Cathedral City Cheddar

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Cathedral City is a brand of Cheddar cheese manufactured by Dairy Crest, and the most popular brand of cheese in the United Kingdom.[1] In the 2012 annual rankings of all UK businesses, compiled by YouGov's BrandIndex, it has been rated as 10th most popular brand in the UK ; the most popular food or drink, being more popular and trusted than even Starbucks Coffee.[2]

It is produced from a 25-year-old recipe at Davidstow in Cornwall, which has neither city status nor a cathedral.[3]

Dairy Crest bought the brand from Mendip Foods Ltd in 1995. In 2007, Dairy Crest announced an integrated marketing campaign designed to drive growth for Cathedral City, which it has called 'The Big Cheese Tease'. As of 2009 Cathedral City Cheese is advertised with the line “Mature, yet Mellow”.


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