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The works of J. M. Barrie about Peter Pan feature many memorable characters. The numerous adaptations and sequels to those stories feature many of the same characters, and introduce new ones. Most of these strive for continuity with Barrie's work, developing a fairly consistent cast of characters living in Neverland and the real-world settings of Barrie's stories.

Major publications and films[edit]

This article covers the characters appearing in the canonical works of Barrie, the official books and plays, the major motion pictures and television series based on them, and the major prequels/sequels (authorised and not):

Characters in J. M. Barrie's works: Peter Pan (play), Peter and Wendy (novel), Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens[edit]

Further information: Neverland § Inhabitants

Peter's Gang[edit]

Peter Pan[edit]

Main article: Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a boy who refuses to grow up. He can fly, and has an apparently unique connection to the island of Neverland.

The Lost Boys[edit]

Main article: Lost Boys (Peter Pan)

The Lost Boys are a gang of boys who fell out of their prams and were not claimed by their parents, so they were sent to Neverland. There have been many Lost Boys over the years, although the better known are Tootles, Nibs, Curly, Slightly, and The Twins, who all appear in the original story. Additional or different Lost Boys appear in sequels, prequels and adaptations.

The Pirates[edit]

Captain Hook[edit]

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Captain Hook is a pirate, and Peter Pan's archenemy. He is determined to get revenge on Peter for cutting off his right hand and feeding it to a crocodile.

Pirate Crewmen[edit]

The Fairies[edit]

The Darling family[edit]

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Native Americans[edit]

1907 illustration of Tiger Lily by Oliver Herford.

Other Neverland residents[edit]

Other London characters[edit]

Characters in Steven Spielberg's Hook[edit]

The Banning family[edit]

Lost Boys[edit]

Characters in Disney's Return to Neverland[edit]

Characters in Peter and the Starcatchers series[edit]

The Aster family[edit]

Molly Aster[edit]

She has a romantic attraction to both Peter and young George Darling. She and Peter catch each other's eye almost immediately after boarding the ship The Never Land but his decision to stay on Mollusk Island at the end of P&SC and the arrival of George in Peter and the Shadow Thieves, combined with the fact that she is growing older while he is not, complicates her feelings for him. In Peter and the Secret of Rundoon, she and Peter have many arguments, though they part on good terms (with their mutual first kiss, the book states it was the kiss that they will both carry for the rest of their lives in their minds) and she makes him promise to visit her, he replies "Someday" (This kiss is often seen as an allusion to the "hidden kiss" that both Wendy and Mary Darling have in J.M. Barrie's original Peter and Wendy). Her feelings toward her childhood friend George grow warmer after she calls on him for help in Peter and the Shadow Thieves. She responds to George's maturity compared to Peter, and treats him with greater respect.

Her relationships with Peter, George Darling, Tinker Bell, and the mermaids are all consistent with her being Wendy's mother, a conclusion hinted at but not confirmed until the fourth book, Peter and the Sword of Mercy. She is called "Molly" rather than "Mary", but "Molly" is a traditional nickname for "Mary".


Other characters[edit]

Characters in Peter Pan in Scarlet[edit]

Characters in Peter Pan and the Pirates[edit]

Characters in Disney Fairies franchise[edit]

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Gwendolyn Carlisle[edit]

Gwendolyn Jane Mary Darling Carlisle is a human girl whom Peter Pan brings to Never Land, and a descendant of Wendy Darling. She lives with her parents and grandmother in the same house that Wendy had lived in so long ago. When she is nervous she hiccups, which will usually go away if she holds her kiss necklace.

In Fairies and the Quest for NeverLand, Gwendolyn receives the precious kiss necklace, the same one that Wendy gave to Peter Pan many, many years ago, from her parents on her 7th birthday. A year later Peter comes to take her away to Neverland. Gwendolyn requests to visit Pixie Hollow and meet the fairies. However, when she goes there, nothing turns out as planned. The evil dragon Kyto has been imprisoned in a cave for many years. But now he has escaped and plans to destroy Never Land. Gwendolyn tries to help the fairies on their quest to save Neverland, but she keeps on making it harder. In the end, though, she plays a part in the island's future.

Characters in TV Miniseries Neverland[edit]

Characters from other works[edit]


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