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Chicago Assembly (frequently Torrence Avenue Assembly) is Ford Motor Company's oldest continually-operated automobile manufacturing plant. It is located at E. 130th Street and Torrence Avenue in the Hegewisch community area of Chicago, Illinois. Chicago Assembly currently builds the Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS, and Ford Explorer, all of which share the same platform.

Production started on March 3, 1924, as an alternative production site for the Model T to the River Rouge Plant. It switched to Model A production in 1928, and built M8 Greyhound and M20 Armored Utility Car armored cars during World War II. It was the site of pickup truck production for 40 years before that operation stopped in 1964. In 1985, it was selected as the site of production for the Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable midsize sedans.

Ford spent $400,000,000 in 2004 to modernize the plant. It switched to production of the D3 platform vehicles for 2005. Nine automotive suppliers have built factories nearby at the Ford Chicago Manufacturing Campus developed by CenterPoint Properties. Ford's Chicago plant is a center for flexible just-in-time production. It employs over 4,099 workers.[1]

The Chicago assembly plant (CAP) relies on contractor work for a majority of specialized work at the plant. CAP employed its own security department into the late 90's but ultimately was forced to contact the service out. Currently, CAP has contracted out with Allied Barton Security Services LLC. ABSS is tasked with ensuring the plant is secure and all employees are safe. Security is run by a Director and 4 shift Lieutenants. There are 2 fire officers and 2 security officers on each shift. Security also handles all fire response and medical calls for service. Security trains along with Ford emergency response team (ERT) members, through Michigan State University. Security/Fire officers are certified in fire fighting, medical/trauma response, HAZMAT operations level response, confined space rescue, fire protection engineering inspection. Ford ensures their security/fire department is trained properly and the shift Lieutenants can handle all situations that may arise. The security/fire department handles all inspections and maintenance of fire fighting equipment and sprinkler system. The CAP has three diesel fire pumps that supply water pressure to the plant. Security/fire checks the pumps and handles all issues that arise, including any activations of fire sprinklers. The security/fire department are experts in handling any issue with fire system or hazmat spills.

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