Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

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Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall
Fusion fall logo.jpg
Developer(s)Cartoon Network, Grigon Entertainment
Publisher(s)Cartoon Network
Director(s)Levon Hakobyan, Greg Grigon
Producer(s)Cree Haas, Toe Bronson (co-producer)
Designer(s)Levon Hakobyan, Chris Sunn (lead designer), D. R. Watson, Jeremy Polk (lead designer), Greg Grigon
Writer(s)Levon Hakobyan, Erab Azraeu, Greg Grigon
Composer(s)R. Gerald Pott
Platform(s)Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X
Release date(s)January 14, 2009
Genre(s)MMORPG, Third Person Shooter
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Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall
Fusion fall logo.jpg
Developer(s)Cartoon Network, Grigon Entertainment
Publisher(s)Cartoon Network
Director(s)Levon Hakobyan, Greg Grigon
Producer(s)Cree Haas, Toe Bronson (co-producer)
Designer(s)Levon Hakobyan, Chris Sunn (lead designer), D. R. Watson, Jeremy Polk (lead designer), Greg Grigon
Writer(s)Levon Hakobyan, Erab Azraeu, Greg Grigon
Composer(s)R. Gerald Pott
Platform(s)Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X
Release date(s)January 14, 2009
Genre(s)MMORPG, Third Person Shooter

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall was a massively multiplayer online game developed by Cartoon Network and Grigon Entertainment. FusionFall used the Unity engine as its client technology basis.

For the first year, the full game required a subscription; free accounts could only access to a portion of the content.

On August 29, 2013, the game's servers were shutdown.


In FusionFall, the player takes control of a customized avatar. Their character is viewed from a third-person perspective with an overlaid HUD. The game had large playable environments, with travel facilitated by various warp points. There were many glitches and secrets to use in the battle against Lord Fuse and his minions. Gameplay primarily focused on the alliance between the heroes and villains of the Cartoon Network universe, featuring characters from Cartoon Network shows both past and present. Many characters are available as guides after players complete level four of the game. Playing past level five originally required a monthly paid subscription in the form of redeemable cards that could be purchased at participating retailers. The cards were rendered obsolete after April 16, 2010, when the entirety of the game became free to play; players with unredeemed time cards were offered a refund for their unused cards.

Beta testing[edit]

The open beta testing began on November 14, 2008, available to anyone with an account on Cartoon Network's website. It ended on November 16, 2008. A second beta began on December 5, 2008, and ended on December 7, 2008. The third took place during the weekend of December 12, 2008, with a single-day extension on December 19. A final beta test started on December 27, 2008, and ran until January 11, 2009. All characters created before December 22, 2008, including those of the FusionFall staff, were deleted, but all made on or after December 27, 2008, were carried onto the official release.


When it was first released, FusionFall required a paid subscription for the full game, with a limited portion of the content available to free accounts. Free accounts could only play in the "future" portion of the game, which only allows players to collect four nanos and create two characters. The full game had a total of 36 nanos before the new extensions. The game now has a more than 40 nanos. To create up to four characters, players had to earn all 36 nanos during the beta testing. Players with characters that progressed into the past during the sneak peek or during a previous subscription had their characters locked until a current subscription was purchased.

Subscription plans included one-month, three-month, year-long, and family plans. The FusionFall Victory Pack Exclusive was made available for purchase when the game was released. It contained a four-month subscription, as well as a game guide, T-shirt (if bought from GameStop), and exclusive outfits and weapons for the player's character. The Victory Packs were eventually discontinued, having been replaced with one-month and three-month game card available for purchase at Target outlets.

The game was made completely free on April 19, 2010, making everything a member could have available for free.

In 2011, the game gave the player a Clockwork set (not based on Clockwork from Ben 10). It only counts for subscribers and can only be accessed with a code.


A comic prequel, co-written by Matthew Schwartz and Megas XLR co-creator George Krstic, entitled FusionFall: Worlds Collide!!, was passed out during Comic Con '07. Due to the overwhelming success of the comic, George Krstic is in talks to write a script for a FusionFall feature based on the comic to accompany the game's launch. The comic used to be available on the official website for public viewing and in PDF format for download. It covers the events leading up to the start of the game.


On certain holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, FusionFall had small in-game celebrations that usually involved a special code for exclusive holiday items, scenery, and missions carried by special guest appearances of future cast members. Events for holidays stretched from two weeks to several months; some rolled directly from one to the other. The game periodically added new missions, NPC's, areas, and elements from more recent shows. An area called the Academy was also put into the game, where players made their characters and started playing. FusionFall's development, however, stopped so Cartoon Network could focus on other games such as Project Exonaut, Formula Cartoon, and FusionFall Heroes. The Holo Suit, an in-game outfit, used to changed look, reflecting in-game events and the time of year.


Many characters from throughout the Cartoon Network Universe appear as Nanos in-game, which give the player's character special powers and abilities. They are largely based on actual characters from common or older Cartoon Network shows.


On August 22, 2013, Cartoon Network announced on their forum that the game's servers would be shut down permanently. FusionFall went offline August 29, 2013.


CharacterSeriesVoice Actor/ActressDescription/Role
DexteraDexter's LaboratoryCandi MiloA boy genius
ComputressDexter's LaboratoryHadley PuntereriHelp desk for players

Dexter's mechanical assistant

Dee DeeDexter's LaboratoryKathryn CressidaDexter's sister
MandarkDexter's LaboratoryEddie DeezenDexter's arch-rival, has a crush on Dee Dee
Major GloryDexter's LaboratoryRob PaulsenDexter's favorite super hero, Leader of The Justice Friends
DexbotsDexter's LaboratoryUnknownServants of Dexter and Computress
MandroidsDexter's LaboratoryUnknownMandark's minions
Ben TennysonaBen 10Yuri LowenthalAn alien-shape-shifting superhero
Gwen TennysonBen 10Ashley JohnsonBen's cousin, Human/Anodite hybrid
Kevin E. LevinBen 10Greg CipesBen's best friend, Human/Osmosian hybrid

Gwen's boyfriend

Grandpa Max TennysonBen 10Paul EidingBen and Gwen's grandfather
VilgaxBen 10Steven BlumBen's nemesis
Tetrax ShardBen 10Dave FennoyA Petrosapian friend of Ben
AzmuthBen 10Jeff BennettA Galvan and the creator of the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix
ParadoxBen 10David McCallumTime-traveling ally of Ben
ShipBen 10Vyvan PhamThe pet Galvanic Mechamorph symbiote of Julie Yamamoto, Ben's girlfriend
AlbedoBen 10Yuri LowenthalRival of Ben
HexBen 10Khary PaytonUncle of Charmcaster
Alan AlbrightBen 10Zeno RobinsonA plumber's kid who's a Human-Pyronite hybrid
MegawhattBen 10UnknownA mischievous alien that possesses electrical powers
Echo EchoBen 10Dee Bradley BakerOne of Ben's alien forms, Sonorosian
Alien XBen 10Yuri LowenthalThe most powerful of all of Ben's alien forms,Celestialsapien
PlumbersBen 10UnknownIntergalactic police officers
BlossomThe Powerpuff GirlsCatherine CavadiniLeader of the Powerpuff Girls
BubblesThe Powerpuff GirlsTara StrongSweetest of the Powerpuff Girls
ButtercupThe Powerpuff GirlsElizabeth DailyToughest of the Powerpuff Girls
Professor UtoniumThe Powerpuff GirlsTom KaneFather/guardian/creator of the Powerpuff Girls
Mojo JojoaThe Powerpuff GirlsRoger L. JacksonArch-nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls
Fuzzy LumpkinsThe Powerpuff GirlsJim CummingsA hillbilly-like beast
HimThe Powerpuff GirlsTom KaneCross-dressing Satan/devil
Princess MorbucksThe Powerpuff GirlsJennifer HaleA spoiled, rich girl who longs to become a Powerpuff girl
The MayorThe Powerpuff GirlsTom KennyMayor of the City of Townsville
BlowfishThe Powerpuff GirlsKevin Michael RichardsonFish-like creatures
AceThe Powerpuff GirlsJeff BennettLeader of a group of villains called "The Gangreen Gang"
Monkey Skyway AgentsThe Powerpuff GirlsUnknownMojo Jojo's monkey minions
Numbuh 1Codename: Kids Next DoorBenjamin DiskinKids Next Door team leader
Numbuh 2Codename: Kids Next DoorBenjamin DiskinKids Next Door operative
Numbuh 3Codename: Kids Next DoorLauren TomKids Next Door operative
Numbuh 4Codename: Kids Next DoorDee Bradley BakerKids Next Door operative
Numbuh 5Codename: Kids Next DoorCree SummerKids Next Door operative
FatherCodename: Kids Next DoorMaurice LaMarcheArch-nemesis of the Kids Next Door
StickybeardCodename: Kids Next DoorMark HamillLeader of the Candy Pirates
ToiletnatorCodename: Kids Next DoorDee Bradley BakerLaughing stock of his fellow KND villains
Candy PiratesCodename: Kids Next DoorUnknownStickybeard's foot-soldiers
MacFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsSean MarquetteBloo's creator/Best friend
Blooregard Q. Kazoo "Bloo"Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsKeith FergusonMac's imaginary best friend
FrankieFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsGrey DeLisleGranddaughter of Madame Foster

Caretaker of Foster's

WiltFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsPhil LaMarrAn tall imaginary friend named after Wilt Chamberlain
CocoFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsCandi MiloA bird-like imaginary friend
EduardoFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsTom KennyAn cowardly imaginary friend
Mr. HerrimanFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsTom KaneAn imaginary friend, created by Madame Foster
CheeseFoster's Home for Imaginary FriendsCandi MiloAn annoying imaginary friend
Samurai JackSamurai JackPhil LaMarrA samurai warrior who wields a magic sword from Japan
The ScotsmanSamurai JackJohn DiMaggioAlly of Samurai Jack
DemongoSamurai JackKevin Michael RichardsonAku's most dangerous minion
GrimThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyGreg EaglesThe Grim Reaper, collector of souls
BillyThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyRichard Steven HorvitzOne of Grim's "best friends"
MandyThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyGrey DeLisleOne of Grim's "best friends"
Hoss DelgadoThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyDiedrich BaderSpectral exterminator
DraculaThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyPhil LaMarrGrandfather of Irwin
Jeff the SpiderThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyMaxwell AtomsA giant talking spider, Billy's son
Fred FredburgerThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyC. H. GreenblattAn elephant-like demon
ThromnambularThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyDwight SchultzA talking skull
Ghost DuckThe Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyBart FlynnA ghostly duck
EddyEd, Edd n EddyTony SampsonLeader of the Eds

Self-proclaimed King of the Cul-De-Sac

Edd "Double D"aEd, Edd n EddySamuel VincentOne of the Eds
EdEd, Edd n EddyMatt HillOne of the Eds
Lee KankerEd, Edd n EddyJanyse JaudOne of the Kanker Sisters
Marie KankerEd, Edd n EddyKathleen BarrOne of the Kanker Sisters
May KankerEd, Edd n EddyErin FitzgeraldOne of the Kanker Sisters
Urban RangersEd, Edd n EddyUnknownLocal city rangers employed by Double D
CoopMegas XLRDavid DeLuisePilot of the giant robot Megas
Juniper LeeThe Life and Times of Juniper LeeLara Jill MillerA teenage girl who can see monsters
CourageCourage the Cowardly DogMarty GrabsteinA paranoid dog
The Chickens From Outer SpaceCourage the Cowardly DogHoward HoffmanAlien chickens
The Magic TreeCourage the Cowardly DogPeter FernandezA magical talking tree
Mel AnzanaCourage the Cowardly DogUnknownThe leader of the mutant eggplants
Bob O'GanooshCourage the Cowardly DogUnknownA mutant eggplant
General TsoCourage the Cowardly DogUnknownThe leader of the alien chickens
Johnny BravoJohnny BravoJeff BennettA man who constantly fails to woo women and "sounds" like Elvis
Larry-3000Time SquadMark HamillA time-traveling robot
T.O.M.ToonamiSteven BlumHost of Toonami
C.L.Y.D.E.ToonamiUnknownA series of surveillance robots working or T.O.M.
ChowderChowderNicky JonesA cross between a bear, a bunny, and a cat who loves to eat
ShnitzelChowderJohn DiMaggioA rock monster, Chowder's co-worker
KimchiChowderC. H. GreenblattChowder's pet fart cloud
The Wisdom ToothChowderJohn DiMaggioChowder's living wisdom tooth
Sour RonChowderCorey BurtonThe leader of the Puckerberry Overlords
Puckerberry OverlordsChowderMaxwell Atoms, Corey BurtonSour Ron's minions
ArborChowderRon PerlmanA living Arborian tree
ArboraChowderMindy SterlingA living Arborian tree

Arbor's wife

FlapjackThe Marvelous Misadventures of FlapjackThurop Van-OrmanAn adventurer-in-training
Candy WifeThe Marvelous Misadventures of FlapjackUnknownPeppermint Larry's wife, who is also made of candy
Solomon "Doc" SaturdayThe Secret SaturdaysPhil MorrisA crypto-zoologist scientist
Drew SaturdayThe Secret SaturdaysNicole SullivanA crypto-zoologist scientist

Doc's wife

Zak SaturdayThe Secret SaturdaysSam LernerDoc and Drew's son
FiskertonThe Secret SaturdaysDiedrich BaderOne of the Saturday's cryptids, acts like a brother to Zak
V.V. ArgostThe Secret SaturdaysCorey BurtonArch-nemesis of the Saturdays
ZonThe Secret SaturdaysFred TatascioreOne of the Saturday's cryptids
KumariThe Secret SaturdaysUnknownA humanoid species of amphibious creatures
The ChupacabrabVariousUnknownMexican cryptid
Finn the HumancAdventure TimeJeremy ShadaAdventurer
Jake the DogAdventure TimeJohn DiMaggioAdventurer

Finn's brother

Princess BubblegumAdventure TimeHynden WalchPrincess of the Candy Kingdom
The Ice KingAdventure TimeTom KennyRuler of the Ice Kingdom
Lady RainicornAdventure TimeNiki YangA unicorn/rainbow hybrid creature, Jake's girlfriend

"Bridge" from the Academy to the rest of the Cartoon Network Universe

GunterAdventure TimeTom KennyThe Ice King's pet penguin
StanleyAdventure TimeUnknownA watermelon
ReaperAdventure TimeJohn DiMaggioA skeleton who resembles Grim
The Magical ToadstoolAdventure TimeKeith FergusonA magical toad
Rex SalazarcGenerator RexDaryl SabaraEVO member of Providence
Bobo HahaGenerator RexJohn DiMaggioAn EVO chimpanzee that is also Rex's wing-man
Agent SixGenerator RexWally KurthSixth deadliest man alive, agent of Providence
Providence AgentsGenerator RexUnknownFoot soldiers of the agency Providence
IlanaSym-Bionic TitanTara StrongThe beloved princess of a distant planet known as Galaluna

Pilot of the Corus armour

LancecSym-Bionic TitanKevin ThomsA high-ranking Galalunian soldier

Pilot of the Manus armour

OctusSym-Bionic TitanBrian PosehnA highly intelligent Galalunian robot
Johnny TestJohnny TestJames Arnold TaylorThird-party character

An 11-year old boy

DukeyJohnny TestTrevor DevallThird-party character

Johnny's talking dog and best friend

HootieFusionFallUnknownA Fusion Blowfish
RudyFusionFallUnknownA Fusion Blowfish
CootieFusionFallUnknownA Fusion Blowfish
JudyFusionFallUnknownA Fusion Blowfish
TootieFusionFallUnknownA Fusion Blowfish
RuntyFusionFallUnknownBilly's pet Fusion Spawn
Lord FuseFusionFallUnknownLeader of the Fusions, a race of destructive aliens

^a Dexter, Ben 10, Mojo Jojo, and Edd are Guides
^b The Chupacabra first appeared in the Dexter's Laboratory episode, Got your Goat as one of Dexter's creations to scare Dee Dee. It later appeared in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode, Aren't You Chupacabra to See Me? as a monster sealed in a cursed video tape. It then appeared in The Secret Saturdays episode, Cryptid vs Cryptid as a cryptid Fiskerton had to fight.
^c Finn, Rex, and Lance are Academy Teachers

Nano-only characters[edit]

CharacterSeriesVoice Actor/ActressDescription/Role
SwampfireBen 10Dee Bradley BakerOne of Ben's alien forms, Methanosian
HumongousaurBen 10Dee Bradley BakerOne of Ben's alien forms, Vaxasaurian
RathBen 10John DiMaggioOne of Ben's alien forms, Appoplexian
AmpFibianBen 10Dee Bradley BakerOne of Ben's alien forms, Amperi
Four ArmsBen 10Richard McGonagleOne of Ben's alien forms, Tetramand
AkuSamurai JackGreg BaldwinSamurai Jack's nemesis, lord of darkness
MegasMegas XLRUnknownA giant robot from a distant future
Van KleissGenerator RexTroy BakerRex's nemesis
MordecaiRegular ShowJ. G. QuintelA blue jay that works as a park groundskeeper
RigbyRegular ShowWilliam SalyersA raccoon that works as a park groundskeeper, being Mordecai's best friend
The Sym-Bionic Titan "Titan"Sym-Bionic TitanRichard McGonagleA giant Galalunian robot that is the combined form of Corus, Manus, and Octus
Gumball WattersonThe Amazing World of GumballLogan GroveA cat that attends Elmore Junior High
Darwin WattersonThe Amazing World of GumballKwesi BoakyeA fish with legs that attends Elmore Junior High

Gumball's best friend and "brother"

Unstable NanoFusionFallUnknownAn unidentified form of Nano that can take the forms of Johnny Test, AmpFibian (from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien), and Van Kleiss (from Generator Rex).

Operating networks[edit]

FusionFall used different kinds of browsers.

FusionFall Heroes[edit]

On March 25, 2013 (157 days before the original FusionFall was shut down) Cartoon Network released a new FusionFall game called FusionFall Heroes. In this game, instead of playing an avatar players created online, Cartoon Network decided to let online players actually play different variants of their favorite Cartoon Network characters. This game takes the same place and the same time when Fuse attacks the Cartoon Network world. The first known playable characters are Finn the Human, Fionna the Human, and Marceline of Adventure Time, Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory, Mordecai and Rigby of Regular Show, Four Arms and Feedback of Ben 10, Gumball Watterson of The Amazing World of Gumball, Mojo Jojo of The Powerpuff Girls, and Johnny Bravo. In this game, there are different costumes for your characters as well as eggs that can unlock new costumes for different heroes. If you buy an egg that contains a hero costume that you already own, it gets ranked up and all of its stats get increased by one.

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