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Centreville is a village in Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. Statistics Canada reported the population to be 542 in 2011, which is a 3.6% increase from the 2006 population of 523.[1] The mayor is Gary R. Thomas.

Centreville is a small village, with approximately 550 residents as of 2013. It is located only two miles from the border of Maine, US, at the Bridgewater crossing. There are a few stores; M&D Convenience Store, Freshmart, Gramma's Restaurant & Bake Shop. There is also a Home Hardware store and two stores offering good quality ladies clothing and extensive gift-ware. There is a hair studio and a banking co-operative as well as a post office. Centreville is a local service district serving small communities such as Knoxford, Williamstown and Tracey Mills which are just outside of the village. Some of the major employers in the village are Metal fab (where they build firetrucks for communities all over Atlantic Canada and beyond)and BWS (Bernies Welding Shop) where trailers are fabricated. This is also a large farming community.

Centreville is also the host of annual Tractor Pulls. Alongside potatoes, it's probably what the village is best known for.


There is a K-8 school, Centreville Community School, located in the centre of the village, housing approx. 250 students. This is part of ASD-W (Previously school district 14). Before the school became a community school there was an elementary school located on the same grounds as the what was then the Centreville Middle School. Centreville Elementary School was closed in 2004 and the grades consolidated into one building: Centreville Community School. The old elementary school was torn down in 2011.

Centreville is one of several communities within Carleton County that historically participated in the annual Potato Break. Potato Break was a 2 & 1/2 week break from school around potato harvesting time (mid-September through early October) that allowed students the opportunity to help with the potato harvest, although working on the break was not mandatory. Schools that participated in Potato Break began classes in early August to compensate for the time taken off for Potato Break. This affected all feeder schools for Carleton North High School. Many of the other schools in the nearby areas did not participate in Potato Break because of one simple reason; less potatoes grown. These schools start school after Labor Day. The need for Potato Break is currently under review by the DEC and School District 14. For many years now, mechanization in the fields has vastly reduced the need for student labor.

Update: Potato Break was once again publicly reviewed in 2010/2011 and it was decided by the DEC, the Superintendent for School District 14 and the Minister of Education that a new system be put in place. Students who choose to work for a farmer and who are of minimum age to be working in the harvest are allowed time out of class over the harvest period; resources have been put in place by the school district to enable these students to keep up with their studies.


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Coordinates: 46°25′59″N 67°43′01″W / 46.433°N 67.717°W / 46.433; -67.717 (Centreville)