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The works of J. M. Barrie about Peter Pan feature many memorable characters. The numerous adaptations and sequels to those stories feature many of the same characters, and introduce new ones. Most of these strive for continuity with Barrie's work, developing a fairly consistent cast of characters living in Neverland and the real-world settings of Barrie's stories.

Publications of characters[edit]

This article covers the characters appearing in the canonical works of Barrie, the official books and plays, the major motion pictures and television series based on them, and the major prequels/sequels (authorized and not):

Neverland characters[edit]

Peter's Gang[edit]

Peter Pan[edit]

Peter Pan is a boy who refuses to grow up. He can fly, and has an apparently unique connection to the magical realm of Neverland.

The Lost Boys[edit]

The Lost Boys are a gang of boys who fell out of their prams and were not claimed by their parents, so they were sent to Neverland. There have been many Lost Boys over the years, although the better known are Tootles, Nibs, Curly, Slightly, and The Twins, who all appear in the original story. Additional or different Lost Boys appear in sequels, prequels and adaptations.

The Pirates[edit]

Captain Hook[edit]

Captain Hook is a pirate, and Peter Pan's archenemy. He is determined to get revenge on Peter for cutting off his hand and feeding it to a giant crocodile.

Mr. Smee[edit]

Mr. Smee is Captain Hook's right-hand man in J. M. Barrie's play Peter Pan, or the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up and the novel Peter and Wendy.

Pirate Crewmen[edit]

The Never Fairies[edit]

Tinker Bell[edit]

Tinker Bell is a tinker fairy, and a companion to Peter Pan at the time of his adventures with Wendy Darling. Tink follows Peter but is very jealous of Wendy and Tiger Lily, and wants to get rid of them so she can have Peter to herself. In the original play she is represented by a darting light and voiced by a tinkling bell. She is the main protagonist of Disney's Pixie Hollow films.

Pixie Hollow fairies[edit]

Native Americans[edit]

Great Big Little Panther[edit]

Great Big Little Panther is the Chief of the Native Americans living in Neverland and is the father of Tiger Lily.

Great Big Little Panther appears in Peter Pan and the Pirates voiced by Michael Wise. He is an ally of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

Tiger Lily[edit]

1907 illustration by Oliver Herford.

Tiger Lily is the princess of the Tribe of Native Americans living on the island of Neverland. Tiger Lily is nearly killed by Captain Hook when she is seen boarding the Jolly Roger with a knife in her mouth, but Peter saves her. In the earlier versions of Peter Pan, it is assumed that she disapproves of Wendy and even Tinker Bell at one point because of her envy as she is believed to have once had romantic feelings for Peter Pan.

In the Disney version, Tiger Lily is kidnapped by Captain Hook and Smee. Hook threatens to kill her if she does not tell him Peter's hiding place. Save for a brief call for help (although her cry is muffled by water as she sinks) she is silent during the entire movie, refusing to betray Peter. She is saved by Peter and he takes her to her tribe. During the celebration of her return, Tiger Lily shows her affection towards Peter. At first, Peter watches Tiger Lily dance, then Tiger Lily jumps down and gives Peter a kiss. This turns Peter bright red. Then they dance together, which makes Wendy very jealous. Canadian actress Corinne Orr voiced Tiger Lily's only line (albeit in an uncredited, early role).

In the dark French comic book adaptation of Peter Pan, Tiger Lily makes a few appearances as a spoiled princess. She is saved by one of Peter Pan's best friends and her father remarks that he is worthy to be her husband, but Tiger Lily refuses and wants to marry Peter instead. As she forces a kiss on Peter's lips, Peter, shocked and upset, pushes her away in rejection. Her father is displeased with her behavior and Peter Pan and his friends leave.

In Fox's animated series adaptation Peter Pan and the Pirates, Tiger Lily (voiced by Cree Summer) has a brother named Hard-To-Hit and somewhat of a bigger but recurring role there, and more likely speaks. Their tribal chief is known as Great Big Little Panther, who is also their father. She and her sibling sometimes accompany and assist Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Darling siblings and the Lost Boys on the adventures that they have together. There does not seem to be any competition amongst her, Wendy and Tinker Bell for Peter's affections in this version.

In the 2003 film adaptation, Tiger Lily is sitting in a tree when John and Michael Darling are caught in a trap, presumably set for the pirates. She laughs at them and is captured by Hook, along with John and Michael. Peter and Wendy fly to the rescue. Tiger Lily, John and Michael are attacked by a pirate when they attempt to escape. John knocks the pirate into the water, and Tiger Lily kisses him, showing she may have romantic feelings for him instead of Peter.

Tiger Lily is also known as Aaya in the 2011 miniseries Neverland.


Other Neverland residents[edit]

Wendy's family members[edit]

The relatives and descendants of Wendy Darling include the children whom Peter Pan brings with him as visitors to Neverland.

The Darlings[edit]

Wendy Darling[edit]

Wendy Moira Angela Darling is a girl who befriended Peter Pan, and whom he took with him to Neverland to be a mother for himself and the Lost Boys. She is kind and caring towards the lost boys even though she wants to get home and see her parents. Her age is not mentioned in either the play or novel, although it is implied she is a child on the brink of adolescence. In the 2003 movie, she is stated as "not yet 13".

John Darling[edit]

1907 illustration by Oliver Herford.

John Napoleon Darling is the second youngest of the Darling children. In some of the adaptations, such as Disney's "Peter Pan (1953 film)", he wears glasses and a long nightshirt and top hat, and carries an umbrella with him. When Peter Pan can't lead the Lost Boys, he acts as their intelligent leader. He is 8 years old in the Disney version, and 12 in the musical version. He is fascinated by pirates. Even though John does not appear in "Return to Never Land", he does make a nonphysical appearance as one of the clouds seen in the sky during the opening scene of the film. He makes a brief appearance during the ending scene of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He is around 11-12 in the 2003 movie.

He is named after Jack Llewelyn Davies.

Michael Darling[edit]

1907 illustration by Oliver Herford.

Michael Nicholas Darling is the youngest of the three children in the Darling family. His age is 4 (8 to 9 in the 2003 movie), but Barrie states in Peter and Wendy that he still wears pinafores, and on his next birthday he'll start wearing shirts. In Disney's film he wears pink footed pajamas, and carries a small teddy bear with him, even in the dream world of Neverland. He is quite sensitive. He looks up to his older sister Wendy and he sometimes bickers with John, his older brother.

In an early draft of the play, the character's name was "Alexander" or "Alex", but was renamed after Michael Llewelyn Davies and his middle name came from Nicholas, who were born during the play's development. In the novel 'Peter Pan in Scarlet' it is mentioned that Michael was lost (or rather died) in the War. He does not appear in "Return to Never Land", the off-shoot sequel to movie #1, the only time he appears is in the clouds at the beginning.

Michael is named after Michael and Nicholas Llewelyn Davies

George Darling[edit]

George Darling is the husband of Mary Darling and the father of Wendy, Michael, and John. He is also a bank/office worker, and can be quite loud and boisterous, as well as pompous and self-important. He seeks to attract attention, from his co-workers to his wife and children. However, deep inside, he is actually a kind-hearted person that just wants what's best for his family, especially his children. In the Disney variant, he is introduced in the prologue of the film as a "practical man". He believes the stories (told by his daughter in this version and not by his wife) to be a "lot of silly stories" and "poppycock", even though he could be stressing from finding out that he might lose his job. The 2003 movie also has George Darling as pompous and angry; he states that he must become a man "that children fear and adults respect", and he again barks at Wendy for her to grow up, here scheduling formal instruction for his daughter the following morning with his sister Millicent instead of just kicking her out of the nursery.

In the Disney adaptation of the story, he was modelled after and voiced by Hans Conried (who is also the model and voice for the villainous Captain Hook). In many productions of the play, they are sometimes played by the same actor. However, when cooled down in the end of the film, he changes his mind about Wendy's "crazy stories". He later remarks having seen a pirate ship such as Peter Pan's when he was very young himself. In contrast to his moody outbursts, he is gentle at heart - when he punishes the children by taking Nana the dog outside, he feels sorry for her and soothes her to comfort her.

In the book Peter and the Shadow Thieves, it states that he and Molly were childhood friends in their neighborhood of Kensington Gardens, and it is hinted in that story that he had a crush on her. Since Molly is a nickname for Mary, who would later be listed as his wife in the book, "Peter Pan," it is assumed that Molly later married George Darling and gave birth to Wendy, John, and Michael.

He is named after George Llewelyn Davies.

Mary Darling[edit]

Mary Darling is the wife of George Darling and the mother of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling, who travel with Peter to Neverland. She shares a first name with Barrie's wife.

Mrs. Darling (as she is commonly referred) is a loving wife and mother, but not demonstratively so. She is said to have a kiss that she holds in the right corner of her mouth, which is reserved for one person, who is neither her husband nor any of her three children. It is later said that her kiss looks very much like Peter Pan.

Mrs. Darling's story is played in Peter and the Starcatchers, where her name is changed to Molly, which was a nickname for Mary in her day.

In the Disney version of the tale, she is voiced by Heather Angel.


Nana is the Newfoundland nurse of Wendy, John, and Michael, hired by the Darlings to look after the children on his modest income. Even though George Darling is somewhat embarrassed to have a dog in his employ, Nana is good at her job. In the original stage direction of the play it is stated that "She will probably be played by a boy, if one clever enough can be found, and must never be on two legs except on those rare occasions when an ordinary nurse would be on four." In the Disney movie, Nana was a St Bernard.

Nana II is a St. Bernard owned by Jane's family in Return to Never Land and may be a descendant of the original Nana. Although it's hinted that she believes she's in charge of Jane, there's no indication that she has any actual authority, but is just a pet.


Jane (last name is not given) is the daughter of Wendy Darling and appears briefly in most versions of the story as the one to follow Peter to Neverland after Wendy has grown up and lost the ability to fly.

In Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates, she makes a brief cameo by means of time travel. While in the past, she meets her mother who at the time is still living with Pan and having adventures in Neverland. Jane is overjoyed to see that the stories her mother told her are all true and even meets her mother's younger self. However, while she and her mother do love each other, Jane ultimately breaks her mother's heart because her very existence proves to Wendy that she will one day leave Neverland and grow up.

Jane's largest role was in the film Return to Neverland, where she is portrayed as a cynical, no-nonsense, down-to-earth girl who refuses to believe her mother's stories about Peter Pan or in anything else for that matter. In fact, unlike Wendy, she is not interested in playing "mother" for the Lost Boys and spends most of her time in Neverland just wanting to leave. Jane was forced to grow up as quickly as she did, losing both her faith and in effect her childhood, due to living in London during the Blitz. In the movie, she is mistaken for her mother by Captain Hook, who kidnaps her in a scheme to get Peter. Overtime, Jane begins to open up to the wonders of Neverland, but still didn't believe in fairies. This lead to Peter mistrusting her to the point that he believed she was helping Hook and exiles her. Realizing her misbelief has killed Tinker Bell, Jane rushes back to the Lost Boys home to apologize. Her newfound belief in fairies, brings Tinker Bell back to life and they rescue Peter and the Lost Boys. Once returning home to England, Jane apologizes to Wendy for how she behaved and renews her faith in her childhood.

Jane eventually marries and has a daughter, called Margaret in Barrie's original story and called Moira in Hook. In Barrie's original story, Peter flies away with Margaret and "thus it will go on," meaning Peter will come for each of Wendy's female descendants when they are young, and he never grows up. However, in the film Hook, Moira eventually marries Peter Pan, they grow up, and have two children: Jack and Maggie.

Jane's family[edit]

The Bannings[edit]

The Bannings are characters from Steven Spielberg's Hook.

Molly Aster[edit]

Molly Aster is one of the main characters of the four Starcatchers novels. She has striking green eyes and golden brown hair. She is the daughter of famous Starcatcher Leonard Aster and his wife, Louise Aster, and is therefore a Starcatcher by blood and very wealthy. She is very headstrong and stubborn. She constantly squabbles with friends and even her father, whom she respects and admires. She is also very brave and thoughtful, and seems to have a good grasp on her inherited Starcatcher powers. She wears a locket filled with Starstuff at all times.

She has a romantic attraction to both Peter and young George Darling. She and Peter catch each other's eye almost immediately after boarding the ship The Never Land in Peter and the Starcatchers. But his decision to stay on Mollusk Island at the end of P&SC and the arrival of George in Peter and the Shadow Thieves, combined with the fact that she is growing older while he is not, complicates her feelings for him. In Peter and the Secret of Rundoon, she and Peter have many arguments, though they part on good terms (with their mutual first kiss,the book says it was the kiss that they will both carry for the rest of their lives in their minds) and she makes him promise to visit her, he replies "Someday" (This kiss is often seen as an allusion to the "hidden kiss" that both Wendy and Mary Darling have in J.M. Barrie's original Peter and Wendy). Her feelings toward her childhood friend George grow warmer after she calls on him for help in Peter and the Shadow Thieves. She responds to George's maturity compared to Peter, and treats him with greater respect.

Her relationships with Peter, George Darling, Tinker Bell, and the mermaids are all consistent with her being Wendy's mother, a conclusion hinted at but not confirmed until the fourth book, Peter and the Sword of Mercy. She is called "Molly" rather than "Mary", but "Molly" is a traditional nickname for "Mary".

Molly's family[edit]

Gwendolyn Carlisle[edit]

Gwendolyn Jane Mary Darling Carlisle is a human girl whom Peter Pan brings to Never Land, and a descendant of Wendy Darling. She lives with her parents and grandmother in the same house that Wendy had lived in so long ago. When she is nervous she hiccups this usually will go away if she holds her kiss necklace.

In Fairies and the Quest for Never Land, Gwendolyn receives the precious kiss necklace, the same one that Wendy gave to Peter Pan many, many years ago, from her parents on her 7th birthday. A year later Peter comes to take her away to Never Land. Gwendolyn requests to visit Pixie Hollow and meet the fairies. However, when she goes there, nothing turns out as planned. The evil dragon Kyto has been imprisoned in a cave for many years. But now he has escaped and plans to destroy Never Land. Gwendolyn tries to help the fairies on their quest to save Never Land, but she keeps on making it harder. In the end, though, she plays a part in the island's future.

Starcatcher characters[edit]

St. Norbert's[edit]

Other characters[edit]


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