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Christianity by country

As of the early 21st century, Christianity has approximately 2.2 billion adherents, out of about 7.2 billion people.[1][2][3][4] The faith represents one-third of the world's population and is the largest religion in the world, with the three largest groups of Christians being the Catholic Church, Protestantism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.[5] The largest Christian denomination is the Catholic Church, with 1.09 billion adherents.[6] The second largest denomination is either Protestantism (if it is considered a single group), or the Eastern Orthodox Church (if Protestants are considered to be divided into multiple denominations).

Christianity is the predominant religion in Europe, Russia, the Americas, the Philippines, East Timor, Southern Africa, Central Africa, East Africa and Oceania.[7] There are also large Christian communities in other parts of the world, such as Central Asia and the Middle East, where Christianity is the second-largest religion after Islam. The United States of America has the largest Christian population in the world, followed by Brazil and Mexico.[8]

Christianity, in one form or another, is the state religion of the following 13 nations: Argentina (Roman Catholic Church),[9] Tuvalu (Church of Tuvalu), Costa Rica (Roman Catholic Church),[10] Kingdom of Denmark (Danish National Church),[11] England (Church of England),[12] Greece (Eastern Orthodoxy), Georgia (Georgian Orthodox Church),[13][14] Iceland (Church of Iceland),[15] Liechtenstein (Roman Catholic Church),[16] Malta (Roman Catholic Church),[17] Monaco (Roman Catholic Church),[18] Norway (Church of Norway),[19] Vatican City (Roman Catholic Church).[20]



By country

Note: Population statistics by religious affiliations are based upon statistical science and are subject to observational error (technically referred to as estimates). The proportion of Christians is based on the proportion of the population in each country who are members of a Christian denomination or who identify themselves as Christian. It says nothing about the proportion of such as believe in God and are regularly in the church. People who mix Christianity with tribal religions are defined in this article as Christians. Most of the percentage of Christian population of each country was taken from the US State Department's International Religious Freedom Report, the CIA World Factbook, Joshua Project, Open doors, Pew Forum and

Sovereign states and dependent territories

Christianity by country
CountryChristians % Christian % Catholic % Protestant/ Orthodox/ OtherGDP/Capita PPP World Bank 2012
 Afghanistan (details)6,2500.02%1,399
 Albania (details)580,00017.0%10%7%9,443
 Algeria (details)270,0002%1%1%8,515
 American Samoa (details)70,00098.3%20%78%
 Andorra (details)78,00094.0%90.1%3.9%
 Angola (details)17,094,00075%50%25%6,105
 Anguilla (details)15,00090.5%3%87%
 Antigua and Barbuda (details)66,00074.0%10%64%19,964
 Argentina (details)37,561,00090%77%13%12,034
 Armenia (details)3,250,00098.7%3%95%6,645
 Aruba (details)98,00088%80.8%7.8%
 Australia (details)14,000,99063%25.8%37%44,462
 Austria (details)6,119,00071.4%61.4%10%43,324
 Azerbaijan (details)450,0004.8%4.8%10,624
 Bahamas (details)350,00081%13.5%67.6%31,629
 Bahrain (details)77,0009.0%9.0%23,886
 Bangladesh (details)420,0000.3%0.3%1,883
 Barbados (details)244,00074%4.2%70%18,805
 Belarus (details)5,265,10955.4%[21]7.1%48.3%15,579
 Belgium (details)6,860,00064.1%57%7%38,884
 Belize (details)247,00076.7%40%36.7%7,529
 Benin (details)3,943,00042.8%27%15%1,583
 Bermuda (details)44,00464.7%15%50%
 Bhutan (details)7,0001.0%0.1%0.9%6,699
 Bolivia (details)9,730,00089.0%76%13%5,281
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (details)2,120,00052.0%15%37%9,235
 Botswana (details)1,416,00071.6%5%66%16,986
 Brazil (details)175,770,00090.2%63%27%11,909
 British Virgin Islands (details)23,00094.0%85%9%
 Brunei (details)45,00011.0%53,348
 Bulgaria (details)6,364,00084.0%1%83%15,933
 Burkina Faso (details)3,746,00022.0%18%4%1,513
 Burundi (details)7,662,00075.0%60%15%560
 Cambodia (details)148,0001.0%0.15%0.85%2,494
 Cameroon (details)13,390,00065.0%38.4%26.3%2,324
 Canada (details)22,102,70067.3%[22]38.7%29%42,693
 Cape Verde (details)487,00097.0%93%4%4,430
 Cayman Islands (details)42,00073.8%
 Central African Republic (details)2,302,00080%29%51%857
 Chad (details)3,833,00035.0%20%15%1,493
 Chile (details)14,930,00087.2%67%20%22,655
 People's Republic of China (details)67,070,000[23]5%1%4%9,233
 Colombia (details)47,000,00090%75%15%10,587
 Comoros (details)15,0002.1%1,230
 Cook Islands (details)19,00086%16.8%69.6%
 Congo, Republic of (details)3,409,00090.7%50%40%4,426
 Congo, Democratic Republic of (details)63,150,00092%50%42%422
 Costa Rica (details)3,912,00083%69%14%12,943
 Côte d'Ivoire (details)7,075,00032.8%28.9%3.9%2,039
 Croatia (details)4,107,00090%70%20%20,532
 Cuba (details)9,523,00085.0%85%
 Cyprus (details)863,00079.3%75%30,597
 Czech Republic (details)1,175,09111.2%10.4%0.8%26,426
 Denmark (details)4,610,00081%1%80%41,388
 Djibouti (details)53,0006.0%1%5%2,784
 Dominica (details)59,00088.7%61%27%12,643
 Dominican Republic (details)9,734,00095.2%80%10,204
 East Timor (details)1,152,00098.4%98%1%
 Ecuador (details)14,099,00094.0%74%20%9,738
 Egypt (details)13,892,00018.0%18%6,723
 El Salvador (details)5,073,00081.9%52.6%29.3%7,069
 Equatorial Guinea (details)683,00098.6%98%30,233
 Eritrea (details)3,310,00062.9%60%2%566
 Estonia (details)310,48123.9%23%23,024
 Ethiopia (details)52,580,00063.4%63.4%1,139
 Falkland Islands (details)3,00094.3%94%
 Faroe Islands (details)46,00094.0%94%
 Fiji (details)540,00064.4%8.9%55.5%4,943
 Finland (details)4,380,00081.6%81%38,230
 France (details)42,250,00065%63%2%35,845
 Gabon (details)1,081,00072.0%50%22%16,086
 Gambia (details)158,0009.0%2%7%1,948
 Georgia (details)3,930,00088.6%0.9%87.7%5,902
 Germany (details)52,000,00062%30%32%40,394
 Ghana (details)16,741,00068.8%13.1%55.5%2,048
 Greece (details)10,815,18797.0%97%24,667
 Greenland (details)55,00096.6%96.6%
 Grenada (details)101,00097.3%53%45%10,827
 Guatemala (details)14,018,00087%47%40%5,100
 Guinea (details)1,032,00010.0%5%5%1,069
 Guinea-Bissau (details)165,00010.0%10%1,192
 Guyana (details)434,00057.0%8%49%3,399
 Haiti (details)9,597,00096.0%80.0%16%1,228
 Honduras (details)6,660,00087.6%47%40%4,194
 Hong Kong (details)710,00010.1%5%5%51,946
 Hungary (details)8,260,00082.7%70.1%11.6%21,570
 Iceland (details)300,00095.0%2.5%92.5%37,533
 India (details)31,850,0002.6%1.6%13,876
 Indonesia (details)24,000,00010%3%7%4,956
 Iran (details)300,0000.4%0.4%11,395
 Iraq (details)944,0003.0%3%4,246
 Ireland (details)4,220,00094.1%82%12%42,662
 Israel (details)266,0003.5%3.5%28,809
 Italy (details)53,230,000[24]85.1%85.0%32,512
 Jamaica (details)1,784,00065.3%2%63.3%7,083
 Japan (details)3,548,0002.0%1%1%35,204
 Jordan (details)388,0006.0%6,148
 Kazakhstan (details)8,152,00051.0%0.1650%13,892
 Kenya (details)34,774,00085.1%23.4%61.7%1,761
 Korea, North (details)480,0004.0%
 Korea, South (details)14,601,29729.2%10.9%18.3%30,722
 Kuwait (details)458,00015.0%3.2%12.8%49,001
 Kyrgyzstan (details)944,00017.0%17%2,409
 Laos (details)145,0002.2%1%1%2,926
 Latvia (details)1,250,00057%25%32.2%21,005
 Lebanon (details)1,647,00041.0%26%15%16,610
 Lesotho (details)1,876,00090.0%45%45%1,963
 Liberia (details)1,391,00085.5%[25]85.5%655
 Libya (details)131,0002.0%0.5%1.5%17,665
 Liechtenstein (details)30,00089%75.9%12.8%
 Lithuania (details)2,827,00084.9%77.2%7.6%23,487
 Luxembourg (details)360,00071%69%288,318
 Macedonia, Republic of (details)1,334,00065.1%11,710
 Madagascar (details)8,260,00041.0%978
 Malawi (details)12,538,00079.9%902
 Malaysia (details)3,576,00012.1%17,143
 Maldives (details)3000.08%9,072
 Mali (details)726,0005.0%1,214
 Malta (details)400,00097.0%29,013
 Mauritania (details)5,0000.14%2,603
 Mauritius (details)418,00032.2%15,649
 Mexico (details)107,780,00092%82.7%9.7%16,676
 Micronesia, Federated States of (details)106,00095.4%3,824
 Moldova (details)3,480,00097.53%93%3,424
 Monaco (details)30,00086.0%
 Mongolia (details)58,0002.1%5,462
 Montenegro (details)500,00078.8%3.4%72.07%14,206
 Morocco (details)651,0002.1%0.1%2%5,193
 Mozambique (details)13,120,71756.1%28.4%27.7%1,024
 Myanmar (details)3,790,0007.9%1%6.9%
 Namibia (details)1,991,00090.0%13.7%76.3%7,488
   Nepal (details)269,0000.9%0.1%0.8%1,484
 Netherlands (details)7,500,00044%24%20%42,938
 New Zealand (details)2,000,00043%11%32%31,499
 Nicaragua (details)5,217,00089.6%58.8%30.8%4,072
 Niger (details)795,0005.0%5%665
 Nigeria (details)80,510,00050%14%36%2,661
 Norway (details)4,210,00086.2%3%83.5%62,767
 Oman (details)73,0002.5%2.1%0.4%27,015
 Pakistan (details)2,500,0001.6%0.8%0.8%2,891
 Palau (details)16,00077.9%65%12.9%19,031
 Panama (details)3,057,00092.0%80%12%16,615
 Papua New Guinea (details)6,800,00097%27%70%2,898
 Paraguay (details)6,260,00096%88%7.9%6,138
 Peru (details)27,635,00096%81%15%10,940
 Philippines (details)90,500,00090%80%10%4,413
 Pitcairn Islands (details)50100.0%100%
 Poland (details)36,090,00094.3%86.3%8%21,903
 Portugal (details)10,110,000[26]84%81%3.3%25,305
 Puerto Rico (details)3,878,00097.0%50%47%
 Qatar (details)262,67513.8%86,507
 Romania (details)21,380,00099.5%5.7%93.8%16,518
 Russia (details)66,000,000 - 105,775,000[27][28]46.6%[29] - 76%[29][30][31][32]<0.1%46.6% - 76%23,549
 Rwanda (details)9,619,00093.6%56.9261,354
 San Marino (details)31,00097.0%97%
 Saudi Arabia (details)1,493,0005.5%3.5%2%24,571
 Senegal (details)900,0007.0%4.2%3%1,944
 Serbia (details)7,260,00093.5%4.97%79.4%11,544
 Seychelles (details)80,00094.7%82%15.2%27,008
 Sierra Leone (details)1,751,00030.0%3%27%1,359
 Singapore (details)900,00018.0%[1]5.7%12%61,803
 Slovakia (details)4,730,00086.5%75.2%11.3%24,896
 Slovenia (details)1,610,00079.2%57%22.2%26,801
 Somalia (details)1,000[33]0.01%0.0002%0.01%
 South Africa (details)40,243,00080%5%75%11,440
 South Sudan (details)6,010,000[34]60.5%[35]30%30%
 Spain (details)36,240,00073%71%2%32,129
 Sri Lanka (details)1,531,0007.5%6.1%1.4%6,247
 Sudan (details) ?2%
 Suriname (details)308,00050.3%8,858
 Swaziland (details)994,00082.7%25%57.7%5,246
 Sweden (details)6,320,00067.2%2%65%42,217
  Switzerland (details)5,700,00071%38%33%5,246
 Syria (details)2,251,00010.0%10%5,436
 Tajikistan (details)99,0001.4%0.1%1.3%2,247
 Tanzania (details)27,118,00062.0%1,601
 Thailand (details)471,0000.7%0.4%0.3%9,815
 Togo (details)1,966,00029.0%1,051
 Tonga (details)84,00081.0%16%65%5,026
 Trinidad and Tobago (details)774,00057.6%21.5%33.4%26,647
 Tunisia (details)24,0000.2%0.2%9,795
 Turkey (details)120,000[36]0.2%17,651
 Turkmenistan (details)466,0009.0%9%10,583
 Uganda (details)29,943,00088.6%41.9%46.7%1,352
 Ukraine (details)38,080,00083.8%5.9%76.7%7,418
 United Arab Emirates (details)424,0009.0%7%2%42,384
 United Kingdom (details)[37]33,200,41759.3%8.9%50%35,819
 United States (details)246,780,00073%22%51%49,965
 Uruguay (details)2,127,00058.4%47%11%16,037
 Uzbekistan (details)710,0002.6%2.6%
  Vatican City (details)836100.0%100%
 Venezuela (details)28,340,00087.0%79%8%13,475
 Vietnam (details)7,03,0008.0%7%1%3,635
 Western Sahara (details)2000.04%0.04%
 Yemen (details)3,0000.013%0.013%2,489
 Zambia (details)12,939,00097.6%25%72%1712
 Zimbabwe (details)10,747,00085.0%7%77%559

Unrecognised states

Note: Includes non-United Nations member states not recognized by any state, non-UN member states recognized only by non-UN members and non-UN member states recognized by at least one UN member.

CountryChristians % Christian
 Abkhazia (details)130,00068.0%
 Kosovo (details)150,0008.3%
 Nagorno-Karabakh (details)136,00096.0%
 Palestine (details)173,00011.1%
 Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (details)2000.03%
 South Ossetia (details)69,00096.4%
 Republic of China (details)902,0003.9%
 Transnistria (details)510,00095.0%

Top ten

On the left: A list of the top ten countries by largest number of Christians. On the right: a list of the top ten countries by highest percentage of the population that is Christian.

RankCountryChristians % ChristianCountry % ChristianChristians
 European Union373,656,00074.2%
1 United States246,780,00079.5%  Vatican City100.0%800
2 Brazil175,700,00091.4% Pitcairn Islands100.0%50
3 Mexico107,095,00097.5% Greece99.7%11,295,178
4 Russia105,775,00073.6% Ecuador99.0%14,099,000
5 Philippines90,530,00092.4% Armenia98.7%3,196,000
6 Nigeria80,281,00050.8% Equatorial Guinea98.6%683,000
7 Congo, Democratic Republic of68,558,00095.6% East Timor98.4%1,152,000
8 China, People's Republic of67,070,000[23]5% Moldova98.3%3,503,000
9 Ethiopia54,978,00064.5% American Samoa98.3%68,000
10 Italy54,070,00091.5% Venezuela98.0%28,340,000
Percent (%) ChristiansNumber of countriesPopulation
90 - 9950824,568,000
80 - 8927227,790,200
70 - 7920599,319,000
60 - 6911177,608,000
50 - 5916132,349,929
40 - 49313,594,000
30 - 39615,497,000
20 - 29523,657,000
10 - 191043,409,000
1 - 934124,755,000
- 1131,823,750

In total, 126 countries (including the United States) have a Christian majority, while 71 countries (which includes China) have a Christian minority.

Population growth

Further information: Christian population growth

See also

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