


Christine married Nick Caine in 1996 and together they have two children, Catherine Bobbie, and Sophia Joyce Grace.


Caine grew up in the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, under her parent’s influence. She is now a member and ordained pastor of Hillsong, and Australian ACC church, as well as the AOG in the United States. She began her journey into full-time ministry as a volunteer youth worker, when she helped establish Hillsong District Youth Service. She went on to become the director of the youth service and eventually the director of the nationwide youth ministry, Youth Alive. Together with her husband Nick, she is on the executive leadership board of Hillsong Church, pastored by Brian and Bobbie Houston.

Christine founded Equip & Empower Ministries in 2000 with her husband. As a couple, they are the directors of Equip & Empower and oversee offices in Sydney, Australia and Orange County, CA. Through Equip and Empower they also oversee an initiative called Project Europe that offers on-going mentoring, leadership training, and development to churches and pastors throughout Europe.

They have been able to impact more than 25 nations around the world (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Ukraine).

Christine founded The A21 Campaign in 2008 and is the current director. The A21 Campaign fights to “abolish injustice in 21st century.” Their current mission focus is human trafficking in Europe. The A21 Campaign aims to educate, raise awareness, address legislation, fight corruption, and rescue and rehabilitate victims of sex trafficking. Their European base is in Thessaloniki, Greece, with crisis shelters in Ukraine, and Bulgaria.


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