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Christianity by Country
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A map of Catholicism by population percentage.
Christianity by Country
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The tables below represent statistics with regard to the Catholic Church by country.


Most of the figures are taken from the CIA Factbook.[1]

According to the CIA Factbook, the five countries with the largest number of Catholics are:

The country where the membership of the church is the largest percentage of the population is Vatican City, at 100%.

According to the Census of the 2013 Annuario Pontificio (Pontifical Yearbook), the number of Catholics in the world was about 1.21 billion at the end of 2011.

The CIA Factbook data might not necessarily be accurate. According to a 2013 research conducted by a Brazilian institute (Datafolha) the percentage of the population in Brazil of Catholic religion is just 57%,[2] well in contrast to the 64.63% published by CIA. Also, the 2010 Mexican Census showed this percentage to be 83.9% [3] - against a 91.89% number in the CIA Factbook.

By country[edit]

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Catholic Church by country
CountryTotal Population % CatholicCatholic total
 Afghanistan (details)29,928,9870.0003%100
 Albania (details)3,563,11215%[1]600,000
 Algeria (details)32,531,8530.01%[4]3,000
 Andorra (details)71,20194%66,928
 Angola (details)18,498,00055.59%[5]10,283,038
 Argentina (details)41,660,00076.5%[6]31,870,000
 Armenia (details)2,982,9043.7%110,367
 Aruba (details)103,06580.8%[1]83,276
 Australia (details)20,090,43727.56%[5]5,536,924
 Austria (details)8,500,00062.5%[7]5,310,000
 Azerbaijan (details)8,581,4000.03%2,574
 Bahamas (details)350,00013.5%[1]62,700
 Bahrain (details)800,000[8]10%[8]80,000[8]
 Bangladesh (details)144,319,6280.22%317,503
 Barbados (details)250,0124.2%[1]10,000
 Belarus (details)10,300,48317%1,751,082
 Belgium (details)10,364,38873.1%7,576,367
 Belize (details)334,00040%[9]133,600
 Benin (details)7,460,02526.64%[5]1,987,351
 Bhutan (details)2,232,2910.06%1,339
 Bolivia (details)8,857,87083.27%[5]7,375,948
 Bosnia and Herzegovina (details)4,025,47615%[1]625,558
 Botswana (details)1,640,1154.94%81,021
 Brazil (details)190,755,799[10][a]64.63%123,280,172
 Brunei (details)372,3616.36%23,682
 Bulgaria (details)7,450,3491%74,503
 Burkina Faso (details)13,925,31317%[1]2,367,303
 Burundi (details)6,370,60967.29%[5]4,286,782
 Cambodia (details)13,607,0690.16%21,771
 Cameroon (details)16,380,00527.36%[5]4,481,569
 Canada (details)32,852,30038.7%[11]12,728,900
 Cape Verde (details)516,73392.64%478,701
 Central African Republic (details)3,799,89725%[1]949,974
 Chad (details)9,826,41920.1%[1]880,447
 Chile (details)16,572,47566.65%[12]11,048,150
 China (details)1,306,313,8120.75%9,797,353
 Colombia (details)46,366,36487.7%[5]40,663,301
 Comoros (details)671,2472%[1]201
 Congo, Republic of (details)3,686,00056.11%[5]2,068,214
 Congo, Democratic Republic of (details)71,712,86752.91%[5]37,943,277
 Costa Rica (details)4,016,17385.36%[5]3,428,205
 Croatia (details)4,284,88986.54%[5]3,708,142
 Cuba (details)11,163,93459.66%6,660,403
 Cyprus (details)780,1331.28%9,985
 Czech Republic (details)10,241,13831.96%[5]3,273,068
 Côte d'Ivoire (details)17,298,04035%-40%6,054,314
 Denmark (details)5,432,3352%104,867
 Djibouti (details)476,7030.2%953
 Dominica (details)71,54061.4%[1]55,000
 Dominican Republic (details)9,105,03468.9%[13]6,270,000
 East Timor (details)1,040,88088.84%[5]924,718
 Ecuador (details)15,223,68074.0%[14][15]11,265,000
 Equatorial Guinea (details)700,000-1,700,00087%.[16]609,000-1,309,000
 Egypt (details)77,505,7560.35%271,270
 El Salvador (details)6,704,93279.87%5,355,229
 Eritrea (details)4,561,5993.34%152,357
 Estonia (details)1,332,8930.36%4,798
 Ethiopia (details)73,053,2860.7%[1]584,426
 Falkland Islands (details)2,00010.0%200
 Fiji (details)893,3549.1%[1]80,401
 Finland (details)5,223,4420.14%7,312
 France (details)66,600,00064%[17]42,624,000
 French Guiana (details)221,50075%166,500
 Gabon (details)1,389,20150.05%695,295
 Gambia (details)1,593,2562.1%33,458
 Georgia (details)4,677,4010.8%[1]84,193
 Germany (details)80,264,00030.3%[18][19]24,320,000
 Ghana (details)21,029,85315.1%[1]5,257,463
 Greece (details)11,170,9570.41%45,873
 Grenada (details)89,50253%[1]47,436
 Guadeloupe (details)405,50086%350,000
 Guam (details)154,62385%[1]131,430
 Guatemala (details)15,773,00060%[20]9,464,700
 Guinea (details)9,467,8662.66%251,845
 Guinea-Bissau (details)1,416,0278.97%127,017
 Guyana (details)765,2838.1%[1]91,833
 Haiti (details)8,521,62280.44%[5]6,817,297
 Honduras (details)8,249,57482.11%[5]6,773,725
 Hungary (details)10,402,00059.36%6,174,627
 Iceland (details)319,5753.27%[21]10,455
 India (details)1,210,193,4221.58%19,121,056
 Indonesia (details)241,973,8793%[1]7,380,203
 Iran (details)68,017,8600.02%13,603
 Iraq (details)26,074,9061.19%310,291
 Ireland (details)4,581,26983.63%[22]3,831,187
 Israel (details)7,746,0001.5%94,153
 Italy (details)59,900,00087.8%[23]52,592,200
 Jamaica (details)2,731,8322.6%[1]218,546
 Japan (details)127,417,2440.4%509,668
 Jordan (details)5,759,7321.2%69,116
 Kazakhstan (details)15,185,8440.66%100,226
 Kenya (details)43,500,00023.3%[1]10,135,500
 Kiribati (details)98,00055%[1]51,000
 Korea, North (details)22,912,1770.017%4,000
 Korea, South (details)48,846,82310.9%[24]5,324,303
 Kuwait (details)2,335,6486.16%143,875
 Kyrgyzstan (details)5,146,2810.56%28,819
 Laos (details)6,217,1410.6%37,302
 Latvia (details)2,290,23717.04%390,256
 Lebanon (details)4,800,00031%[25]1,488,000
 Lesotho (details)2,067,00048.7%1,006,629
 Liberia (details)3,482,2115.42%188,735
 Libya (details)5,765,5630.7%40,358
 Liechtenstein (details)33,86376.2%[1]25,803
 Lithuania (details)3,596,61778%[5]2,805,361
 Luxembourg (details)468,57185.43%[5]400,300
 Macedonia (details)2,038,5141%20,452
 Madagascar (details)18,040,34129.48%[5]5,318,293
 Malawi (details)12,158,92428.37%[5]3,449,487
 Malaysia (details)23,953,1363.3%790,453
 Maldives (details)349,1060.02%80
 Mali (details)12,291,5291.54%189,289
 Malta (details)400,21493.89%[5]375,761
 Marshall Islands (details)62,0008.4%5,208
 Martinique (details)390,00080%312,000
 Mauritania (details)3,086,8590.15%[4]4,000
 Mauritius (details)1,230,60223.6%[1]289,314
 Mexico (details)112,322,75782.7%[1]92,900,000
 Moldova (details)4,455,4210.46%20,494
 Monaco (details)32,54390%[1]29,288
 Mongolia (details)2,791,2720.04%1,116
 Morocco (details)32,725,8470.07%22,908
 Mozambique (details)19,406,70328.4%[1]4,618,795
 Myanmar (details)42,909,4641.05%450,549
 Namibia (details)2,030,69216.95%344,202
   Nepal (details)27,676,5470.03%8,302
 Netherlands (details)16,820,00024.1%[26]4,044,000
 New Caledonia (details)249,00060.2%[1]150,000
 New Zealand (details)4,035,46112.6%[1]510,485
 Nicaragua (details)5,142,09858.5%[27]3,008,128
 Niger (details)11,665,9370.1%11,665
 Nigeria (details)170,123,74014%23,817,324
 Norway (details)4,593,0415%[1]229,652[28]
 Oman (details)3,001,5830.1%3,001
 Pakistan (details)162,419,9460.79%1,283,117
 Palau (details)19,94941.6%[1]8,299
 Palestine (details)3,761,9042%80,000
 Panama (details)3,339,15084.05%[5]2,806,556
 Papua New Guinea (details)5,545,26830.98%[5]1,717,924
 Paraguay (details)6,347,88491.35%[5]5,798,792
 Peru (details)30,500,00081.3%.[29]24,796,500
 Philippines (details)92,337,85281.06%[5]74,849,063
 Poland (details)38,501,00086.7%[30]33,379,500
 Portugal (details)10,356,117[31]88.1%[5]9,123,739
 Puerto Rico (details)3,916,63278.44%[5]3,072,206
 Qatar (details)863,0515.8%50,000
 Réunion (details)839,50079.72%[5]669,249
 Romania (details)22,329,9774.7%[1]1,787,408
 Russia (details)143,420,3090.53%760,127
 Rwanda (details)8,440,82047.57%[5]4,015,298
 Saint Lucia (details)156,26067.5%[1]109,000
 Saint Pierre and Miquelon (details)6,02599.6%[4]6,000
 Samoa (details)179,00019.6%[1]35,084
 San Marino (details)29,25195%29,230
 São Tomé and Príncipe (details)163,00073.5%[5]119,805
 Saudi Arabia (details)26,417,5992.5%660,439
 Senegal (details)11,126,8323.5%389,439
 Serbia (details)7,120,6006.1%[1]433,167
 Seychelles (details)81,18885%[5]69,010
 Sierra Leone (details)6,017,6432.9%174,511
 Singapore (details)4,425,7204.8%[1]165,964
 Slovakia (details)5,397,03662%[32]3,347,277
 Slovenia (details)2,011,07079.64%[5]1,601,616
 Solomon Islands (details)523,00019%[1]100,000
 Somalia (details)8,591,6290.001%100
 South Africa (details)44,344,1367.1%[1]2,851,327
 Spain (details)47,265,32171.5%[33]33,794,500
 Sri Lanka (details)20,264,0006.1%[34]1,237,000
 Sudan (details)40,187,4865%2,009,374
 Suriname (details)438,14422.8%[1]78,865
 Swaziland (details)1,173,90020%[1]62,803
 Sweden (details)9,001,7741.62%145,828
  Switzerland (details)8,000,00038.6%[35]3,088,000
 Syria (details)18,448,7522%368,975
 Taiwan (details)22,894,3841.39%318,231
 Tajikistan (details)7,163,5060.55%39,399
 Tanzania (details)44,929,00227.2%12,220,689
 Thailand (details)65,444,3710.44%287,955
 Togo (details)5,681,51928.54%1,621,506
 Tonga (details)102,00016%16,320
 Trinidad and Tobago (details)1,088,64426%[1]283,047
 Tunisia (details)10,074,9510.22%22,164
 Turkey (details)69,660,5590.05%34,830
 Turkmenistan (details)4,952,0810.54%26,741
 Uganda (details)35,873,25342.76%[5]15,339,403
 Ukraine (details)46,481,0002.2%[1]3,737,116
 United Arab Emirates (details)2,563,2125%128,160
 United Kingdom (details)63,100,0009% [36]5,979,000
 United States (details)315,498,00023.9%[1]75,404,022
 Uruguay (details)3,415,92047.1%[37]1,609,000
 Uzbekistan (details)26,851,1950.01%2,685
  Vatican City (details)921100%921
 Vanuatu (details)243,30413.1%[1]36,500
 Venezuela (details)28,946,10187.04%[5]25,194,686
 Vietnam (details)83,535,5766.8%[1]5,658,000
 Wallis and Futuna (details)14,23195.8%13,631
 Western Sahara (details)273,0080.06%163
 Yemen (details)20,727,0630.02%4,145
 Zambia (details)11,261,79532.15%[5]3,620,667
 Zimbabwe (details)12,746,9907.71%982,792

By region[edit]

These percentages were calculated by using the above numbers. The first percentage, 4th column, is the percentage of population that is Catholic in a region (number in the region * 100/total population of the region). The last column shows the national Catholic percentage compared to the total Catholic population of the world (number in the region * 100/total R. C. population of the world).


Catholicism in Africa
RegionTotal PopulationCatholic % Catholic % of global Catholic pop.
Central Africa83,121,05537,353,21844.93%3.47%
East Africa193,741,90034,872,13017.99%3.24%
North Africa202,151,3232,369,4901.17%0.22%
Southern Africa137,092,01924,463,64017.84%2.27%
West Africa268,997,24536,152,84713.43%3.36%


Catholicism in The Americas
RegionTotal PopulationCatholic % Catholic % of global Catholic pop.
Central America42,883,84932,317,38475.36%3.00%
North America448,587,847173,212,64038.61%16.11%
South America371,363,897299,570,01180.66%27.87%


Roman Catholicism in Asia
RegionTotal PopulationCatholic % Catholic % of global Catholic pop.
Central Asia92,019,166199,0861.23%0.01%
East Asia1,528,384,44013,853,1420.90%1.28%
South Asia1,437,326,68220,107,0501.39%1.87%
Southeast Asia571,337,07086,701,42115.17%8.06%


Catholicism in Europe
RegionTotal PopulationCatholic % Catholic % of global Catholic pop.
Southeast Europe65,903,4646,562,7759.95%0.61%
Central Europe74,591,47656,787,17674.8%5.19%
Eastern Europe228,118,6659,702,3344.25%0.90%
Western Europe381,458,905211,466,94255.43%19.67%

Middle East[edit]

Catholicism in Middle East
RegionTotal PopulationCatholic % Catholic % of global Catholic pop.
Middle East260,026,3652,990,5731.15%0.27%


Catholicism in Oceania
RegionTotal PopulationCatholic % Catholic % of global Catholic pop.

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