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Cango is a demand responsive transport bus operator in Hampshire, UK, owned by Hampshire County Council. The services operate in the localities around main towns, using Optare Solo and Optare Alero buses.



Cango services do not use set routes. Prospective passengers are able to book a Cango bus to call at a "bookable" stop; the bus stops for which are distinguished by a yellow bus indicator plate and can be located at places of lesser demand (such as a village, a pub, or a residential road, or board the bus (without booking prior to travel) at a "timed" stop; these are distinguished by having a green bus indicator place on the bus stop pole.[1] "Timed" stops are located in places of greater demand, such as a supermarket, a housing estate, or a main road. Passengers can arrange for a stop to be placed outside a place of their choice, such as one's local pub or one's own home.[2] All routes have at least one "timed" stop. Owing to lack of funds, and little demand, services are irregular. Passengers must also register with Cango in order to book a stop, or order a Cango bus to call at a "bookable" stop.[3]


The network currently operates around six areas.[4]: Some of these routes run end to end from one town to the other. This allows the bus to have fixed start and terminating points.

Of note with these areas is the fact that Newbury is in West Berkshire.

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