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Carlos Amezcua is the afternoon anchor of Patriot Radio in Los Angeles.[1] Previously, Amezcua was the anchor of KTTV FOX News, from September 2007 and left in December 2013.[2]

Amezcua, formerly a part of KTLA, was the anchor of the KTLA Morning Show in the Los Angeles from 1991 to 2007. Prior to this, he was a reporter in San Diego, Denver and Portland, Oregon and a network correspondent for CBS News and also reported for "NBC Nightly News," CNN and HBO’s "America Undercover."

After the passing of KTLA news anchor Hal Fishman, Amezcua was to have taken over as the anchor of the 10 p.m. newscast at KTLA. He did anchor just before and after the death of Fishman. However, Amezcua had been working without a contract for some time. Ultimately, he was lured to KTTV to replace John Beard as anchor, with Beard removed to make way for Amezcua.

Amezcua left KTTV in December 2013. KTTV stated he wanted to focus on his own production and technology company.

In January 2014, Amezcua began hosting the afternoon-drive show on "Patriot Radio", 1150AM KEIB in Los Angeles.

Personal life[edit]

Amezcua, a Southern California native,studied at BYU and San Diego State College.


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