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For the comedy album by The Bob & Tom Show, see Camel Toe (album).
A camel toe
The "camel toe" is named for its resemblance to the forefoot of a camel.

Camel toe or cameltoe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female's labia majora, as seen through tightly fitting clothes.[1][2] Due to a combination of anatomical factors and the tightness of the fabric covering it, the crotch and mons pubis may take on a resemblance to the forefoot of a camel.

The causes of the camel toe effect are not always obvious.[3][4] Camel toe commonly occurs as a result of wearing tight fitting clothes, such as shorts, hotpants or swimwear[4] – particularly when the labia majora are hairless and the pubic hair cannot help to mask the underlying shape of the mons.

Some fashion analysts have identified clothing design as a cause, rather than the size of the labia majora. The phenomenon may be intensified by garments with a tight central seam that serves to divide the labia majora.[5][6]

Uncleft "bulges" are more often visible. The degree to which a woman's mons pubis protrudes depends on a number of factors, including body weight, distribution of adipose tissue and genetic variation in anatomy.[7]

In men, the equivalent to "camel toe" is male organs showing through clothes at the crotch, which has been referred to as a "moose knuckle".[8]

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