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Chloe Gartner (1916 – 8 August 2003) was an American novelist; her full married name was Chloe Maria Gartner Trimble.[1] Born in Troy, Kansas, Gartner grew up mostly in Texas. She also lived in Kentfield, California for a period of time with her daughter. Gartner was once a full-time assistant to the San Francisco Chronicle's Stanton Delaplane. Educated at the University of California and the University of Colorado, Gartner made the history of the Middle Ages her area of expertise. In 1938 Gartner had a one-act play entitled Perchance to Dream published by Samuel French and also had her first short story: "Giuseppe Goes Home", published, the latter appearing in the Prairie Schooner. From 1960 Gartner had several novels with historical backgrounds published, as listed below:[2]


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